Thursday, January 31, 2013

Appointments booked

Ok so yesterday was a successfull day of making appts... I have a psch apt this Fri even and Mon morning, then apt at the hospital Tues to have all my fun stuff done... upper gi, ekg, chest xrays, labs, gallbladder ultrasound. Then Thursday w the nutritionist.  Still waiting on the sleep lab to call me back to set up sleep study... After all reports are turned back into surgeon they will submit to the insurance co for approval. Then I will have one last pre op before surgury:-) yay!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wow a little taken back ...

Ok so today I am working on scheduling my psch eval's.. the dr gave me a recommended list of providors but only one took my insurance and she is an hour and a half away so we pulled up our insurance web page and looked there and started calling.  I found one about 35-40 min away so I called her to see if she would see me. She informed me her views of overweight people.  ... here we go: overweight people are weak minded individuals and surgery will not correct this ... if u are not a weak minded person you should not be fat. Period no reason to ever be over weight not reason for surgury... well I politely said thank you for your time I will call someone else. I did nt even bother going any further down the list. Just went to the drs prefered providers and called the one an hour and a half a way.. she is very nice and even though she has no openings is going to stay late Friday for my first apt and come in Monday on her day off for my second..
There are many reasons we may be heavy. I am not making excuses for myself but I am ready for and committed to a change and the lapband is a tool that can help... just like a treadmill is a tool that can help w/ exercise...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Apt w Surgeon!

So met w surgeon today! Woo hoo...All questions answered.. set up appt to see nutritionist next Thursday, the case manager is going to try to get all the rest of my apts scheduled for the same day, upper gi,  chest x rays, gallbladder ultrasound etc .. knock em all out at once.. then I will be down to psyc visit and sleep lab.
Oh and on another note ... I lost a pound since last week... nothing to write home about but its a start:-)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Water Water Water!

So its 11 am and I have drank 60 oz( of water)  already today! Over half way to my 100 oz a day goal.  Woo Hoo!
How much water do you drink a day??

on another note my first apt with surgeon is tomorrow, I will take a before pic tonight and post... And of course will post lots of notes after my appt. tomorrow

Friday, January 25, 2013

Protein Shakes and Water Intake

So I have got my water intake up to 100 oz a day( for a whole week now)! Woo Hoo! Thats a lot of water, and that is on top of protein shakes and the Crystal Light I drink at night that is 100 oz of plain water...awesome huh!
Also I ordered  Unjury Protein shakes yesterday. They have awesome reveiws and other successful lapband bloggers use them as well so I went on and ordered. They should be in today. They have a lot more protein than the Body By Vi shakes that I am using right now so that should help with some hunger or I at least I am hoping how fast the hungar hits. I will let you know how I like them once I try them..
Next Dr Apt Jan 29th...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Appointment Number One ...Done

Went to see my Primary Care Dr today... Told him I have been to the Lapband seminar and that I have an apt with the Dr next Tue.... He was very supportive and proud of me, said the Dr I had chosen for the surgery was the best in the area. Which makes me feel awesome since my Primary is the best in his field in the area ( as described by others in the health care field) he took lots of notes of everything I would need from him for insurance purposes. We talked about my prescriptions and how soon after surgery he wants me back in for follow ups on them ( 2 wks for the record) He suggested I go on and start low carb, low sugar diet asap. So I will start that today !!
Got an offical start weight today along with height and BMI.... Uggg not good but it will get better here on out!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Little Prep Shopping

In preperation for my upcoming surgury, tonight afterwork I picked up a couple little bowls and itty bitty plates, some cocktail spoons and cocktail forks. Smaller portions here I come.
On another note for some reason I am anxious about my Wednesday Dr apt. Oh well I am sure all will be fine I am prepared I have a notebook of notes and I am ready :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Journey to Lapband and beyond officially began Jan 17 2013

I have spent quite sometime studding, researching and reading blogs on Lapband.
A Dr first mentioned lapband to me about 3 yrs ago at a yearly exam at the time I was about
245 Lbs and if I was honest I was in shock she thought I was ... well lets just say "fluffy" enough for
for surgery. I always thought about weight loss surgery for people a lot larger than me. Once I got over my shock of being considered just that "fluffy" I did some research but never really followed through.
Fast Forward and Life Happens and though I try diet and exercise is not enough. Hubby deployed to Iraq a couple yrs ago so my family Dr put me on meds for anxiety, which added 30 lbs to my weight real fast...
I have high Blood Pressure, my knee aches all the time as does my back... I AM 32, this should not be what I am dealing with. I need to get the weight off. So back to researching and studding about Lapband. This time I signed up for and attended a Lapband seminar held in Raleigh at Rex by Dr Enoch (Surgeon). Hubby attended with me. And we decided I would have the surgery.
I already have an apt with my family Dr to discuss the surgery and what I will need.( Appt set for Wed jan 23) and I have my first Pre Op Appt with Dr Enoch set for Jan 29, at that time I will meet with him, my case mgr and the financial coordinator. After that I will have an appt for chest xrays, blood work, upper GI, gallbladder ultrasound,ekg, meet with Phyk Dr and Dietitian. After those 2 appt all will be submitted to Insurance Co and once Dr gets approval back one last pre op will be scheduled and surgery will be scheduled... Due to my insurance its a pretty fast process. other  insurance co take a bit longer.
Now in preparation I have already made some changes I am a SOUTHERN BELL, I live on Sweet Tea so I have stopped drinking it. Also since after surgery I will be required to chew ea bite of food 20-30 xs I have started counting how many times i am chewing..... do it some time 20 to 30 chews per bite is a lot, try it.. Anyways That is how I started More to come as I will be journaling my whole journey of weight loss and maintainace