Saturday, September 28, 2013

Last Couple Days

So this week we've completed here at work our year end inventory process. We wholesale lumber and keep$7-8 Mil on the ground and it all has to be counted pc by pc.. ITs tedious to say the least but we are about done. Ive been here 63 hrs so far this week and I got at least 5 to go today. So I am really wore out.
But that's ok because Ive had some great NSV all involving the guys that work with us but don't work HERE w me.. some of these guys in town this week haven't seen me since Feb the others haven't seen me since last Sept.... here's some of the things Ive heard and I got to tell you it all feels good...

* I know its not politically correct but... you look good girl what are you doing...
* Christy when you walked outside I didn't realize it was you till C called your name...
* I didnt want to say anything yesterday BUT you look completely different, your face is a different shape , and I think you look more like 18.. ( OK THIS ONE MADE ME LAUGH)
* whos the new girl... sits back in Christys old office... ( uh you mean me??)

So I know they are all sales people and have to kiss butt for a living so some if this is just them doing what they do but I had a big smile on for the last couple days...

ON a different note I HAVE to learn how to control my stress... I had one of the worst migraines Ive ever had here at work yesterday... I took everything I could get my hands on, called hubby made him bring me something stronger... took about a 15 m I had been here in nap mid day... and nothing even touched it.. I finally had to leave at 8pm (btw leaving at 8 I had already been here 13 hrs, and  9 of that w a migraine, puking and it all) I was a odd greenish color and still puking when I got home... Sleep last night helped a little bit no migraine today but my head already hurts so if I'm not careful I know I will be back in the same boat. I was really hoping as I lost weight I could get rid of the migraines but I get them for SO many reason( damage done to my neck in an accident, stress, used to be food) . YES Ive controlled my food induced migraines. But I just don't know how to fix the ones caused by stressed. I see a massage therapist twice a month. ( honestly 2 of my favorite times of the month, it does me good mentally and physically) bc I work my neck and lower head in to a huge knot that pinched down on the nerve that leads into the back of my skull. Before I started seeing her the Dr had given me 3 rounds of steroid shots into the back of my head/neck to relax the knot... those did nothing. Sharita on the other hand has done wonders so I am not having migraines 3+ times a wk only maybe 3  times a month. So Ive made progress but durn I wish I could be migraine free... I guess its just not meant to be.
Anyways I better get started on what I came in to do.
I hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I had a break so I figured I would take a min and blog..
I was able to talk to my boss and he approved me to take an hour and half lunch today since we were at a point he could spare me... I went to the greenway here in town that is absolutely beautiful especially this time of year. It runs along a river and there is this huge bridge that crosses the river, its just my favorite outside place to run. I got 5.5 miles in, in the 62 min I was there... Not a fast runner but consistent so Ill take it, and speed will come on day.. I needed a run after yesterday, I worked from 8 am till 11 pm and tonight will be here at least that late and same thing tomorrow but we have to be in at 7 am tomorrow so Ill lose another hour of sleep. But that's ok. Its one week a year. Ill live, but it was really nice to escape for a run today..

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #25

Wow its been a crazy last few weeks. Crazy at Home, Crazy at work. I am ok with crazy but not really ok with crazy both home and at work. I need calm at one of the two. And I have been a bad blogger but hopefully things will calm down after this week, and I will be able to post a little more regular.

Weigh In Today 183.4 Lbs Starting weight 273 Total so far 89.60 Lbs
Mini Goal : 8.5 Wks to go  10.4 Lbs to go! Woo Hoo!!!!

I missed my work outs Last Friday through this Monday due to having the worst stomach virus ever. I was back at it yesterday. Only got a 3.1 mile run in ( still not a 100% but close to it)  BUT it was a FAST ( for 3.1 so even though I was shorter than normal I was happy..
Of course since I was sick eating has been OFF but that's Monday I was able to get most of my protein in and Tues All of it, so now I am back to normal too...

Next wks weigh in will be my 6 month anniversary. I am so happy with my results thus far. And will be posting pics and new measurements next week. :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #24

Happy Wednesday Morning All!
Starting Weight 273
Today 186.5 Lbs for a total loss so far of 86.5 Lbs

Mini Goal Stats:
13.5 Lbs to go 9.5 weeks left... get close, and that is super exciting!

On all other fronts, everything is good... Work is crazy and will be still for the next 2 wks till we get through our year end and inventory. Then hopefully I will be able to breath a little.
Hubby's gone with the military for another month or so, but we  are dealing fine. K is really helping with the farm chores and keeping a decent attitude about it, which always makes it easier on me.
Eating has pretty much been on point. And my work outs are great. Getting stronger everyday and am really starting to see some big muscle definition.

Well I got to get too it. Have a wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #23 and 9/11

Weigh in Wednesday Woo Hoo..
Starting Weight 273 Lbs
Today 188.5 Lbs
Loss since last week 3.5 Yipee
Total Loss 84.5 Lbs

OK 10.5 Wks till my half marathon, so I got 15.5 Lbs to go to get to the 100 Lb mark by that day :)

I like most Americans remember EVRYTHING about this day 12 yrs ago. Today I pray for the familys that lost loved ones, and the childern that grew up with out a parent.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Great Weekend

Hubby was away with the Military this weekend. So this weekend myself and my daughter got to spend the whole weekend being girlie and enjoying ea other.. We don't always get to do "special" things when he is way but this weekend I splurged and took care of us a bit. It started Friday afternoon after her cross country practice. I picked her up and took her to the NIKE outlet and got us a couple T's... They say neverseenagirlrun??? across the front, super cute and we both needed some non tank top, tops to wear once it cools down on our runs. I will get a pic of us wearing them at some point and post them.
Then Sat I got up and headed to the gym early to get my long run in... I was doing set days for running Tue, Wed, Friday and Sunday so that'd Id get 4 days a wk in but I am thinking about changing it up and doing every other day.. so that's be 3 days one wk 4 the next . So back to my Saturday run... I ran 7.5 mile in an hour 30 flat...I looked to see  time wise where I was when I hit 5 miles ( because my next run is a 5 miler in 5 wks, so I got the 5 mile mark in 55 min, for me that is awesome. About a 11 min mile. My goal is to be about 10 min mile by the time race day comes around so we will see !
Anyways the trainer at the gym comes up and talks to me every time he sees me running. I wonder if it ever dawned on him how hard it is to chit chat, run,  NOT FALL and breath ..etc.. all at the same time :) That's fine though he is really helpful. He wants to to work in a "cycle"class( their version of spin) a couple days a wk, said it would be great corss training. I told him I had wanted to since I joined but was scared I would not be able to keep up.. He assured me I would be fine, so I will probably work up my nerve to try that at some point this wk. I do cycle a couple hours a wk but I think that I am to the point I need the challages of the class.
After I got home from the gym we went out to grab some lunch ( also special, we don't eat out much) then we ran by my dads house to wish him a Happy Birthday! After that we got our toes done. Boy did we both need that. Home pedicures are great but sometimes you just need a real one, ya know :)
Sunday neither one of us felt very well both woke up snotty w sore throats.. so we chilled out, watched some TV, cleaned the house up and ate some yummy chicken I had made the night before in the crock pot ( the only way I know how to cook)

All in all it was a fun weekend, you need one of those once in a while. Now back to work for 3 VERY long work weeks before I can breathe again.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #22

Weigh in Wednesday #22... Starting weight 273 today is 192.. I love love love my band. Total loss 81 so far.
Mini Goal  173 ( 100 Lbs Loss) by Nov 24th ( half marathon day).... 19 Lbs to go, with 11 1/2 wks to do it :)

Over the last couple wks Ive looked back at MFP entries for the last several months. In Aug I tried a 1200 cal a day plan. I have discovered this DOES NOT work for me( maybe one day in maintenance but not now). I sit on my tail WAY TO MUCH... really all the time except when I am working out... SO I now aim for 1050 calories a day( still 100 gr protein) and I'm seeing MUCH better results.Sometimes I think its crazy how many some people can eat and how little others need... My hubby can eat WAY more calories than me and never gain, sometimes loose. BUT with that said he is on his feet doing farm chores most of the day moving, walking, bending... NOT ME I sit at my desk 9+ hours a day.

Anyways 1050 is fine with me and I am satisfied so that's all that matters..

On a different note... Does anyone else stay cold now that you are thinner... I freeze all day. Sometimes at work I got outside just to warm up. I keep a heater under my desk and a sweater on all day. Its crazy, I assume its because a lot of  my insulation is gone.

Anyways I hope yall on have a great hump day !

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Great long holiday weekend

I had a great weekend. Got to see a LOT of family. Grandparents, a couple aunts, my sister and her family, my mom.
Then Sunday I ran. Sundays are my long run day. Im not focused on speed as much as distance ( I have other days during the week I work on speed) So I got 7 miles in, and it felt great!
Then Monday I did some shopping. I had not had to buy to terribly much bc I was super blessed with A TON of hami downs. So I am just now getting to a point I am smaller than what was given to me and in need to go buy some stuff. I got a pair of black pants for work and a pair of jean capris ( both size 10 :) ) and a pair of kaki capris ( size 8, snug now but I can get them on.. should be good to go in a month of so)
Here is a group shot from my grandparents house.

                                 myself and my daugher, sis and her boys and my grandparents