Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In #30

I am still not 100% and to be quite honest I AM SICK of not feeling well... today is day 11 in a row with a headache. I want whatever this is to be gone.
Weigh in this week was not great. And I "could" beat myself up over it, but I am choosing not to, (no excuses though just life). That wont help at all. This week was my first gain .8 Lbs not much but if a lose is a lose then a gain is a gain and I am owning it.
While I was down sick I've been doing some research into carb cycling. I eat pretty much the same foods day in and out and I am wondering if it will help to switch things up a bit.
There are many different carb cycling plans but I found one for females that looked like I could do on the Livestrong site. ( some plans had so many protein grams per day I don't know how I would stay with in my calories or physically eat it all.. anyhow) So Nov 1 I am going to start carb cycling. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Wk #30
Starting weight 273
Today 179.9 ( +.8 Lbs)
Total Lose 93.1

Mini Goal Stats
6.9 Lbs to go
3.5 Wks

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sick all weekend

So I am a little discouraged right now. I started getting a head cold or something just over a wk ago.  Then Friday I started running a fever, left work about 3
(as soon as I started feeling feverish), bc I don't like to share my germs and if you are running a fever you are sick and really should be at home IMO. Anyways. Saturday was my stepbrothers wedding, which I had been looking forward to for weeks, spent lots of money preparing for, but Saturday am I felt worse and still had a fever so we had to stay home ( wedding was 2.5 hrs from home so not something to show u p and sneak out of). I am the only one of the kids that live local so I don't get to see my siblings as much as I would like to. I was so looking forward to being there for Chris and Danielle's big day and to get to spend time with all my nephews.
ON top of missing a chance to see my family I have not run or been to the gym since THURSDAY. For those of  you who don't know, my WL is directly tied to my exercise. I don't exercise, I don't loose. I also missed my long run I had scheduled for yesterday and now I am down to just 4 wks till my half. I know I will be able to do it as of right now, I just wanted to be better trained than I am, so I would not be so slow. But it is what it is.
I feel about 90% better now, I can tell I am not 100% as I am still coughing real bad. But my goal is to go to the Greenway at lunch for a quick 3 mile run and then again after work for another 5.5 miles... not the same as my long run would have been yesterday but hopefully will help get back at it and on track..
Anyways that is enough complaining for me. Sorry today's been more of a rant and whining session.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Confessions of a Gummy Bear Addict

OK so I LOVE gummy bear. I am not sure why they are at my house but they are and yesterday I came home at lunch time to chill for a min and had WAY too many... I mean if I had stopped at one serving it would have been ALL GOOD... but that's not how it went.. about 2 maybe 3 serving later my gut was killing me :( what the heck was I thinking.. So last night after getting off work, instead of going to the gym for what should have been just a strength training day, I ran at the greenway in the cold and I ran till my tummy no longer ( about 6 miles). Since I just started running this year, I learned something important last night. So when its cold DON'T STOP... at about the 5 mile mark I thought ok I will walk the last mile, I got the time and the sun light and I NEVER get a decent cool down. So I will walk ( briskly) that last mile... Ok so when its cold outside and you work up a sweat and are damp all over and  you stop running taking it down to walk IT GETS COLDER THAN CRUDE... Oh my goodness I made it about a quarter mile walking and had to run the rest of that last mile just to hurry up and get into the warmth of the car... LOL. Well Live and Learn.

Well on to what I have hope to be is a great Friday, or at least a great end of the work week :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #29

Happy Wednesday Morning. Fighting off a cold this week. All my co -workers like to come in sick ( w fevers) and share their germs. So now I am fighting off whatever has been going around. So far only have the snotty-ness and the killer headache. IF I start running a fever I WILL be staying home though. Some things its not fair to others to share.

So this is weigh in # 29
Starting weight 273 #'s
today 179.1
total loss 93.9 Lbs

Mini Goal Stat's
6.1 Lbs left ( to hit 100# loss by 11/24)
4.5 Wks ( left till half marathon 11/24)

So excited about the results thus far. Sometimes I get emotional just thinking about where I was a year ago and how different life is now. I am so grateful to have my band and thankful for the focus everyday, bc with out the focus I have for this phase of my life I would not be here.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bull City Race Fest 10/20/13

Sunday I ran in the Bull City Race Fest, with about 6,000 other runners. IT was a super early day, race began at 7:30 and we live a good hour away so we were all up by 5:30. I ran the 5 miler and by the time I hit the 5 Mile mark I was really wishing I had signed up for the half marathon. I am certain I could have done it. But that's OK I will keep training and run my first half in a month as planned :) It was absolutely my favorite race so far. There were a lot of people there so at the beginning it was challenging to get around the slower runners and spread out to where it was not so congested. But by about the half way mark I was with a pack about my speed and just chugging right along.
                                    Me running really close to the finish line.

                                             with  my finishers medal

I am so grateful my family came out to cheer me on and support me. My Hubby and daughter were there as well as my Dad and Step mom.
It was a great way to start the day.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Awesome day yesterday

Yesterday I desided to leave work at lunch go to the greenway and walk to test out how my knee is doing... it hurt a tiny bit the first half mile or so, then it felt great. I got in 2.7 miles in 39 min so I was walking at a pretty good clip. After I got off I desided to go for a run...I've been wanting to snap some pics from the greenway so thought this would be a good time to do that. Since stopping for pics would force me to slow down. I ran 5.65 miles in the 60 min I was out there. Coming off an injury I thought that was awesome..I know I'm ready for Sundays race. Goal is 50 min which would be several min faster than I've ever done 5 miles but I tend to run faster when I'm w other.
Here are some pics from my run.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #28

So I am a little BLAH today. I  need my work outs, I have said it many times they are just as much for me mentaly as physically. They are my time to forget about what is stressing me or making me angry or sad... to just let go and work for a goal for myself. Since last Thursday when I hurt my knee all I have been able to do is swim ( which by the way does not burn near the calories as running :( ) and core and arms with my medicine ball... I think tonight I am going to venture to the strength training section at the gym and work arms, abs and back, and maybe just maybe be brave enough to hop on the bike w little restistance and ride for 30 min.. I need the calorie burn for sure. BUT if my knee starts hurting I will jump off real quick. I WILL be racing Sunday period end of

So here are wk 28's numbers

Starting weight 273
Today 181.6 (wow TOM and sitting on my butt not getting my daily burn in is killing me)
Total Loss 91.4 Lbs

Mini Goal stats 5.5 wks 8.6 Lbs to go

Monday, October 14, 2013

Depressing Weekend

So I have been real careful not to run back to back days so that I would not injure myself. But it seems like that is just what Ive done. For the last couple weeks Ive had real sharp pain behind my knee ( and not the one that always gives me problems) I kind of just chucked it up to my muscles being tired. I would eat a banana for the potassium after a run and move on. Well Friday I woke up with pain from back around outside and in front of this knee. It was suggested I should "rest" it for a solid week, that it sounds like I have meniscus issues, maybe not torn YET but defiantly aggravated. OM GOODNESS I have a 5 mile race one week from yesterday. So Saturday I was in bed all day knee propped up alternating btwn ice and heat... I was so depressed and I could feel it taking control of me.
I was( still am) so sad that Ive worked so hard to regain my health and "resting" for a week I really felt would set back my progress. Being my" TOM" did not help my emotions at all.
Sunday I got up and went to get in the pool ( bc that is my only option at the moment if I am supposed to be "resting" it) I swam laps for 45 min in the peace and quite, just me and the water. Big Thanks to my mom who lent me her swim suit. I only had a size 14 which was too big, she had a 8/10 which fit great. It felt good to get out of the house and work out a bit even if my Sunday work outs are normally 2+ hours and I only got 45 min of laps in, it was still something. Plus when I got home I did some core work with my medicine ball. This week I will continue to work with the medicine ball and hit the pool about every other day. Saturday I will attempt Zumba and Sunday I will do my race. I have been looking forward to this race for months now. I just pray my knee is better by then so I don't injure it worse.
Oh well gonna keep my chin up this week and see how much healing gets done. It could have been a lot worse.

Friday, October 11, 2013

New Recipe

As most of you know that have been following for a while, I cant cook... Like I am real bad at it. But with that said Ive learned to use the crock pot and thanks to Pintest I cook every Sunday for the family ( the rest of the weekend Hubby cook, Sunday's are like my practice day lol)
This past weekend I cooked as normal Sunday but I also made a batch of soup on Saturday.. I froze hald of it and kept the other half out for this weeks lunches...
It was called Taco Soup here is the link

Well this pic says it all... Last night this was me... ran 5.35 miles in the rain and cold... There is a big difference btwn running in the rain when its hot out than when its cold out.. But hey it was my best speed ever, probably bc my brain was like hey stupid its cold and wet out here.. HURRY UP!!! LOL. I enjoyed it anyways but will be happy when the rain that's been sitting over top of us for the whole weeks moves on out of here.

Well that's about all for now. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #27

Happy Hump Day!
This is my 27th Weigh in since surgery.
Starting weight  273 Lbs
Today 181.7 Lbs

So I have 6.5 wks for that mini goal I gave myself ( of 100# by my first half marathon) Only have 8.7 Lbs to go to hit that goal... SO EXCITED!

OK so all I really have to compare this WL to is the last time I lost huge ( more than just 25-30 Lbs) I had joined a weight loss clinic that will remain nameless, and had lost 60 lbs... the lowest I got was about where I am now and was able to HOLD that weight for oh about 2 GO ME HUH! But looking back the program was very un healthy. So few calories they advised AGAINST exercise... What how does that work?? And the way I was eating was not something I could ever do the rest of my life. It was a temporary  solution, so therefor the results were temporary...

So I have made of list of things that are different this go around. As a way to lay it out and see how I can continue on to goal and through maintenance. BECAUSE IT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME.

* I am determined and focused
* I have more energy bc I am eating enough so I feel 100% better
*I have FULL Family support
* I have a network of WLS Friends on line and locals..
*I have DR support! So important, if something changed he can help tweek what I am doing
*I have found something I LOVE to do.. that makes exercise so much more enjoyable
   I LOVE RUNNING... On my rest days I just want to go out there and run anyways    only thing stopping me is I don't want to injure myself and not be able to run for a couple wks... Rest one day or hurt myself and be dealing with that for 2 wks... umm Ill be good and rest 1 day :)
* I can and do eat w my family no special foods... yes there are things I "CHOOSE" not to eat but nothing that has to be made special for me
* I don't feel deprived of anything
* Last I HAVE HOPE, I know I will hit goal and I know I will succeed in Maintenance..

This journey in my opinion is @ least 50% mental.. You have to be mentally ready for the WLS, for the Life Style Change, for the exercise ( got to move my, for the Plautus and how to fix the Plautus...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Do I need Long Johns

I am so cold today at work. I have noticed over the last 4 mnths or so I am colder than normal but today is ridiculous.. and its NOT cold outside yet, today will be about 85.. I am scared to see how cold I'll be in Dec and Jan... I mean I am glad to be thinner but loosing 80% of my insulation makes a HUGE difference.
I have 2 jackets on today I look like the Michelin
I know part of it is the windows in my office, the whole wall behind my desk is windows, and Im on the shaddy side of the building, but still, again its not cold outside. ... Oh well I guess I will have to wear long johns to keep warm, since I already run a space heater at my desk and wear 2 or more layers.

OH WELL!!! Off my rant for the day...


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #26

Good Wednesday morning! Today is my 6 month band-a-versary!!! Yay!
Weigh in today 183.4 (same as last wk)
Total loss 89.6 lbs
Mini goal 7.5 wks left and 10.4 lbs to go...
I re-took my measurements last night. I love seeing my measurements, its a great way to see how far I've come.
So here we go.. All are inches
Chest 39.5 beginning was 52
Waist 37.5 beginning was 47
Hips 41.5 beginning was 55.25
Neck 14.25 beginning was 17
Thigh 23.5 beginning was 28
Calf 17.5 beginning was 20.75
Biceps 11.5 beginning was 16.5
Forarm 9.5 beginning was 12
Wrist 6.25 beginning was 7
Ring finger 2 3/8 beginning was 2.5
new body fat % is 31% (average healthy female is btwn 20&30 )
New BMI 29..just overweight no longer OBESE!
I am also off two of my RXs..
My BP is running about 115/70.. once and a while I am bust out a 140/88 like the old days but normally when I'm not feeling well or under more than normal stress. Resting heart rate is running btwn 55-59 which is super!
I have to say I am so pleased w the results thus far.  Its hard work but I am staying focused and I am now about 35 lbs from my goal..which sounds like nothing compared to what I started out needing to loose.
I created a photo collage pics twds top are oldest twds bottom are most recent.