Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beautiful Weather finally

Well we here in NC are scheduled to have beautiful weather then next several days. I am so excited. I have an after work run on the books for tonight to celebrate 60 degrees and no rain ( at least today).
Last night I hit the gym and I hit it hard. I skipped out all week last week bc of the weather. The gym is about 20 miles from my house and well I am not the best driver, so for everyone involved I choose not to drive more than I have to in ugly weather.. I mean I don't want to end up in one of the pictures like I posted last week :)
So last nights work out consisted of my weight training circuit, 10 min of rowing and then 80 min of spin class and the instructor brought her A game. I left there whipped for sure.
If anyone is interested in what my weight training circuit consist of I will list it all below. It is all things that can be done at home. If I have no distractions I can do it all in about 15 min.. if I am having to shoe the dogs away more like 20 so not too much time tied up in it. I do think its effective and I feel myself getting strong. I do the circuit 2-3 times a week. He will be changing the circuit up for me in another couple weeks to keep my muscles guessing..

*Squats with weights 12 Reps ( I started at 10 lbs I'm up to 15 now.. nothing special here you just hold weights in ea hand to your side and squats. The weights never move)
* Chest press on yoga ball.. 12 Reps. So with this you lay on the yoga ball with the ball under your upper back and neck, weights start at shoulders and you press up.
* Squat Thrust ( I think this is the name) 12 Reps. Weight are at your shoulders squat down and as you come back up you lift the weights straight up in the air above your head. As you squat back down they come back to your shoulders
* Row  12 reps.. One leg forward and bent at the knee, chest leaning forward. weights in both hands and row them up towards your chest
* 10 Push Up ( OK I HATE THESE)
* 10 Crunches
* 10 Bicycle Crunches

Then you repeat for a total of 4 sets.
I jumped from 10 lbs to 15 Lbs weights, but before I could go buy the 15 lbs for home but I knew I needed them I increased from 12 to 15 reps on it all and even added a 5th set.
Ive also added to the Crunches and the Bicycles Crunches.Up to 15 on those too.. But as I said I HATE PUSH UPS so those are still at 10. ****If 10# is too heavy for you to start at, move down to 8#s or even 5.. you can always increase later but you dont want to pull something or injure yourself by using weights that are too heavy.***

If you deside to try it out let me know and keep in touch and let me know how you progress. I will post new circuits as he gives them to me. I wish I had started with the weights before now. And if I knew I could do it in 20 min and at home I would have. I just pictured me having to go to the weight lifting section at the gym with all the boys and well that was just tooo intimidating for me. Even on days I do it at the gym I dont have to do it in their section I do it over in the back and in the corner .
PS...I am on IG, and Facebook so if anyone wants to connect outside of the blogg let me know. Social Media is such a great tool to conect and support each other :)


  1. I am on facebook too...I find it nice to have people who understand what you are going though or have gone though it with before you!

    1. Hey Pumpkin.. on FB I am listed as Christy M Flick if you want to friend me :)