Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review

How do I summarize a year in one blogg post.
This year has been a crazy, exciting year. Full of personal growth and change.
I desided a year ago I would have WLS, attended the seminar in Jan, went through all the testing and had my band w plication placed April 3rd 2013.  As I started my journey I decided this would be a lifestyle change not another diet. I would not do anything I could not stick w forever. I started excerising and found great relief in it. Relief from stress, relief from my own head (sometimes I think I am and my mind is my own worst enemy), after a while relief from chronic body pains and aches. I have lost a total of 107# , have ran a half marathon,  and am training for a full. What I am most proud of though is setting a healthier example for my family. I love them so much and want us all to be healthy for a long time. Lead by example, I firmly believe that's the best way.  I am far from perfect in this journey but I look for my faults and work to correct them regularly .Hears to a healthier 2014!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Headache

To much unhealthy food has left me with a headache for the last 2 days...
I hate headaches and I have no one to blame but myself. I know what foods make me feel like crap and what don't. So I am here dealing with the consequences now.
But aside from that I'm looking forward to some more time off. After work day today, I will be off till Jan 2nd.
Are any of you setting health related New Years Resolutions... I am doing away with the resolutions and setting "Goal" for 2014. I will be blogging  about my goals next week. So excited about a new year.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Another Tuesday..Weekly Weigh In

Weighing in again this week on Tuesday.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be all about family. I'm so excited for Christmas.
Starting weight 273
Current weight 165.3
I lost 3.6 lbs since last Tuesday,  I don't even know how since we were out of town and I was not eating my regular food, but I am trilled.  I did get my workout in regardless of being out of town. I was able to run 8 miles Saturday.  And since we were in the mountains it was a great workout.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
I leave with some pictures of my run Saturday.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weekly Weigh in "TUESDAY" #37

So I am doing my WIW on Tuesday this week. Because in 8 hrs and 18 min I start a much need break. I will be off till Monday , work Mon, Thur and Friday then off again till Jan 2nd so I'm lovin it. This week while I'm off, though I got last minute stuff to get then we have a trip to see my MIL ( 5 hrs one way in the car with hubby and kid and 2 dogs :) ) So that's why I'm doing my weigh in today and not tomorrow. I'm just not sure how much blogging time I will have over the next several days.

Starting weight 273
Current weight 168.9
yep I broke into the 160s this week!
Total loss 104.1

 I have a couple NSV this week.. So when I get to the gym I check in at the front desk they scan my card and a pic of me from MARCH pops up on their screen so they can verify that person on the screen is person in front of them... WELL... last Friday the gentlemen that checked me in commented on my WL told me how different I looked even went as far as to turn the screen so I could see ( like I could forget..lol)
then again last night the lady that checked me in asked me how much I had lost and said I don't even look like the same person anymore. So now even people I see in passing are noticing.
2nd one was also gym related... When you sign up at the gym I go to, a trainer meets with you normally with in a week and does a fitness eval and puts together a general plan for you. Then shows you how to work all the equipment. Well the guy who did mine back in March ( a wk  before  my surgery) is just great, he speaks to me every time I'm in there weather he is in there to work  ( on the clock) or weather he is in there doing his work out( on personal time). Friday night I was there just cycling away on the stationary bike when he came up to me with a girl ( probably early 20s) he said he was so happy I was there, that he had just been telling her all about me in her fitness eval and now I was there so she could meet me. We chatted a bit about my WL and my work outs. But it made me super proud to be an example. So anytime I see her in there I plan on making a point to speak to her, I know how intimidating it can be when you are starting out. PS this is way outside my comfort zone I don't speak to any one I am super shy especially at the gym. I always just come in work out and leave. I hope that forcing myself to speak not only helps her but helps me come out of that shell a bit too.

Anyways I hope you all have a great week. I will chat again soon :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Amazing what your body CAN do

I was at the gym last nite ( like most evey nite) when it hit me.. my body has done what I've asked it to everytime I exercise. Everytime I work out I do a little more... a little more time, or resistance or miles. Last nite I rode the stationary bike for an hr. And as I rode I remembered the first time on it. . I rode 6 miles in 30 min and thought that was good... a few time later I hit 7 miles in that same 30 min.. I came home and was so happy and told hubby all about it.. last night though I set the resistance higher than ever before and I rode further and faster than ever before..by time I hit 60 min I looked down and I had rode 17.35 miles in 60 min. When I got home I followed up w 155 squats w a medicine ball.. Do I feel it today. .yep a little bit, but not terrible.
So here it is almost 730 am and I'm headed back to the gym. 
It can be done start small..build up even if its just going one minute further the next time.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

PCP Apt 12/12/13

So I went to see my PCP today.. I SOOO didn't make my goal of being under 170 but that's ok. It was so nice to see his HUGE smile on his face when he walked through the door and saw me. I've not been to his office since June so last time I saw him I was down about 55# today 102#s. We discussed my Rx's that I currently take.. I'm down to only 2 dailys, still have 2 as needed that I normally have to take a couple times a wk for migraines and then the 2 for vertigo that Ive only had to take once since June. But when I started this process I was on 7 dailys OM Goodness! He agrees with me that I still need my BP meds ( my only 2 dailys now) since on my meds its still in the high end of ok.. I have family history of High BP, even the skinny folks, so my BP not dropping does not surprise me. I wanted it to but was not holding my breath.
He put orders in for me to have labs done in Jan so I go back fasting Jan 21. I am eager to see what they say ( cholesterol has been border line high for a couple years now). He will have them go on and do bariatric labs too at the same time to check all my vitamin levels since surgeons office has not done them yet.
I also asked him what my goal weight should be, bc everything I read is different BMI, Ideal BW, etc.. He told me to aim for less that 155. Then he asked what I was thinking  I told him to stay btwn 148-150 constantly.. he said anywhere between 148-155 would be great for my height and build. So yay I was pretty much right on in my goal thinking... not too terribly much further to go but I fear that last 20 or so will take a while. But I will have to wait and see, I start training for my FULL marathon in January so it may not take that long as I will be booking a LOT more miles come Jan.
Tonight I'm off to that dreaded "core" class that kicked my butt 2 wks ago.. I am going to go until it don't hurt..lol
Below are a few motivation pic's I just needed today.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #36 and a little Reflection

Good Wednesday Morning. Happy Hump Day.
Weigh in Stats
Starting Wt 273
Current Wt 171.1
Total Loss 101.9

The closer and closer I get to goal the slower and slower the weight is coming off.
This was to be expected and has not caught me by surprise. So I am choosing to reflect on who I am right now vs who I was back when this journey started.
*I am stronger physically, mentally and emotionally
* I am healthier and more fit than I have been in years..
* I am off 3 of my daily Rx's  ( still have BP meds)
* I am more focused on everything ( I think the exercise helps clear my mind so this can be possible)
* I am a RUNNER and LOVE IT.
* I wear a size 8 vs 20
* I am happier in general ( I believe its easier to be happy when you feel good about yourself and what you are doing)

what about some visual black and white numbers
Well measurements... I took my first set the week I went to the WLS Seminar, this was in January ( surgery date was 4/3/13)

                                    Jan ( all in inches)                   11/28/13 ( all in inches)
Chest                            52                                              38.5
Waist                            47                                              35.5
Hips                              55.25                                         40.75
Thighs                           28                                              22
Calf's                             20.75                                         16.75
Biceps                          16.5                                            12
Forearm                         12                                               9.5
Wrist                            7                                                 6.5
Neck                            17                                               13.75
 OM Goodness that is nearly 50 inches gone never to be found again, 49.75 to be exact!

So even though the last 20 lbs will most likely crawl by, I have come so far and wont let myself be discouraged over the zero or half pound loss weeks. I will get there. This has been a great journey so far, Ive learned so much about myself and health and fitness. I am a better wife and mother for this journey.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday WOOT WOOT!

Happy Wednesday Morning!
Well we are in full swing holiday mode. After a long and fun filled Thanksgiving. We start our Holiday travel season next weekend with visits to both of my grandparents houses, then the following week (mid-week) we take off to see Hubbys side of the family. Christmas Eve with my Mom, Christmas morning at home then off to my Dad ( still got to confirm but that's what we normally do) the day after Christmas will be sending Mikaela off to my sisters for a couple days. With all that running and not being at home with my food I am a little worried about weight loss this month. I mean I will bring my shakes out of town with me and that will help a bit but wont really help at meal times. So I have decided to really focus for the next 2 wks on low carbs and my exercise, I will aim for 50 ( ish) carbs a day, except on my long run days ea weekend, and workout wise I am aiming for 6 days a wk and on Tue and Thur being a double work out ( running at lunch and cross training or classes at night). I hope to see decent results then, I am not going to stress myself over the travel times as long as I don't gain I will be happy. When we are at my MIL's I will have my workout clothes with me and will run daily there, she lives in the mountains so that will be good hill training for me anyways. Jan 1 kicks off my FULL Marathon training which I am super super excited about.

On to my weigh in
Starting Weight 273
Todays Weight 171.7
Total Loss 101.3 ( BIG SMILES TODAY)
So somehow over the last week I was able to loose 1.8 Lbs (over a major holiday) and break the 100 # mark YAY! I am so excited. This is not just MY journey but my family is right in it with me and I am so thankful for them and their patience. They are just the BEST!
I go to see my PCP next Thursday, I haven't seen him since June and he wants to make sure my BP meds is still right now that Ive lost some weight. I would really like to be below the 170 mark. So anything 169 point whatever :) We'll see.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday update and visit w my nephew

We had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday this year. We started Thursday at the Turkey Trot race. . It was 25 degrees and the cource was 5.1 miles. I ran faster than ever before for that distance and was so thrilled. It was our first thanksgiving home for the holiday (literally first in my whole life) and we so enjoyed making our own memorys. My husband was in charge of the Turkey and half the sides.. me and our daughter handled the desserts and the other half the sides. Then my nephew also spent the weekend w us. We went to the park, made reindeer ornaments, made cupcakes, watches movies, played w legos.. all in all just had fun( cause that's what visits to aunties are for right). Food choices definitely could have been better for me I won't hide that (not horrible but not wonderful). I have an accountability buddy for my workouts and this morning I asked if I can send her my carb totals for the days when I send her workouts daily, we struggle the same way so I think that will help. I know I have not been on point bc today I woke up for third day in a row w headache, my body is so sensitive to foods and I pay for it w a headache if I make poor decisions. So I am committed to doing better to survive the Christmas holiday. I mean who wants to spend the holiday feeling like crap , right?
Well I will leave you with some pics from the weekend.