Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #17

Today's weight is 201.7 so close to the 100's... I had really hoped to break that mark even if it was just 199.9 by the end of July but looks like I missed it. Maybe by next week!
Brings my total loss to 71.3 LBS.

I just realized I didn't fill ya'll in on the class I took Sat. I signed up for and ACTUALLY WENT TO a ZUMBA class. This is a huge deal for me I don't normally do group activity's much less ones that I am full aware that I will have no idea what I am doing and everyone else will. BUT if you want to learn we all have to start somewhere right??? There was actually 4 of us never Zumba'd people in her class and the instructor was very nice and patient with us. She knew she had some newbies coming so she had pulled out some of her old easier music which was nice. I could half way keep up with that. I loved the class and will be making it my Saturday AM "thing" from now on ( of course before heading to the gym)
Aug I will also be starting 4,30 Day Challenges in addition to my regular exercise routine
* Plank Challenge
* Crunch Challenge
* Push Up Challenge
* Squat Challenge
Right now I randomly do ea of these activity's but I need to get better at doing them all ea day and increasing reps. SO the challenge is the way I chose to do this.
C25K Update -  This is SOOOO close to being done. WE are down to 2 1/2 wks to go. I will be jumping from this program with the group, straight in to training for my half marathon by myself once its over. I cant wait to see my distance and endurance grow over the next few months. The C25K has defiantly been a great training program, and helps provide a good solid base to grow your running skills.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #16

Today's weight 203.3 That brings my total to 70LBS WOO HOOO!!!!!!! Loss since last week 2.2 lbs

Here are some examples of 70LBS
* approx a bushel of corn
* approx  187 bananas
* approx the weight of my black lab
* approx 70 cans of soup
* approx 20 bowling pins
* 7  10 Lb bags of ICE

Monday, July 22, 2013

Time for a little reflection

Yesterday while I was at at the gym, I jumped on the treadmill and decided to do a 5k there. I have not done one on the treadmill since right before my color vibe run in June ( June 22nd, so about a month ago) I typically stay off the treadmill since I have running group Mon, Wed and Friday. So when I am at the gym I focus on other Bike, Elliptical, Rowing etc.
So as I was there, what was running through my head?? ALL the things that I can do now I could not do a month ago, 4 months ago, 6 months ago....
*The last time I ran a 5K on the treadmill I could run 2 min walk 2 min, run 2 walk 2. Yesterday I ran about 80% of the time and I shaved 5.5 mins off the last time I did it on the treadmill.
*What about sleep... 4 months ago I could "sleep" 10 hours and still not feel rested. Now I can get 7 and I am good to go. The quality of my sleep has even improved.
*How about my self-esteem. I have ALWAYS been lacking here. But there is something about working hard towards a goal and actually SEEING RESULTS that makes me feel more confident. I can walk through the store or a parking lot with my head straight up not staring at the ground hoping no one sees me, much less speaks to me.
*Example... My life is an example to my family, my daughter is not overweight, she has an athletic build but she is seeing my struggles and has realized she wants to change a couple things too.. she has also taken up running... She has been joining my running group w me and is trying out for the cross country team at school next week. ( running is something we will always be able to do together)
                                                Friday 7/19/13 Group Pic There are plenty more ways life is different now vs just a couple months ago but those are the ones that popped in to my head I was chugging along yesterday.
 I still have days where I feel like I am not getting anywhere but that is one of the reasons for this blog so I can look back and see where I have been. See the weigh ins, see the pics, and there are days I feel like I CAN and WILL conquor the world and more and more its the later...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wants VS Needs

I am sitting at my desk SO wanting food ( WANTING I soooo dont NEED it not hungry at ALL) ... it is seriously all I can think about. Maybe its because I have not had real solid food since Sunday at lunch due to my fill ( tomorrow I can go back to normal food yay) but really, Tuesday night I even dreamed about food. Then this past Saturday it was rainy and I don't mean it sprinkled a little it down poured all day long.. honestly it has rained, up until Sunday of this week about every day for the past 6 wks.... we are 8 " above average in rain for the year crazy huh..ANYWAYS on to the subject, ( chasing bunny's again) after I got home from the gym ( ok I did do 2 hours cardio but still) all I wanted to do was sit on my, now thinner but still rather plump BUTT and watch TV and EAT!!! I thought I had moved past this point in my life, this point where my brain controlled such things... I say all this to keep myself  honest... 4.4LB loss wk or not I still struggle and I think I probably always will. I just have to stay focused on my goals and  life's bigger picture..

                                          ABSA-FREAKIN-LULY!!!! LOL
A Promis to myself!!!!

Reminder to myself!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #15

Checking in today at 205.5 total loss since last week 4.4 LBs ( thank you Mr Fill).
67.5 LB loss in all!!! Woo Hoo! And I am back on mushie ( 2 days then I can try regular foods again Friday) its going to be a good day :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Post Fill - Run

So as you know I had my first fill yesterday. Last night was also running group. And not going, was not an option for me. I dont want to get behind especially at the point where we are in the program now. I just feel like I would not easily be able to catch back up. So after having just a 2 shakes all day. I went to group. There was so much pressure in my chest due to my fill that by time our run was over I was having to strip off my bra in the car ( this did help a little bit, ). The other issue was I was weak as crap( fatigued) having so few calories all day then trying to do that run in 90+ degree heat. BUT I survivied and when I finally made it home last night I made my "dinner" shake and felt much better. So glad I went bc the bad feeling was temporary.
Since I am still on liquids today I brought an extra half shake to drink on the way to the gym. My hopes is drinking a few calories on the way today will help with the fatigue a little bit :)
                       So true, my work outs help me mentally as much as physcally

Monday, July 15, 2013

First Fill...

I went today for my second "fill" appt. My first fill appt we decided I did not need one. This one however I did. I was getting hungry about ever 2 hours where as last apt it would be 4-5 hours, and that was the big factor. Since I had the plication with my band the Surgeon had told me that he would not give me much if any fill at surgery. So coming in today I knew I probably did not have much. It was interesting to watch the barium go through my band, and boy that first cup went straight through. The PA came in and took what was in there out..... there was nothing in there just some air. Then he added me 2cc's in my band. Watching the second cup of barium go down was MUCH different more what I expected, slower then went on through. So I am on liquids for 2 days, then mushies for 2 days, then back to normal.
While I was there I mentioned to the PA the pain Ive been having around my port. I was kind of guessing it was due to the fact its attached to my abdominal muscle and I work out hard 7 days a wk but I wanted him to just tell me that b/c its been hurting more and more. He looked said it was not swollen or warm to the touch or mis-colored so he was certain I was right about why it was hurting. Which made me feel better.
I saw my trainer at the gym Saturday we had not bumped into ea other in a couple wks so we chatted for a bit. He was supper excited how different I look now compared to when I joined in March. I told him about running group and he told me about a group in my town. I told him I had seen that one but was afraid they'd leave me if I was too slow and wanted to get my speed up before starting with them. He told me they wont that someone would always stay back. SO once the C25K program is over I am going to start running with them at least once a wk. I also told him about my upcoming 5ks and 5 milers and he asked me about half marathons and I admitted I really want to do one in Nov. He was familiar with both that I am looking at and gave me course info on them both. Also suggested Rock n roll Raleigh half marathon next spring. I went home and looked it up and its 10 days after my 1 yr band-anniversary I cant think of a better way to celebrate! They have live bands/music every mile along the way. So I will be signing up for that one also :)
Fellow banders how do you celebrate your milestones?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

C25K Running Group Update

Last night was week 3 day 2 of my C25K training program with running group. I have to tell you I LOVE this running group. I have 3 ( planning on a fourth) upcoming runs on the books.
*August I have a 5k to raise money for SIDS
*Sept I have a 5K to raise money for Ovarian Cancer research
*OCT I have a 10 K ... I am super excited about this one, will be stuff for the whole family to do!
I have personal goals for each one... THEN I am planing on doing a Half 
Marathon in NOV. I know crazy huh, but I am really enjoying it so I thought well I should keep upping the challenges. After my C25K running group is over, I go straight into a program training for a full marathon and by the time the  half marathon shows up, I will be past half marathon distance in my marathon training.... I am not sure I will ever run a marathon, we will see. I just want to be trained for one so that I can. I think it will make running the other distances easier.
                                       Last Nights Running Group Pic 7/10/13

                                                This pic cracks me up.... When I have to do my run on the treadmill I have to pretend in my head somethings chasing me or I slow thus the point of driving 40 min one way just to run w a group of people.... much harder to slower down when  you are with peers :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #14

Its hard to believe its been 3 1/2 months since surgery. SO much has changed in such a short time. I love the decision I made to have Lap Band surgery and take back control of my health. I love every minute I spend in the gym and with running group. And I feel like I am accomplishing something.

Today's Weigh In 209.9... VERY LOW LOSS this week (.40 LB) but a loss is a loss right. But I think its finally time for a small fill... I notice I am hungry in about 2 hours ( used to be 4+) I however don't eat at that 2 hr mark I'm waiting till 3 hrs-ish but still sliding them all up 1/2 an hr to a full hour is adding at least a snack a day... HEALTHY snack but still more calories than 6-8 wks ago. My next scheduled fill apt in Monday (7/15) so I will talk to the PA then.. Also concerned that my port hurts daily.. not horrible pain enough to stop me from doing anything but enough for me to know its there and be uncomfortable. I am hoping its because I work out so often and the muscles at the port is just being used more. BUT I want him to tell me that. So back to weight, today's/this weeks loss brings total to 63.1 LBS and I am officially over my half way mark. OH MY does that feel AWESOME!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wk 13 Weigh in Wednesday

Short and sweet today!
Weigh in 210.3 total loss since last week 3.3 total loss in all 62.7 LBS...
Lovin my new lifestyle and band!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Recap from visit to MIL's

We are finally home from our trip out of state to see my MIL. It was a good visit. We had a surprise birthday party for her Saturday night ( for her 70th). Here are a couple pics of me and hubby and me and my daughter prior to the party.
Its super hard to eat right that far away from home and the norm. I still managed to eat band sized portions just not what I'd classify as "healthy" but managed to loose a lb so I'm ok w that. Back at it this week... running group tonight rain or shine... I am hoping for shine BUT as of right now its pouring down rain, so will see it may be a wet evening.
And lastly... my nephew is coming to spend a couple days w us at the end of the wk... I am so excited. We are taking him to a  ballgame and to see fireworks and we are going to make some t-shirts. Hoping to go pick up our new turkeys while he is w us... yes we are adding Turkeys to our flock. Super fun times when you come visit Auntie! Lol