Monday, February 10, 2014

I couldnt do what I do with out ____________

I couldn't do what I do with out___________. We all have this, I believe. May be its a person or a gadget or a favorite food or supplement. The further out I get from when I had surgery, as we all know the WL slows and I have to tweek stuff to still see a loss.. maybe its what/how I eat maybe its the type of exercise etc. I rather just be able to do the same thing every day and always get the same results but unfortunately that is just not the case, at least for me. I have several people I lean on for support. Some fellow bloggers, my Hubby, my Mom. And then there is a girlfriend named Ellie. Back in Nov we started being accountable to ea other. In areas we are struggling ( we have different life styles and different goals, but that's ok accountability is accountability) weather its certain nutrition goal, water goals, exercise and fitness goals. We txt every day through out the day and at the end of the day we txt ea other our results. So right now I am sending my water count, what exercise I did. My calories, carb and protein ( am working on getting all of those up a little further with out gaining). This is normal for us, we've been doing it now for months. But Saturday she went above and beyond. I had a 16 mile training run to do. And if I am completely honest I WAY over did it Friday, cramming 2 work outs in when I knew I was going to be running long the next day. That was very stupid. But whats done is done. So Saturday already sore I headed out for my run. At mile 9 I txted her...9 of 16.. So not feeling this today. At mile 10 I txtd.. 10 really not sure how many more I have left in me... That's when this huge wave of support came in. About every 1/2 mile I was getting a txt from her.... I know you can do it.. Only ___ more..... Almost there... home stretch now.. I will tell you I finished because she was right there cheering me on. Not physically of course she lives about 45 min away but virtually she was right there with me, and I am so greatful. If you are struggling with any aspect of your journey try finding an accountability buddy. In todays day and age you dont have to live close by or even have the same goals. Just be supportive and encouraging. It makes the journey so much more enjoyable :)


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