Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review

How do I summarize a year in one blogg post.
This year has been a crazy, exciting year. Full of personal growth and change.
I desided a year ago I would have WLS, attended the seminar in Jan, went through all the testing and had my band w plication placed April 3rd 2013.  As I started my journey I decided this would be a lifestyle change not another diet. I would not do anything I could not stick w forever. I started excerising and found great relief in it. Relief from stress, relief from my own head (sometimes I think I am and my mind is my own worst enemy), after a while relief from chronic body pains and aches. I have lost a total of 107# , have ran a half marathon,  and am training for a full. What I am most proud of though is setting a healthier example for my family. I love them so much and want us all to be healthy for a long time. Lead by example, I firmly believe that's the best way.  I am far from perfect in this journey but I look for my faults and work to correct them regularly .Hears to a healthier 2014!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Headache

To much unhealthy food has left me with a headache for the last 2 days...
I hate headaches and I have no one to blame but myself. I know what foods make me feel like crap and what don't. So I am here dealing with the consequences now.
But aside from that I'm looking forward to some more time off. After work day today, I will be off till Jan 2nd.
Are any of you setting health related New Years Resolutions... I am doing away with the resolutions and setting "Goal" for 2014. I will be blogging  about my goals next week. So excited about a new year.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Another Tuesday..Weekly Weigh In

Weighing in again this week on Tuesday.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be all about family. I'm so excited for Christmas.
Starting weight 273
Current weight 165.3
I lost 3.6 lbs since last Tuesday,  I don't even know how since we were out of town and I was not eating my regular food, but I am trilled.  I did get my workout in regardless of being out of town. I was able to run 8 miles Saturday.  And since we were in the mountains it was a great workout.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
I leave with some pictures of my run Saturday.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weekly Weigh in "TUESDAY" #37

So I am doing my WIW on Tuesday this week. Because in 8 hrs and 18 min I start a much need break. I will be off till Monday , work Mon, Thur and Friday then off again till Jan 2nd so I'm lovin it. This week while I'm off, though I got last minute stuff to get then we have a trip to see my MIL ( 5 hrs one way in the car with hubby and kid and 2 dogs :) ) So that's why I'm doing my weigh in today and not tomorrow. I'm just not sure how much blogging time I will have over the next several days.

Starting weight 273
Current weight 168.9
yep I broke into the 160s this week!
Total loss 104.1

 I have a couple NSV this week.. So when I get to the gym I check in at the front desk they scan my card and a pic of me from MARCH pops up on their screen so they can verify that person on the screen is person in front of them... WELL... last Friday the gentlemen that checked me in commented on my WL told me how different I looked even went as far as to turn the screen so I could see ( like I could forget..lol)
then again last night the lady that checked me in asked me how much I had lost and said I don't even look like the same person anymore. So now even people I see in passing are noticing.
2nd one was also gym related... When you sign up at the gym I go to, a trainer meets with you normally with in a week and does a fitness eval and puts together a general plan for you. Then shows you how to work all the equipment. Well the guy who did mine back in March ( a wk  before  my surgery) is just great, he speaks to me every time I'm in there weather he is in there to work  ( on the clock) or weather he is in there doing his work out( on personal time). Friday night I was there just cycling away on the stationary bike when he came up to me with a girl ( probably early 20s) he said he was so happy I was there, that he had just been telling her all about me in her fitness eval and now I was there so she could meet me. We chatted a bit about my WL and my work outs. But it made me super proud to be an example. So anytime I see her in there I plan on making a point to speak to her, I know how intimidating it can be when you are starting out. PS this is way outside my comfort zone I don't speak to any one I am super shy especially at the gym. I always just come in work out and leave. I hope that forcing myself to speak not only helps her but helps me come out of that shell a bit too.

Anyways I hope you all have a great week. I will chat again soon :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Amazing what your body CAN do

I was at the gym last nite ( like most evey nite) when it hit me.. my body has done what I've asked it to everytime I exercise. Everytime I work out I do a little more... a little more time, or resistance or miles. Last nite I rode the stationary bike for an hr. And as I rode I remembered the first time on it. . I rode 6 miles in 30 min and thought that was good... a few time later I hit 7 miles in that same 30 min.. I came home and was so happy and told hubby all about it.. last night though I set the resistance higher than ever before and I rode further and faster than ever before..by time I hit 60 min I looked down and I had rode 17.35 miles in 60 min. When I got home I followed up w 155 squats w a medicine ball.. Do I feel it today. .yep a little bit, but not terrible.
So here it is almost 730 am and I'm headed back to the gym. 
It can be done start small..build up even if its just going one minute further the next time.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

PCP Apt 12/12/13

So I went to see my PCP today.. I SOOO didn't make my goal of being under 170 but that's ok. It was so nice to see his HUGE smile on his face when he walked through the door and saw me. I've not been to his office since June so last time I saw him I was down about 55# today 102#s. We discussed my Rx's that I currently take.. I'm down to only 2 dailys, still have 2 as needed that I normally have to take a couple times a wk for migraines and then the 2 for vertigo that Ive only had to take once since June. But when I started this process I was on 7 dailys OM Goodness! He agrees with me that I still need my BP meds ( my only 2 dailys now) since on my meds its still in the high end of ok.. I have family history of High BP, even the skinny folks, so my BP not dropping does not surprise me. I wanted it to but was not holding my breath.
He put orders in for me to have labs done in Jan so I go back fasting Jan 21. I am eager to see what they say ( cholesterol has been border line high for a couple years now). He will have them go on and do bariatric labs too at the same time to check all my vitamin levels since surgeons office has not done them yet.
I also asked him what my goal weight should be, bc everything I read is different BMI, Ideal BW, etc.. He told me to aim for less that 155. Then he asked what I was thinking  I told him to stay btwn 148-150 constantly.. he said anywhere between 148-155 would be great for my height and build. So yay I was pretty much right on in my goal thinking... not too terribly much further to go but I fear that last 20 or so will take a while. But I will have to wait and see, I start training for my FULL marathon in January so it may not take that long as I will be booking a LOT more miles come Jan.
Tonight I'm off to that dreaded "core" class that kicked my butt 2 wks ago.. I am going to go until it don't hurt..lol
Below are a few motivation pic's I just needed today.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #36 and a little Reflection

Good Wednesday Morning. Happy Hump Day.
Weigh in Stats
Starting Wt 273
Current Wt 171.1
Total Loss 101.9

The closer and closer I get to goal the slower and slower the weight is coming off.
This was to be expected and has not caught me by surprise. So I am choosing to reflect on who I am right now vs who I was back when this journey started.
*I am stronger physically, mentally and emotionally
* I am healthier and more fit than I have been in years..
* I am off 3 of my daily Rx's  ( still have BP meds)
* I am more focused on everything ( I think the exercise helps clear my mind so this can be possible)
* I am a RUNNER and LOVE IT.
* I wear a size 8 vs 20
* I am happier in general ( I believe its easier to be happy when you feel good about yourself and what you are doing)

what about some visual black and white numbers
Well measurements... I took my first set the week I went to the WLS Seminar, this was in January ( surgery date was 4/3/13)

                                    Jan ( all in inches)                   11/28/13 ( all in inches)
Chest                            52                                              38.5
Waist                            47                                              35.5
Hips                              55.25                                         40.75
Thighs                           28                                              22
Calf's                             20.75                                         16.75
Biceps                          16.5                                            12
Forearm                         12                                               9.5
Wrist                            7                                                 6.5
Neck                            17                                               13.75
 OM Goodness that is nearly 50 inches gone never to be found again, 49.75 to be exact!

So even though the last 20 lbs will most likely crawl by, I have come so far and wont let myself be discouraged over the zero or half pound loss weeks. I will get there. This has been a great journey so far, Ive learned so much about myself and health and fitness. I am a better wife and mother for this journey.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday WOOT WOOT!

Happy Wednesday Morning!
Well we are in full swing holiday mode. After a long and fun filled Thanksgiving. We start our Holiday travel season next weekend with visits to both of my grandparents houses, then the following week (mid-week) we take off to see Hubbys side of the family. Christmas Eve with my Mom, Christmas morning at home then off to my Dad ( still got to confirm but that's what we normally do) the day after Christmas will be sending Mikaela off to my sisters for a couple days. With all that running and not being at home with my food I am a little worried about weight loss this month. I mean I will bring my shakes out of town with me and that will help a bit but wont really help at meal times. So I have decided to really focus for the next 2 wks on low carbs and my exercise, I will aim for 50 ( ish) carbs a day, except on my long run days ea weekend, and workout wise I am aiming for 6 days a wk and on Tue and Thur being a double work out ( running at lunch and cross training or classes at night). I hope to see decent results then, I am not going to stress myself over the travel times as long as I don't gain I will be happy. When we are at my MIL's I will have my workout clothes with me and will run daily there, she lives in the mountains so that will be good hill training for me anyways. Jan 1 kicks off my FULL Marathon training which I am super super excited about.

On to my weigh in
Starting Weight 273
Todays Weight 171.7
Total Loss 101.3 ( BIG SMILES TODAY)
So somehow over the last week I was able to loose 1.8 Lbs (over a major holiday) and break the 100 # mark YAY! I am so excited. This is not just MY journey but my family is right in it with me and I am so thankful for them and their patience. They are just the BEST!
I go to see my PCP next Thursday, I haven't seen him since June and he wants to make sure my BP meds is still right now that Ive lost some weight. I would really like to be below the 170 mark. So anything 169 point whatever :) We'll see.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday update and visit w my nephew

We had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday this year. We started Thursday at the Turkey Trot race. . It was 25 degrees and the cource was 5.1 miles. I ran faster than ever before for that distance and was so thrilled. It was our first thanksgiving home for the holiday (literally first in my whole life) and we so enjoyed making our own memorys. My husband was in charge of the Turkey and half the sides.. me and our daughter handled the desserts and the other half the sides. Then my nephew also spent the weekend w us. We went to the park, made reindeer ornaments, made cupcakes, watches movies, played w legos.. all in all just had fun( cause that's what visits to aunties are for right). Food choices definitely could have been better for me I won't hide that (not horrible but not wonderful). I have an accountability buddy for my workouts and this morning I asked if I can send her my carb totals for the days when I send her workouts daily, we struggle the same way so I think that will help. I know I have not been on point bc today I woke up for third day in a row w headache, my body is so sensitive to foods and I pay for it w a headache if I make poor decisions. So I am committed to doing better to survive the Christmas holiday. I mean who wants to spend the holiday feeling like crap , right?
Well I will leave you with some pics from the weekend.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weigh In Wedneday #34

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
I woke up thinking it was Friday... I mean it kind of it. Today is my last work day of the week. But instead of having 2 days off,  I get 4. Cant get much more awesome than that!
We have never ever been at home for a Thanksgiving. This year however we are starting our own thing and staying home. Just me, hubby and K and that is suiting us just fine. We have family spread out everywhere, and we always seem to be the one doing the traveling which is all fine and good but sometimes you just need a break. I will be starting the baking tonight. I have a Turkey Trot 8K run tomorrow morning first thing. Then once we get home Hubby will throw the  turkey in, ( there is just 3 of us so I just got a breast) and myself and K will start on the side.. I cant wait.
Then later tomorrow evening my nephew will get to town, he is staying with us till Sat, and we are super excited. I have some goodies to make with him and some Christmas tree crafts. Then we are meeting some others at the park for a couple hours to play.. A good time to be had by all I'm sure.
Anyways on to weigh in. No change since Sunday (mini goal deadline) That last 1/2 pound just taunts me. But that's ok Ill get there.

Starting Weight 273
Current 173.5
Total Loss 99.5

So on the work out front... I spoke with my boss last Friday. He is in to fitness and asked him what he uses for muscle recover. What I was using was not cutting it after that Core Class last week. He gave me the name of something and Saturday morning I headed to GNC. OK I could not find what he suggested anywhere and the guy working at the store was useless. So I wandered through the store reading bottles, getting on google on my phone to check reviews ( HELLO WHAT DID WE DO BEFORE SMART PHONES..LOL) I ended up with AMP Recovery PM. Its a powder you mix with 8 oz of water and drink right before you go to sleep. I swear I think this stuff really works. I mean I've never been able to work out the day after one of my long runs.. its like my body calls a time out or something... BUT I started drinking it Saturday night to help with some of the pain I was still in from the class and have taken it every night since.  SO Monday... day after 13.20 mile run in the freezing cold on Sunday, I was able to feel good about going to the gym that night. And not just going and putting in half effort to say it was done. I cycled 16 miles in 60 min and at a higher resistance than ever before... before my miles had never broke 15 in an hour. And I was back in there last night on the stair climber for an hour.. Honestly I could go back tonight but I'm forcing myself to stick with my squats and some calisthenics to rest up for my run tomorrow. I want a new personal record tomorrow, so my legs need to be rested.
I Hope you all have a great Holiday and I wlll leave you with a list of some of the things I am thankfull for.
* My Husband
*My Daughter
* My Family
* Our Home
* The fact I have a job
* My Band ( love my Lap Band)
* The fact our daily needs are met
*Support Buddys ( band buddys and workout buddys)
* My Church
* some time off :)
Just to name a few!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Greenway Gobbler Half-Marathon

What a morning ..high today was supposed to be 39 it never got over 30 w  strong wind the whole run... But I made it.. and in less time than my original goal.. 13.20 miles (finish line wasn't quite lined up at the 13.1 mark) in 2 hrs 48 min. Weigh in for my mini goal was 173.5.. so I missed the goal by half a pound but I'm still proud of myself. I did learn a few things today. . 30 is cold.. I need warmer clothes if I'm going to run outside this winter.. gloves, tabogon and running pants and an absolute must.. I normally run in running capris.. bc of the temps I ran in performance yoga pants...no good..I need something that's snug all the way down not that flares. I also use this ear muff band for my ear...not good enough need something that covers my whole head. My jacket has the thumb holes so they cover a bit of my hands but my fingers got entirely too cold.. but I now know these things so next time should be better. Now its time to rehydrate and stretch good so I don't get too sore.. thank you all for your encouragement it means so much.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Count down to race day!

Ok its 6 am a Saturday and I'm up and had my shower. I did nt sleep well at all last nite, I'm still so sore from the Thursday night core class. I spoke w my boss late yesterday since he is a workout buff and asked what he would suggest for recovery and he gave me the name of what he uses, so I will be at GNC this morning to pick that up. I also feel like I need to get a workout in today too. In order the stretch out all that hurts. Yesterday I ran at lunch, I'm not sure it helped but I know it didn't make it worse. Then 9 am tomorrow morning ready or not will be my big day. Btw this morning weigh in 173.9...come on 173....only .9 lbs to go :-)

Friday, November 22, 2013

So Sore

Last night I talked myself into taking a core class at the gym. It was only 30 min and the trainer that has worked with me in the past was the one teaching it so I thought, Ok lets do this.
Let me start by saying I much rather work out alone and just on cardio. My brain is still full of all my "Fluffy Girl" fears and insecurity's. When it comes to classes these are some of the things you would hear if you were in my brain. Will I be able to keep up, Am I coordinated enough to do what the instructor is saying, What if there is something I just cant do... What will people think... and it goes on and on... When I started running I told myself everyone starts somewhere and its normally not as a marathon runner, it takes dedication and practice and a lot of sweat. For some reason this line of thoughts never crossed my mind when it came to the rest of my work outs.. mainly classes.
I have been noticing a lot lately that I need to add other things into my work out schedule. For many reason, such as I have no butt any more.... it looks odd and I'm unhappy with it. I know I need to strengthen my core ( Im rolly and I have to make sure I have my clothes laid just right or you can really tell) and my legs, and that by doing this it will help my running speed and endurance. The fact of the matter though is running, getting on the elliptical, rowing or doing the stationary bike make me happy. They make me sweat and leave me feeling like Ive done something. And when I think of strength training UUUGGG I just hate the thought, I mean you have to count reps and move from machine to machine adjusting stuff... Really I want to get on One Machine turn Netflix on, on the Nook and go for 60-90 min.
So that should all give some back ground to my where I am at mentally with work outs...
So as I said last night, 30 min core class. I had warned the trainer I was coming so he was ready to explain EVERY move to me and I really didn't get lost with anything we were doing.. and honestly I rocked the first 15 min.. But then those last 15 min absolutely kicked my tail. We did so many sit ups and crunches and planks with and with out weights and medicine balls that I lost count. By the last five min I literally could not do what he was telling us to I kind of just sat there in this odd position, pretending and hoping no one would notice. BUT ITS ALL GOOD B/C next week I will be going back and planning to stay for the next class that starts right after core, its called sports conditioning. So yay me.
Now today OMG everything hurts all my abs, upper legs, arms, all of it. I just hope I'm done hurting by Sunday .. I think I should be, if I don't do anything stupid the next two days..
Ive also started a squat challenge with one of my girlfriends, starts today and will run us through the weekend right before Christmas. We also started being exercise accountability partners. We don't live to close ea other and have different family situations so we cant really work out together but every day when we are done with our workouts we txt the other to let them know. I think it helps to know someone is waiting on that txt.
SO this post has rambled all over the place. But I'm done for now I hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #33

So I am down to the wire on my mini goal... only 4 more days till I run my first half. I am not sure I will make my goal but at least I will be close.

Starting weight 273 Lbs
Today 174.4 Lbs
Total Loss 98.6 Lbs

That leaves another 1.4 Lbs by Sunday. At this point in my journey I dont know how practical it is to think I can loss another 1.4 Lbs in a matter of 4 days.. But I m not giving up. At least I hope to be closer. And I am so happy with my progress I wont let it bother me. I mean a year ago I was nearly a hundred pounds heavier, never in my wildest dreams could think I could run, much less run 13+ miles. I am amazed everyday by what my body proves it can do.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #32

Pretty good week. I mean I was not expecting much of a loss this week since I showed a HUGE one last week.
Starting weight 273
Today's weight 175.5 ( .2 loss since last week)

Mini Goal Stats
1.5 wks left 2.5 Lbs left. To hit this goal I need to stay very focused for the nxt couple weeks. But I think I can do it :)

I am currently about 25 lbs from goal and can tell its coming off much slower than it used to. I am still carb cycling, I enjoy it and my body feels well on this eating plan so I will probably stick with it.
On the running front... I enjoying running outside MUCH more than running inside on the treadmill but now that its dark when I get off I thought I was going to be stuck inside with the exception of my long weekend runs. Well I've run on my lunch break twice now and I really enjoy it. B/c I can only be out there for 40 min it is the perfect time for me to work on my speed work. Yesterday I got my 5K time down to 32min 18sec which is super for me (remember I am not a fast runner :) ).. I really want that time under 30 eventually but when I start to think where I started, I am just at awe. I really believe you don't know just what your body is capable of until you get out there and push it.
Anyways off to work. Happy Hump Day!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Monday

Good  Monday Morning,
Well Saturday was my last "Long" run prior to my half in 2 weeks. I did another 12 miles but this time was 28 min faster than the week before... So I feel much better about it. I also think I have hydration and energy supplements figured out for the longer runs now too. So that makes me happy, I hit a wall about 7 miles in if I don't have anything. Gatorade and a Think Thin protein bar seems to be the perfect combo for me.
Anyways off to start another week. Have fun to anyone off on Veterans day, and don't forget to Thank a Vet!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #31

Good Wednesday Morning.
This week has been a busy week, so today will be short and sweet ..lol

Starting 273
Today 175.7 ( that's 4.2 Lbs since last Weds)
Total loss 97.3 Lbs

Only 2.5 Wks left towards my Mini Goal
and I just got 2.7 Lbs left to hit that Mini Goal !

I am loving this Carb Cylcing, for me its a perfect combo and something I can easily live with forever. Its simple and makes sense for my body. I am a carb queen but they don't love me the way I love them. So keeping them in check is a good thing.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Long Run - Saturday

I went out for my long run Saturday.. made it 12 miles... So I am deeming myself ready for my half in 3 wks. When I first signed up for it I told myself  I'd be happy with myself if I could run half and walk half, and all around just finish it. But as I've trained I have really told myself I wanted to run it all even if its a slow run.. I have had several set backs over the month of Oct.. hurting my knee had me down a wk.. this stupid upper resp crap that Ive been fighting for now 2 WEEKS GGGRRRR! any ways I ran the first 9 miles  Saturday then had to walk to last 3.. I was super bummed with myself. I mean in my head I know I shouldn't be, when I started running in May I could go 1.80 miles in 30 min and that was me going as fast as I could..lol I know really bad and out of shape. Now even walking that last 3 and a break where I literally sat down and called hubby to tell me I COULD make it the last mile to the car... yep that was me. I did 12 miles in less than 3 hrs... I just am too hard on myself and really want to be able to do that 13.1 in less than 2 hr 45 min... I know its possible its not even a fast pace at all. Any ways I will be proud of myself whatever time I make. Bc this is my first, 13.1 is a haul, and everyone has to start somewhere. Sat was also the first time I have taken out a water bottle. I typically don't run w water I just down a bottle when I get back to the car. But my last super long run ( 10 miles) I felt like I hit a wall at about 6-7 miles in so I got a bottle with a hand strap so I don't really have to hold it, but it will definitely take some getting used to, that is extra weight and the strap rubs. I also had done some research on energy supplements for long runs. I wanted something that would not melt ( at least would not be messy if it did) and that I could easily chew up and swallow while running. I chose gummy bears as several had mentioned they were good for energy ( sugar) just didn't not have any other Nut Value. I measured out one serving BUT that sugar only helped about 20 min, so for me as someone who is counting everything not worth it if it did nt help very long. I picked up some Think Thin protein bars Sunday and will try those next weekend but will have to make sure I run on a hi carb day since they have a ton of carbs in them, but with the carbs they pack 20 GRAMS OF PROTEIN so I am hoping this will be perfect.
My plan is to run long again this coming up weekend then tapper of for the 2 wks right at the half. Giving my muscles plenty of time to fully recover prior to.
Just kind of a funny... You know that moment on a long run when  you see another runner approaching and you think "oh CRAP" they are going to speak or wave at me and I know it is not physically possible for me, to continue breathing, stay up right and either say hey or wave.... yep that was me towards the end Saturday, at least I can say I gave it my all...

Friday, November 1, 2013

New Month

Happy November!!!! I am exciting to be starting a new month with lots of new goals and with a new weigh... I went on and started carb cycling Wednesday since I had deemed Friday and Sat to be my hi carb days for this program, and really didn't want to start out with 2 hi carb days. Rather get a couple low carb days under my belt first... Today my scales said 175.2 ( yes I double cked) this is a 4.7 Lb loss since my Wednesday Weigh in... Of course this does not count in my book since I only track my Wednesday weights but it was super nice to see and encouraged me I am on the right track. Then last night I was up all night unable to sleep so I was going back over the last 6+ mnths and I remembered my first visit with the PA post surgery and he had asked me what I was averaging a day carb wise. I had told him I was not sure the DR and Nut. had told me to count my proteins and everything else would line up. The PA suggested I aim for half as many carbs a day and I was hitting in protein... or at least close to that.. in other words if its a 90 gram Protein day that would be 45 in carbs etc. I did this to the T for the following month and had awesome loss appt to appt.. Then somewhere along the way I think I got sloppy. I was looking back through MFP app and lately Ive been averaging about even protein and carbs.. SAY WHAT..
There are many carb cycle programs out there. The one I chose looks like this.
5 Low Carb Days and 2 HI Carb days a week.. They noted to set your calories for what is best for your own body..my low carb days I've settled for about 1100 ( so far its been more like 950-1000) and 0-50 Carbs, I am getting the full 50 carbs lol... The Hi Carb days can be any 2 days of the wk, can be done back to back but does not have to, I will aim for 1200-1500 Calories and up to 243 Carbs... for me this will be more like 100 tops I don't know how I would get in 243 unless I ate bread or pasta but I don't eat those items anymore so I think 100 is better for me to aim for. 100 will allow a little more flexibility with out going crazy.
I am exciting to see what is to come, based on this mornings weigh in I am only 2.2 Lbs from the 100 lb mark and this makes to so happy I want to burst!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In #30

I am still not 100% and to be quite honest I AM SICK of not feeling well... today is day 11 in a row with a headache. I want whatever this is to be gone.
Weigh in this week was not great. And I "could" beat myself up over it, but I am choosing not to, (no excuses though just life). That wont help at all. This week was my first gain .8 Lbs not much but if a lose is a lose then a gain is a gain and I am owning it.
While I was down sick I've been doing some research into carb cycling. I eat pretty much the same foods day in and out and I am wondering if it will help to switch things up a bit.
There are many different carb cycling plans but I found one for females that looked like I could do on the Livestrong site. ( some plans had so many protein grams per day I don't know how I would stay with in my calories or physically eat it all.. anyhow) So Nov 1 I am going to start carb cycling. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Wk #30
Starting weight 273
Today 179.9 ( +.8 Lbs)
Total Lose 93.1

Mini Goal Stats
6.9 Lbs to go
3.5 Wks

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sick all weekend

So I am a little discouraged right now. I started getting a head cold or something just over a wk ago.  Then Friday I started running a fever, left work about 3
(as soon as I started feeling feverish), bc I don't like to share my germs and if you are running a fever you are sick and really should be at home IMO. Anyways. Saturday was my stepbrothers wedding, which I had been looking forward to for weeks, spent lots of money preparing for, but Saturday am I felt worse and still had a fever so we had to stay home ( wedding was 2.5 hrs from home so not something to show u p and sneak out of). I am the only one of the kids that live local so I don't get to see my siblings as much as I would like to. I was so looking forward to being there for Chris and Danielle's big day and to get to spend time with all my nephews.
ON top of missing a chance to see my family I have not run or been to the gym since THURSDAY. For those of  you who don't know, my WL is directly tied to my exercise. I don't exercise, I don't loose. I also missed my long run I had scheduled for yesterday and now I am down to just 4 wks till my half. I know I will be able to do it as of right now, I just wanted to be better trained than I am, so I would not be so slow. But it is what it is.
I feel about 90% better now, I can tell I am not 100% as I am still coughing real bad. But my goal is to go to the Greenway at lunch for a quick 3 mile run and then again after work for another 5.5 miles... not the same as my long run would have been yesterday but hopefully will help get back at it and on track..
Anyways that is enough complaining for me. Sorry today's been more of a rant and whining session.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Confessions of a Gummy Bear Addict

OK so I LOVE gummy bear. I am not sure why they are at my house but they are and yesterday I came home at lunch time to chill for a min and had WAY too many... I mean if I had stopped at one serving it would have been ALL GOOD... but that's not how it went.. about 2 maybe 3 serving later my gut was killing me :( what the heck was I thinking.. So last night after getting off work, instead of going to the gym for what should have been just a strength training day, I ran at the greenway in the cold and I ran till my tummy no longer hurt..lol ( about 6 miles). Since I just started running this year, I learned something important last night. So when its cold DON'T STOP... at about the 5 mile mark I thought ok I will walk the last mile, I got the time and the sun light and I NEVER get a decent cool down. So I will walk ( briskly) that last mile... Ok so when its cold outside and you work up a sweat and are damp all over and  you stop running taking it down to walk IT GETS COLDER THAN CRUDE... Oh my goodness I made it about a quarter mile walking and had to run the rest of that last mile just to hurry up and get into the warmth of the car... LOL. Well Live and Learn.

Well on to what I have hope to be is a great Friday, or at least a great end of the work week :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #29

Happy Wednesday Morning. Fighting off a cold this week. All my co -workers like to come in sick ( w fevers) and share their germs. So now I am fighting off whatever has been going around. So far only have the snotty-ness and the killer headache. IF I start running a fever I WILL be staying home though. Some things its not fair to others to share.

So this is weigh in # 29
Starting weight 273 #'s
today 179.1
total loss 93.9 Lbs

Mini Goal Stat's
6.1 Lbs left ( to hit 100# loss by 11/24)
4.5 Wks ( left till half marathon 11/24)

So excited about the results thus far. Sometimes I get emotional just thinking about where I was a year ago and how different life is now. I am so grateful to have my band and thankful for the focus everyday, bc with out the focus I have for this phase of my life I would not be here.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bull City Race Fest 10/20/13

Sunday I ran in the Bull City Race Fest, with about 6,000 other runners. IT was a super early day, race began at 7:30 and we live a good hour away so we were all up by 5:30. I ran the 5 miler and by the time I hit the 5 Mile mark I was really wishing I had signed up for the half marathon. I am certain I could have done it. But that's OK I will keep training and run my first half in a month as planned :) It was absolutely my favorite race so far. There were a lot of people there so at the beginning it was challenging to get around the slower runners and spread out to where it was not so congested. But by about the half way mark I was with a pack about my speed and just chugging right along.
                                    Me running really close to the finish line.

                                             with  my finishers medal

I am so grateful my family came out to cheer me on and support me. My Hubby and daughter were there as well as my Dad and Step mom.
It was a great way to start the day.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Awesome day yesterday

Yesterday I desided to leave work at lunch go to the greenway and walk to test out how my knee is doing... it hurt a tiny bit the first half mile or so, then it felt great. I got in 2.7 miles in 39 min so I was walking at a pretty good clip. After I got off I desided to go for a run...I've been wanting to snap some pics from the greenway so thought this would be a good time to do that. Since stopping for pics would force me to slow down. I ran 5.65 miles in the 60 min I was out there. Coming off an injury I thought that was awesome..I know I'm ready for Sundays race. Goal is 50 min which would be several min faster than I've ever done 5 miles but I tend to run faster when I'm w other.
Here are some pics from my run.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #28

So I am a little BLAH today. I  need my work outs, I have said it many times they are just as much for me mentaly as physically. They are my time to forget about what is stressing me or making me angry or sad... to just let go and work for a goal for myself. Since last Thursday when I hurt my knee all I have been able to do is swim ( which by the way does not burn near the calories as running :( ) and core and arms with my medicine ball... I think tonight I am going to venture to the strength training section at the gym and work arms, abs and back, and maybe just maybe be brave enough to hop on the bike w little restistance and ride for 30 min.. I need the calorie burn for sure. BUT if my knee starts hurting I will jump off real quick. I WILL be racing Sunday period end of discussion..lol

So here are wk 28's numbers

Starting weight 273
Today 181.6 (wow TOM and sitting on my butt not getting my daily burn in is killing me)
Total Loss 91.4 Lbs

Mini Goal stats 5.5 wks 8.6 Lbs to go

Monday, October 14, 2013

Depressing Weekend

So I have been real careful not to run back to back days so that I would not injure myself. But it seems like that is just what Ive done. For the last couple weeks Ive had real sharp pain behind my knee ( and not the one that always gives me problems) I kind of just chucked it up to my muscles being tired. I would eat a banana for the potassium after a run and move on. Well Friday I woke up with pain from back around outside and in front of this knee. It was suggested I should "rest" it for a solid week, that it sounds like I have meniscus issues, maybe not torn YET but defiantly aggravated. OM GOODNESS I have a 5 mile race one week from yesterday. So Saturday I was in bed all day knee propped up alternating btwn ice and heat... I was so depressed and I could feel it taking control of me.
I was( still am) so sad that Ive worked so hard to regain my health and "resting" for a week I really felt would set back my progress. Being my" TOM" did not help my emotions at all.
Sunday I got up and went to get in the pool ( bc that is my only option at the moment if I am supposed to be "resting" it) I swam laps for 45 min in the peace and quite, just me and the water. Big Thanks to my mom who lent me her swim suit. I only had a size 14 which was too big, she had a 8/10 which fit great. It felt good to get out of the house and work out a bit even if my Sunday work outs are normally 2+ hours and I only got 45 min of laps in, it was still something. Plus when I got home I did some core work with my medicine ball. This week I will continue to work with the medicine ball and hit the pool about every other day. Saturday I will attempt Zumba and Sunday I will do my race. I have been looking forward to this race for months now. I just pray my knee is better by then so I don't injure it worse.
Oh well gonna keep my chin up this week and see how much healing gets done. It could have been a lot worse.

Friday, October 11, 2013

New Recipe

As most of you know that have been following for a while, I cant cook... Like I am real bad at it. But with that said Ive learned to use the crock pot and thanks to Pintest I cook every Sunday for the family ( the rest of the weekend Hubby cook, Sunday's are like my practice day lol)
This past weekend I cooked as normal Sunday but I also made a batch of soup on Saturday.. I froze hald of it and kept the other half out for this weeks lunches...
It was called Taco Soup here is the link   http://thebuettemeyers.blogspot.com/2011/02/new-recipe-wednesday-mixed-berry-scones.html

Well this pic says it all... Last night this was me... ran 5.35 miles in the rain and cold... There is a big difference btwn running in the rain when its hot out than when its cold out.. But hey it was my best speed ever, probably bc my brain was like hey stupid its cold and wet out here.. HURRY UP!!! LOL. I enjoyed it anyways but will be happy when the rain that's been sitting over top of us for the whole weeks moves on out of here.

Well that's about all for now. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #27

Happy Hump Day!
This is my 27th Weigh in since surgery.
Starting weight  273 Lbs
Today 181.7 Lbs

So I have 6.5 wks for that mini goal I gave myself ( of 100# by my first half marathon) Only have 8.7 Lbs to go to hit that goal... SO EXCITED!

OK so all I really have to compare this WL to is the last time I lost huge ( more than just 25-30 Lbs) I had joined a weight loss clinic that will remain nameless, and had lost 60 lbs... the lowest I got was about where I am now and was able to HOLD that weight for oh about 2 days...lol GO ME HUH! But looking back the program was very un healthy. So few calories they advised AGAINST exercise... What how does that work?? And the way I was eating was not something I could ever do the rest of my life. It was a temporary  solution, so therefor the results were temporary...

So I have made of list of things that are different this go around. As a way to lay it out and see how I can continue on to goal and through maintenance. BECAUSE IT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME.

* I am determined and focused
* I have more energy bc I am eating enough so I feel 100% better
*I have FULL Family support
* I have a network of WLS Friends on line and locals..
*I have DR support! So important, if something changed he can help tweek what I am doing
*I have found something I LOVE to do.. that makes exercise so much more enjoyable
   I LOVE RUNNING... On my rest days I just want to go out there and run anyways    only thing stopping me is I don't want to injure myself and not be able to run for a couple wks... Rest one day or hurt myself and be dealing with that for 2 wks... umm Ill be good and rest 1 day :)
* I can and do eat w my family no special foods... yes there are things I "CHOOSE" not to eat but nothing that has to be made special for me
* I don't feel deprived of anything
* Last I HAVE HOPE, I know I will hit goal and I know I will succeed in Maintenance..

This journey in my opinion is @ least 50% mental.. You have to be mentally ready for the WLS, for the Life Style Change, for the exercise ( got to move my butt...lol), for the Plautus and how to fix the Plautus...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Do I need Long Johns

I am so cold today at work. I have noticed over the last 4 mnths or so I am colder than normal but today is ridiculous.. and its NOT cold outside yet, today will be about 85.. I am scared to see how cold I'll be in Dec and Jan... I mean I am glad to be thinner but loosing 80% of my insulation makes a HUGE difference.
I have 2 jackets on today I look like the Michelin man...lol
I know part of it is the windows in my office, the whole wall behind my desk is windows, and Im on the shaddy side of the building, but still, again its not cold outside. ... Oh well I guess I will have to wear long johns to keep warm, since I already run a space heater at my desk and wear 2 or more layers.

OH WELL!!! Off my rant for the day...


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #26

Good Wednesday morning! Today is my 6 month band-a-versary!!! Yay!
Weigh in today 183.4 (same as last wk)
Total loss 89.6 lbs
Mini goal 7.5 wks left and 10.4 lbs to go...
I re-took my measurements last night. I love seeing my measurements, its a great way to see how far I've come.
So here we go.. All are inches
Chest 39.5 beginning was 52
Waist 37.5 beginning was 47
Hips 41.5 beginning was 55.25
Neck 14.25 beginning was 17
Thigh 23.5 beginning was 28
Calf 17.5 beginning was 20.75
Biceps 11.5 beginning was 16.5
Forarm 9.5 beginning was 12
Wrist 6.25 beginning was 7
Ring finger 2 3/8 beginning was 2.5
new body fat % is 31% (average healthy female is btwn 20&30 )
New BMI 29..just overweight no longer OBESE!
I am also off two of my RXs..
My BP is running about 115/70.. once and a while I am bust out a 140/88 like the old days but normally when I'm not feeling well or under more than normal stress. Resting heart rate is running btwn 55-59 which is super!
I have to say I am so pleased w the results thus far.  Its hard work but I am staying focused and I am now about 35 lbs from my goal..which sounds like nothing compared to what I started out needing to loose.
I created a photo collage pics twds top are oldest twds bottom are most recent.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Last Couple Days

So this week we've completed here at work our year end inventory process. We wholesale lumber and keep$7-8 Mil on the ground and it all has to be counted pc by pc.. ITs tedious to say the least but we are about done. Ive been here 63 hrs so far this week and I got at least 5 to go today. So I am really wore out.
But that's ok because Ive had some great NSV all involving the guys that work with us but don't work HERE w me.. some of these guys in town this week haven't seen me since Feb the others haven't seen me since last Sept.... here's some of the things Ive heard and I got to tell you it all feels good...

* I know its not politically correct but... you look good girl what are you doing...
* Christy when you walked outside I didn't realize it was you till C called your name...
* I didnt want to say anything yesterday BUT you look completely different, your face is a different shape , and I think you look more like 18.. ( OK THIS ONE MADE ME LAUGH)
* whos the new girl... sits back in Christys old office... ( uh you mean me??)

So I know they are all sales people and have to kiss butt for a living so some if this is just them doing what they do but I had a big smile on for the last couple days...

ON a different note I HAVE to learn how to control my stress... I had one of the worst migraines Ive ever had here at work yesterday... I took everything I could get my hands on, called hubby made him bring me something stronger... took about a 15 m I had been here in nap mid day... and nothing even touched it.. I finally had to leave at 8pm (btw leaving at 8 I had already been here 13 hrs, and  9 of that w a migraine, puking and it all) I was a odd greenish color and still puking when I got home... Sleep last night helped a little bit no migraine today but my head already hurts so if I'm not careful I know I will be back in the same boat. I was really hoping as I lost weight I could get rid of the migraines but I get them for SO many reason( damage done to my neck in an accident, stress, used to be food) . YES Ive controlled my food induced migraines. But I just don't know how to fix the ones caused by stressed. I see a massage therapist twice a month. ( honestly 2 of my favorite times of the month, it does me good mentally and physically) bc I work my neck and lower head in to a huge knot that pinched down on the nerve that leads into the back of my skull. Before I started seeing her the Dr had given me 3 rounds of steroid shots into the back of my head/neck to relax the knot... those did nothing. Sharita on the other hand has done wonders so I am not having migraines 3+ times a wk only maybe 3  times a month. So Ive made progress but durn I wish I could be migraine free... I guess its just not meant to be.
Anyways I better get started on what I came in to do.
I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I had a break so I figured I would take a min and blog..
I was able to talk to my boss and he approved me to take an hour and half lunch today since we were at a point he could spare me... I went to the greenway here in town that is absolutely beautiful especially this time of year. It runs along a river and there is this huge bridge that crosses the river, its just my favorite outside place to run. I got 5.5 miles in, in the 62 min I was there... Not a fast runner but consistent so Ill take it, and speed will come on day.. I needed a run after yesterday, I worked from 8 am till 11 pm and tonight will be here at least that late and same thing tomorrow but we have to be in at 7 am tomorrow so Ill lose another hour of sleep. But that's ok. Its one week a year. Ill live, but it was really nice to escape for a run today..

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #25

Wow its been a crazy last few weeks. Crazy at Home, Crazy at work. I am ok with crazy but not really ok with crazy both home and at work. I need calm at one of the two. And I have been a bad blogger but hopefully things will calm down after this week, and I will be able to post a little more regular.

Weigh In Today 183.4 Lbs Starting weight 273 Total so far 89.60 Lbs
Mini Goal : 8.5 Wks to go  10.4 Lbs to go! Woo Hoo!!!!

I missed my work outs Last Friday through this Monday due to having the worst stomach virus ever. I was back at it yesterday. Only got a 3.1 mile run in ( still not a 100% but close to it)  BUT it was a FAST ( for me...lol) 3.1 so even though I was shorter than normal I was happy..
Of course since I was sick eating has been OFF but that's Monday I was able to get most of my protein in and Tues All of it, so now I am back to normal too...

Next wks weigh in will be my 6 month anniversary. I am so happy with my results thus far. And will be posting pics and new measurements next week. :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #24

Happy Wednesday Morning All!
Starting Weight 273
Today 186.5 Lbs for a total loss so far of 86.5 Lbs

Mini Goal Stats:
13.5 Lbs to go 9.5 weeks left... get close, and that is super exciting!

On all other fronts, everything is good... Work is crazy and will be still for the next 2 wks till we get through our year end and inventory. Then hopefully I will be able to breath a little.
Hubby's gone with the military for another month or so, but we  are dealing fine. K is really helping with the farm chores and keeping a decent attitude about it, which always makes it easier on me.
Eating has pretty much been on point. And my work outs are great. Getting stronger everyday and am really starting to see some big muscle definition.

Well I got to get too it. Have a wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #23 and 9/11

Weigh in Wednesday Woo Hoo..
Starting Weight 273 Lbs
Today 188.5 Lbs
Loss since last week 3.5 Yipee
Total Loss 84.5 Lbs

OK 10.5 Wks till my half marathon, so I got 15.5 Lbs to go to get to the 100 Lb mark by that day :)

I like most Americans remember EVRYTHING about this day 12 yrs ago. Today I pray for the familys that lost loved ones, and the childern that grew up with out a parent.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Great Weekend

Hubby was away with the Military this weekend. So this weekend myself and my daughter got to spend the whole weekend being girlie and enjoying ea other.. We don't always get to do "special" things when he is way but this weekend I splurged and took care of us a bit. It started Friday afternoon after her cross country practice. I picked her up and took her to the NIKE outlet and got us a couple T's... They say neverseenagirlrun??? across the front, super cute and we both needed some non tank top, tops to wear once it cools down on our runs. I will get a pic of us wearing them at some point and post them.
Then Sat I got up and headed to the gym early to get my long run in... I was doing set days for running Tue, Wed, Friday and Sunday so that'd Id get 4 days a wk in but I am thinking about changing it up and doing every other day.. so that's be 3 days one wk 4 the next . So back to my Saturday run... I ran 7.5 mile in an hour 30 flat...I looked to see  time wise where I was when I hit 5 miles ( because my next run is a 5 miler in 5 wks, so I got the 5 mile mark in 55 min, for me that is awesome. About a 11 min mile. My goal is to be about 10 min mile by the time race day comes around so we will see !
Anyways the trainer at the gym comes up and talks to me every time he sees me running. I wonder if it ever dawned on him how hard it is to chit chat, run,  NOT FALL and breath ..etc.. all at the same time :) That's fine though he is really helpful. He wants to to work in a "cycle"class( their version of spin) a couple days a wk, said it would be great corss training. I told him I had wanted to since I joined but was scared I would not be able to keep up.. He assured me I would be fine, so I will probably work up my nerve to try that at some point this wk. I do cycle a couple hours a wk but I think that I am to the point I need the challages of the class.
After I got home from the gym we went out to grab some lunch ( also special, we don't eat out much) then we ran by my dads house to wish him a Happy Birthday! After that we got our toes done. Boy did we both need that. Home pedicures are great but sometimes you just need a real one, ya know :)
Sunday neither one of us felt very well both woke up snotty w sore throats.. so we chilled out, watched some TV, cleaned the house up and ate some yummy chicken I had made the night before in the crock pot ( the only way I know how to cook)

All in all it was a fun weekend, you need one of those once in a while. Now back to work for 3 VERY long work weeks before I can breathe again.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #22

Weigh in Wednesday #22... Starting weight 273 today is 192.. I love love love my band. Total loss 81 so far.
Mini Goal  173 ( 100 Lbs Loss) by Nov 24th ( half marathon day).... 19 Lbs to go, with 11 1/2 wks to do it :)

Over the last couple wks Ive looked back at MFP entries for the last several months. In Aug I tried a 1200 cal a day plan. I have discovered this DOES NOT work for me( maybe one day in maintenance but not now). I sit on my tail WAY TO MUCH... really all the time except when I am working out... SO I now aim for 1050 calories a day( still 100 gr protein) and I'm seeing MUCH better results.Sometimes I think its crazy how many some people can eat and how little others need... My hubby can eat WAY more calories than me and never gain, sometimes loose. BUT with that said he is on his feet doing farm chores most of the day moving, walking, bending... NOT ME I sit at my desk 9+ hours a day.

Anyways 1050 is fine with me and I am satisfied so that's all that matters..

On a different note... Does anyone else stay cold now that you are thinner... I freeze all day. Sometimes at work I got outside just to warm up. I keep a heater under my desk and a sweater on all day. Its crazy, I assume its because a lot of  my insulation is gone.

Anyways I hope yall on have a great hump day !

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Great long holiday weekend

I had a great weekend. Got to see a LOT of family. Grandparents, a couple aunts, my sister and her family, my mom.
Then Sunday I ran. Sundays are my long run day. Im not focused on speed as much as distance ( I have other days during the week I work on speed) So I got 7 miles in, and it felt great!
Then Monday I did some shopping. I had not had to buy to terribly much bc I was super blessed with A TON of hami downs. So I am just now getting to a point I am smaller than what was given to me and in need to go buy some stuff. I got a pair of black pants for work and a pair of jean capris ( both size 10 :) ) and a pair of kaki capris ( size 8, snug now but I can get them on.. should be good to go in a month of so)
Here is a group shot from my grandparents house.

                                 myself and my daugher, sis and her boys and my grandparents

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday Wk #21

Today is my 21st weigh in... starting weight 273 Lbs today 195.50 total loss so far 77.50.
My mini goal is to be down 100 lbs by Nov 24th ( the day of my first half marathon) so I have 22.50 left to go. I can so do this :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Second Fill

Today I went in for this months appt at the surgeons office. I saw a new PA the regular one has left the practice. She gave me a BIG GIRL fill today 2.5cc so that puts me at 4.5 in my 10cc band. Next appt is scheduled for 10/14/13 ( 7 wks instead of 6, due to their schedule being crazy busy).
My goal is to be down a full 100 Lbs by end of Nov when I run my half marathon. I know this is possible. That's about 12 wks away and that's right at 2Lbs a wk. I will stay very focused in order to meet this goal. PS ... If/when , DEFINITELY WHEN NO IF's , I hit the 100 lb mark I will be to my high school graduation weight... WOO HOO :)

NSV... I saw an old pastor of mine last night. He had not seen me in about 2 yrs now.... He said, after about 10 min standing there talking to me, I am sorry have you lost like a TON of weight... That tickled me pink got to tell you! Of course I said WELL YES, YES I HAVE :) He said we Baptist take any reason we can find to eat huh. Then we talked about how hard it is to retrain our brains to not reward  ( or Celebrate) our self or others with food. Still when I want to get someone a gift or thank you item I have to stop myself from getting them candy/cookies/a cake etc... We are NOT DOGS we don't need to treat ourselves or others that way with edible treats... I nice card or handmade gift express the same feeling.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to the Real World

This week we leave our summer time schedule and flexiblity and move back into the real world. The world of school, sports practice and games/meets, homeworks and projects. I will stay focus on my health though I can and will keep the household and family running while also getting my work outs in daily. I've done well keeping my schedule this week. Tues I had pick up duty from XCountry practice so I did my run at the park across from school while she was practing, yesterday we both had dentist apt which caused her to miss practice soooo like a good XCountry or Track mommy, I took her to the track after getting our teeth cleaned and we ran together. So I have proved to myself on days something "pops" up and I cant get to the gym, I CAN AND WILL still get my workouts in, this WONT be used as an excuse.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #20

I cant believe Ive been banded 20 wks now. This weeks weigh in 197.8 total loss 75.20 LBS. WL is definatly slowing down now... no matter what I do exercise wise or eat food wise. Id love to be averaging 2 lbs a wk but Ill take a loss period at least its moving in the right direction :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weigh IN Wednesday # 19

This week I had a super exciting weigh in... Can you guess what I broke???
Yep 200.... Finally, and I leap frogged over 199 while I was at it... This mornings weight is 198.4 Lbs for a total loss of 74.6 LBS Woo Hoo! I only have about 48 more to go and for some reason just doesnt seem like that much any more. I guess b/c I've lost more than that at this point so whats another 48..
Below is an update photo, taken Sunday Morning

And on the running front. I signed up for a second half marathon. ( first one is Nov)
Rock n Roll Raleigh is being held 10 days after my 1 yr Band-aversary..... what a great way to celebrate!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In need of some motivation

I've had a couple Blah "Life" in general days.. not really WL related but seems to all connect when I'm off my game and ends up effecting my food and exercise plan/goals for the day...so the following is motivation for me.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Second 5k

Today I ran my second 5k. This one was to raise money for SIDS research. My mom walked it and my daughter ran it with me. It was great to have 3 generations all participating in an event together.
Next up is my 5 miler, Oct 20, the Bull City Race Fest.

Since my mom was with me this morning I had her redo my measurements ( its so much easier to have help that to try to do by myself :) )

Today Aug 10                     June 22                                  Jan 23
Chest 43                               44.5 (-1.5")                           52 ( -9)
Waist 40                               42 ( -2)                                 47 (-7)
Hips 43.75                            46 (-2.25)                         55.25 (-11.5)
Thighs 24                             24.25 (-.25)                          28 (-4)
Calf 18                                 18.5 ( -.50)                        20.75 (-2.75)
Bicipes 12                            14 (-2)                               16.50 ( -4.5)
Forarm 10.5                         same                                     12 ( -1.5)

so the gap in this measurement and last, was 7 wks.  I am thrilled with these measurements, tells me I am on the right track.....                              

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday # 18 ( a day late)

A day late, Yesterday was one of those days when I just needed to go back to bed and start over...ALLL DAY LONG.

 Better late than never... 200.6 so 72.4 Lbs lost so far.... I can still see Onderland just not quite there yet... One Day!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why I Weigh Daily

I know there are lots of theory's out there about how often you should weigh..Daily, weekly, monthly...etc...
Here is why I weigh daily. This works for me and I know wont work for everyone.
I weigh daily to monitor by body plain and simple. I do NOT fret over a gain one day as I know my weight fluctuates BUT the following is an example of how weighing daily lets me know something is wrong. Ive made a wrong decision some were, need to take some med...etc..
Sat I weighed in at 200.6, Sunday morning 205. NOW I know a pound is 3500 calories and no way I consumed 4.4 LBS worth of calories as I track ALL food and ALL exercise , I am VERY OCD about it. However I had ate out Saturday so I grabbed MFP ap and checked the sodium content.... My body is very sodium sensitive... not only do I bloat up like no ones business I end up w a killer migraine if I go over 2000 MG a day.... my sodium content for Saturday was 4500 MG  I instantly started drinking water knowing what was coming, and headed to the gym to get my work out in before it hit. By 2 pm I was in bed ,btwn trips to the bathroom to puke, with a migraine (by the way migraines gone but still fighting with a head ache I cant shake). Probably one of the worst ones ever. Since WLS I really have not checked the sodium in stuff, I mean at home we use red. sod items but if  I'm under my calories and hit my protein for the day Ive been ok with the sodium... So this really opened my eyes to when I check the calories and protein of restaurant food to check that sodium too... Honestly there is no reason to use that much ever I don't know why restaurants choose too but know I will check it next time and if I cant find anything low enough I just wont eat.
Today I am just back to 203... still 2.4 above my Sat weight so I thought ok sodium should be flushed out now whats up... Ive not gone "potty "since Saturday... This happens to be a couple times a month. But weighing reminded me I need to take something for that.
I only track my weight on Wednesdays as those are the only days that count to me but I do weigh daily and I don't obsess about it. I use it as just another tool to help me.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #17

Today's weight is 201.7 so close to the 100's... I had really hoped to break that mark even if it was just 199.9 by the end of July but looks like I missed it. Maybe by next week!
Brings my total loss to 71.3 LBS.

I just realized I didn't fill ya'll in on the class I took Sat. I signed up for and ACTUALLY WENT TO a ZUMBA class. This is a huge deal for me I don't normally do group activity's much less ones that I am full aware that I will have no idea what I am doing and everyone else will. BUT if you want to learn we all have to start somewhere right??? There was actually 4 of us never Zumba'd people in her class and the instructor was very nice and patient with us. She knew she had some newbies coming so she had pulled out some of her old easier music which was nice. I could half way keep up with that. I loved the class and will be making it my Saturday AM "thing" from now on ( of course before heading to the gym)
Aug I will also be starting 4,30 Day Challenges in addition to my regular exercise routine
* Plank Challenge
* Crunch Challenge
* Push Up Challenge
* Squat Challenge
Right now I randomly do ea of these activity's but I need to get better at doing them all ea day and increasing reps. SO the challenge is the way I chose to do this.
C25K Update -  This is SOOOO close to being done. WE are down to 2 1/2 wks to go. I will be jumping from this program with the group, straight in to training for my half marathon by myself once its over. I cant wait to see my distance and endurance grow over the next few months. The C25K has defiantly been a great training program, and helps provide a good solid base to grow your running skills.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #16

Today's weight 203.3 That brings my total to 70LBS WOO HOOO!!!!!!! Loss since last week 2.2 lbs

Here are some examples of 70LBS
* approx a bushel of corn
* approx  187 bananas
* approx the weight of my black lab
* approx 70 cans of soup
* approx 20 bowling pins
* 7  10 Lb bags of ICE

Monday, July 22, 2013

Time for a little reflection

Yesterday while I was at at the gym, I jumped on the treadmill and decided to do a 5k there. I have not done one on the treadmill since right before my color vibe run in June ( June 22nd, so about a month ago) I typically stay off the treadmill since I have running group Mon, Wed and Friday. So when I am at the gym I focus on other training...like Bike, Elliptical, Rowing etc.
So as I was there, what was running through my head?? ALL the things that I can do now I could not do a month ago, 4 months ago, 6 months ago....
*The last time I ran a 5K on the treadmill I could run 2 min walk 2 min, run 2 walk 2. Yesterday I ran about 80% of the time and I shaved 5.5 mins off the last time I did it on the treadmill.
*What about sleep... 4 months ago I could "sleep" 10 hours and still not feel rested. Now I can get 7 and I am good to go. The quality of my sleep has even improved.
*How about my self-esteem. I have ALWAYS been lacking here. But there is something about working hard towards a goal and actually SEEING RESULTS that makes me feel more confident. I can walk through the store or a parking lot with my head straight up not staring at the ground hoping no one sees me, much less speaks to me.
*Example... My life is an example to my family, my daughter is not overweight, she has an athletic build but she is seeing my struggles and has realized she wants to change a couple things too.. she has also taken up running... She has been joining my running group w me and is trying out for the cross country team at school next week. ( running is something we will always be able to do together)
                                                Friday 7/19/13 Group Pic There are plenty more ways life is different now vs just a couple months ago but those are the ones that popped in to my head I was chugging along yesterday.
 I still have days where I feel like I am not getting anywhere but that is one of the reasons for this blog so I can look back and see where I have been. See the weigh ins, see the pics, and there are days I feel like I CAN and WILL conquor the world and more and more its the later...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wants VS Needs

I am sitting at my desk SO wanting food ( WANTING I soooo dont NEED it not hungry at ALL) ... it is seriously all I can think about. Maybe its because I have not had real solid food since Sunday at lunch due to my fill ( tomorrow I can go back to normal food yay) but really, Tuesday night I even dreamed about food. Then this past Saturday it was rainy and I don't mean it sprinkled a little it down poured all day long.. honestly it has rained, up until Sunday of this week about every day for the past 6 wks.... we are 8 " above average in rain for the year crazy huh..ANYWAYS on to the subject, ( chasing bunny's again) after I got home from the gym ( ok I did do 2 hours cardio but still) all I wanted to do was sit on my, now thinner but still rather plump BUTT and watch TV and EAT!!! I thought I had moved past this point in my life, this point where my brain controlled such things... I say all this to keep myself  honest... 4.4LB loss wk or not I still struggle and I think I probably always will. I just have to stay focused on my goals and  life's bigger picture..

                                          ABSA-FREAKIN-LULY!!!! LOL
A Promis to myself!!!!

Reminder to myself!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #15

Checking in today at 205.5 total loss since last week 4.4 LBs ( thank you Mr Fill).
67.5 LB loss in all!!! Woo Hoo! And I am back on mushie ( 2 days then I can try regular foods again Friday) its going to be a good day :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Post Fill - Run

So as you know I had my first fill yesterday. Last night was also running group. And not going, was not an option for me. I dont want to get behind especially at the point where we are in the program now. I just feel like I would not easily be able to catch back up. So after having just a 2 shakes all day. I went to group. There was so much pressure in my chest due to my fill that by time our run was over I was having to strip off my bra in the car ( this did help a little bit, ). The other issue was I was weak as crap( fatigued) having so few calories all day then trying to do that run in 90+ degree heat. BUT I survivied and when I finally made it home last night I made my "dinner" shake and felt much better. So glad I went bc the bad feeling was temporary.
Since I am still on liquids today I brought an extra half shake to drink on the way to the gym. My hopes is drinking a few calories on the way today will help with the fatigue a little bit :)
                       So true, my work outs help me mentally as much as physcally

Monday, July 15, 2013

First Fill...

I went today for my second "fill" appt. My first fill appt we decided I did not need one. This one however I did. I was getting hungry about ever 2 hours where as last apt it would be 4-5 hours, and that was the big factor. Since I had the plication with my band the Surgeon had told me that he would not give me much if any fill at surgery. So coming in today I knew I probably did not have much. It was interesting to watch the barium go through my band, and boy that first cup went straight through. The PA came in and took what was in there out..... there was nothing in there just some air. Then he added me 2cc's in my band. Watching the second cup of barium go down was MUCH different more what I expected, slower then went on through. So I am on liquids for 2 days, then mushies for 2 days, then back to normal.
While I was there I mentioned to the PA the pain Ive been having around my port. I was kind of guessing it was due to the fact its attached to my abdominal muscle and I work out hard 7 days a wk but I wanted him to just tell me that b/c its been hurting more and more. He looked said it was not swollen or warm to the touch or mis-colored so he was certain I was right about why it was hurting. Which made me feel better.
I saw my trainer at the gym Saturday we had not bumped into ea other in a couple wks so we chatted for a bit. He was supper excited how different I look now compared to when I joined in March. I told him about running group and he told me about a group in my town. I told him I had seen that one but was afraid they'd leave me if I was too slow and wanted to get my speed up before starting with them. He told me they wont that someone would always stay back. SO once the C25K program is over I am going to start running with them at least once a wk. I also told him about my upcoming 5ks and 5 milers and he asked me about half marathons and I admitted I really want to do one in Nov. He was familiar with both that I am looking at and gave me course info on them both. Also suggested Rock n roll Raleigh half marathon next spring. I went home and looked it up and its 10 days after my 1 yr band-anniversary I cant think of a better way to celebrate! They have live bands/music every mile along the way. So I will be signing up for that one also :)
Fellow banders how do you celebrate your milestones?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

C25K Running Group Update

Last night was week 3 day 2 of my C25K training program with running group. I have to tell you I LOVE this running group. I have 3 ( planning on a fourth) upcoming runs on the books.
*August I have a 5k to raise money for SIDS
*Sept I have a 5K to raise money for Ovarian Cancer research
*OCT I have a 10 K ... I am super excited about this one, will be stuff for the whole family to do!
I have personal goals for each one... THEN I am planing on doing a Half 
Marathon in NOV. I know crazy huh, but I am really enjoying it so I thought well I should keep upping the challenges. After my C25K running group is over, I go straight into a program training for a full marathon and by the time the  half marathon shows up, I will be past half marathon distance in my marathon training.... I am not sure I will ever run a marathon, we will see. I just want to be trained for one so that I can. I think it will make running the other distances easier.
                                       Last Nights Running Group Pic 7/10/13

                                                This pic cracks me up.... When I have to do my run on the treadmill I have to pretend in my head somethings chasing me or I slow down...lol.. thus the point of driving 40 min one way just to run w a group of people.... much harder to slower down when  you are with peers :)