Saturday, March 30, 2013

H2O Fitness

OK so as you know I have joined the wellness center and the reason to leave my gym and join the wellness center was bc I wanted the classes and the pool.. So far I have been to scared to try a class ( can I keep up, I am very uncoordinated...yada yada yada)   just trying to get used to the new cardio machines and observe everything going on. But today I went in and did my 50 min on the Elliptical and 25 min on the stationary bike then went down stairs and took the H2O Fitness class...
Here is their description of the class" A great class for aerobic training and body toning since water offers 12 times the resistance of the air! All levels are welcome. Your intensity level can be determined by your effort but the impact level in the water is always minimal.
This class was the best WHOLE body workout Ive ever had and so much fun . It was harder than I expected, I have to admit. But I was able to keep up no problem. I plan to add this to my weekly gym schedule at least twice a wk, maybe 3 times!
Anyone that has the option of taking this kind of class I very much recommend it.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

With tear of Joy

With tear of joy I write this post!!!!!
I GOT MY APPROVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
I felt like for so many weeks I have hit one road block after another, I have spent countless hours praying that all the pieces would line up and FINALLY .... I HAVE IT.
My Pre Op appt is THIS Tue April 2. and at that time surgery will be scheduled.
Now this weekend I will be celebrating Easter with my family as well as my beautiful daughters 12th Birthday ( wow that makes me feel old)

A new baby in time for Easter

We take in the runts and the misfits. . This little guy is a runt and unable to keep up w the ones hatched at the same time as her on the farm we get our birds from so we took her.. She needs some TLC and some food but we will get her there:-)

Thoughts for Thursday!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

What have I done in the last 2 months???

Well other than waiting on approval and going to all my dr appts. I have swapped out my Bojangles Biscuit and Fries for Breakfast with a Unjury Protein Shake, added a snack about 3 everyday and I am also hitting the gym 5-6 days a wk.
What does all this amount to...
well NOT  too much on the scale BUT!!!!!! I went for my fitness evaluation at the Wellness Center today... I was expecting a "poor" fitness level but I received a FAIR.... not wonderful but Ill take it. Seems like all the time in the gym is paying off in other ways too. They re measured me... My last measurements were taken Jan 23rd so its been 2 months
drum roll please!!!!!!!
I have lost the following

1 1/2 inches in my waist
2 1/4 inches in my hips
1/2 inch in my biceps
and 2 1/2 inches in my chest

I really could not believe it I mean I new my clothes were fitting different but it was awesome to see it in black and white!!!!

After my fitness eval he took me around and showed me how to use all the cardio equipment. and about 6 pc of the weight machines that he wants me to use twice a week to work on the areas I was weak in on my fitness eval. They will re-eval me every 4 months ... what an awesome way to chart my progress... After my tour I hit the pool and swam laps for about 25 mins it was a great morning at the gym. Now that I have seen results I can wait to get back tomorrow evening :)

Friday, March 22, 2013


WELL I checked my insurance site today and I am finally "IN PROCESS" YAY!!!!!!
NOT Approved yet of course but I am just so glad the Drs office finally got the ppwk turned in.
Also it is a PARTY weekend. My daughters birthday is on the 31st which is Easter also the fist weekend of spring break so we decided to party with her girlfriends tonight. So she is having a slumber party tonight after her soccer game. We will have Pizza and cupcakes. Play Just Dance 4 for the Wii ( she is getting for her Bday), Knowing her she will pull out Rock Band too. Plus they are going Roller Skating tomorrow! So she is super excited!
Fun Fun weekend on taps.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


 I called the surgeons office yesterday to make sure the insurance coordinator sent my ppwk to the insurance co for approval Monday as she said she would .... and GUESS WHAT! She did nt. She said she had "JUST" sent them off that morning..
Probably meaning once she got my voice mail she said OH CRAP, sent them off real fast and called me back. I am going to call the Insurance co today to make sure they DID receive them bc at this point I just don't trust her, which is asham.
So I am still waiting

Mean while I am in the gym every night getting stronger every day which I know will make surgery and post op easier. The wellness center is wonderful. There are no lines for any machines. No muscle men walking around like they own the place, just people of all ages and fitness levels working out at there own pace. I am hoping to be brave enough to join a class next week :) will see!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Litle Bummed, and Frusterated

I found out yesterday that the reason I still don't have approval from the insurance company is that the Drs Office never submitted my paperwork ( they have had it all since March 5)
They "said" they were submitting it yesterday so hopefully I will have an approval in the next few days.
This whole process is so frustrating (well as far is the ppwk goes and the surgeons office doing what they are supposed to)

On another note I switched my gym membership from the regular plain old gym to the wellness center with the classes and the pool. I AM SUPER EXCITED!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

PCP Today

Went to see my PCP today so he could confirm what I already knew... I have Bronchitis...I get it every year so I know as soon as I get it, but as a rule of thumb must attempt OTC med for a wk before  I can get a prescritption to knock it out... BC I have had a busy week its been about 10days on OTC instead of just a wk so I am thrilled to be starting on something that will knock this crude out of my chest.
Even with the chest congestion I have been at the gym daily and on that Elliptical, its my BFF  :) lol.....
I will be touring a new gym ( well new for us) tonight my current gym is just a gym, no classes, no pool. But very affordable. The new one is a wellness center. Its about 5 min closer to my house so nothing to write home about there but has a TON of classes  and scheduled ALL day and night not just during the work day like some of the smaller gyms do. PLUS it has an heated indoor pool and on Fri evening is Family Swim night and my daughter can swim then too... I am excited to go look around and I have a list of questions. WE will most likely be switching this weekend. Right now for myself and my hubby we spend $40 a month on our combined membership, once we change it will go up to $89 combined ( not individual) and it includes so much more... He already takes a wellness/fitness class at the community center that we pay $30 for 6 wks of  and I would like to take a class or 2 so when we thoght about what we would be spending for classes PLUS gym membership it just made since to switch to a gym that cost more but included all the class's and the pool in the long run I think it will end up being cheaper. And I know we will be happier.

And again Nothing Back from Insurance Yet!!!!!!!!!

Thats my Thursday... :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hot, sweaty and red faced after 45 min on the Elliptical!

And yes still waiting on insurance approval.

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Babys

I am a chicken momma.. this is what I did this weekend... got more babys! Grew our flock by 8... these are modern games they are ittty bitty and full grown. Got 2 pair of them this weekend named them Ricky &Lucy and Fred & Ethal..

Still Waiting

Still waiting on the insurance approval.. I am going to hope and pray no news = good news in this case. I spent the weekend enjoying the beautiful weather we had, and trying not to fret over it. I did send an email to the girl in charge of that at the surgeons office this morning just to check. ( but have not heard back yet)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Motivation Thursday

As I get ready to head to the gym in about 3 hours I thought I would post this pic. Elliptical here I come!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All the Paperwork is IN!!!!

YIPPPPEEE! All the paperwork is finally in to the surgeon and my chart has been handed over to the insurance dept at his office. As soon as its submitted I should be hearing something from them... That was a super long wait :) I have spoke with several other people who have TriCare Insurance and they were all aproved in about 48 hours so I am hoping and PRAYING I will have my answer/approval by the end of this week.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Thank Goodness its Friday!!!!!
Its been by far one of the worst weeks of work for me ever. To the point Im looking for a new job after 14 years at this one... Makes me a little sad but I think its time for a change. I will be sending off resumes as soon as I am through surgery ( need to get that behind me first though)
BUT today I am taking a half day of vacation, going to watch my daughter play in her first soccer game of the season this afternoon! I am very excited about that.
AND though this week has been horrible here are work my eating has not been ...well has not been as horrible as it could have been lets put it that way. I 've lost just over 2 lbs since Monday ( which I am more than happy with) when I started the modified liquids. BUT hubby has these Easter Reece's at home right now so after my "family dinner" each night I have had 2 of those ea night. I guess it could have been worse I didnt not eat a whole bag ea night :) For some reason I think the holiday Reece's are so much better than the regular ones, I have no problem staying away from the regular ones. Hubby said its bc the Holiday ones have more peanut butter in them...
Anyways on to what I hope will be a much better day and a Great Weekend!