Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Got a little sideways

Well I am here again.. I got to get better about my food choices. I have had a headache every day for the last 6-8 weeks... this is about when I got sloppy with my food.. I do believe I have some new food triggers for my headaches/migraines that I didn't before. I have battled these headaches since I was 16 and last year when I was being SUPER strict with my food I had no problems with them at all.. So I think something or multiple somethings that I am now eating that I wasn't a year ago is causing them to be an issue again. So I am going back low carb.. PA at my surgeons office says half the grams of carbs as you get in protein.. OK THIS IS VERY HARD and I have NEVER been able to get that.. like today I will end up 90 grams protein, 51 grams of carbs, so close but not half .. my goal is 90-110 grams protein under 60 grams carbs. I think this is do able, well I know it is, I was doing it a while back.
Being super strict with my carbs is going to lower my calories and make my runs harder especially in the heat and humidity we have going on right now. So my plan is to shorten them a bit until my body gets back to used to not having the carbs.
PS.... I LOVE CARBS I mean they just make everything more yummier :)
So with all that said I need LOW CARB HIGH PROTEIN snack ideas.. nothing with nuts or seeds though bc I think nuts are one of my new triggers which stinks because, I love nuts they are my number one go to snack. Right now I am doing string cheese and a sugar free pudding but need a couple more options.. PS I don't care for greek yogurt I have tried, its just not in me.
So if you have suggestions leave a comment or hit me up on facebook or IG.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Productive day

My best weeks in this journey come when I prepare a plan and work it.. Today I got up (w a headache which seems to be a regular thing again these days)  walked w my daughter and our new puppy. Came home and started cooking my lunch for the work week. Dinner for tomorrow night, muffins for hubby and daughter for breakfast this week. Also got about half the yard mowed ...so all in all a great day so far.
Let me go back to the food . If I don't prepare lunches for the week on Sunday then I end up rushing trying to figure out something, in the morning,so normally end up w just a shake bc of poor planning. This leaves me very hungry when I get off work.  After work is my hardest time of day, if I am hungry when I get home I have no chance in ended the day on a good note food wise. So I went on and made tomorrow nights dinner also. This allows us I be able to eat shortly after I get home so I don't snack first then eat dinner... Cooking does not come easy to me so a couple weeks ago I started preparing dinner the day before all we have to do is reheat. Once dinner is done I start preparing dinner for next night... This works for me. I am a planner my brain works best that way. I know planning so far out (I have meals, 3 a day, planned out for the next 2 1/2 wks) doesn't work for everyone or every family but for me I need the structure.
On a running note today was the first 2 miles since a foot injury 2 wks ago and boy am I glad to be back out there, I just feel so much better when I can run.
That's Mikaela and our newest fur babie!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6/17/14 Fill / Check up Apt

Good Wednesday Morning :)
Yesterday I went to my fill appt. I was so happy when I got back to the room because my favorite PA was back. He had moved about 6 mnths ago but is now back at the practice. I mean the last PA was OK but she was just there to do a job. Never really had too many tips etc to help things move along better. Dr DW though is AWESOME. He looked at my band with the barium swallow it looks great. Still in place, no dialation etc. WE settled on .5 CC fill, I have really been struggling with hunger lately. He basically suggests the 5 day pouch test post fill. He calls it the "POOR MANS FILL" though. Kind of a reset after a fill. The last PA had told me move on to softs by dinner time the day of my fill which I thought was a little backwards from everything Ive ever been told. He also sat down and discussed WHAT I have been eating... and I knew what he was going to say and I was right.. I eat to much " SOFT " foods during day. He would rather me eat more solid protein at least at lunch, since I am already good about that for dinner. He suggested a piece of chicken. OK this is hard for me bc I eat at my desk 9 out of 10 times and I got to have something easy plus I don't do dry food very well. So typically re fried beans, cottage cheese, a smoothie, yogurt, chili... and yep I see the trend do you... they are all SOFT.
Chicken started to bother me recently, well  lets reword that.. RE-HEATED chicken bothers me.. and any chicken cooked by someone that tends to dry things out.. I  can eat chicken at my house, just cooked, by US, all day long.. I know its moist and its not re-heated so I am good.. but in order for me to bring chicken to work I will then be re-heating it which moves it to the dry category... So I don't have to worry about lunch this week anyways bc liquids still today then soft foods for the following 2 days ( I made a batch of Chili last night to get me through the soft days) Next week though I think I will be doing a batch of Mexican chicken... I use a whole bottle of salsa in with it so it doesn't normally dry out when re-heated, it ends up being shredded chicken by time its done not a solid breast but I think that should be ok.. or at least I hope so. I am hoping this will help get me back on track. He also suggested if I just have to eat soft foods at lunch to eat a handful of nuts before I eat my soft food.. said this will help, which makes complete sense to me.
As I was getting ready to leave the nurse pulled me to the side and asked if I would be interested in being in a patient profile used for marketing the band for the practice... OMG how awesome is that. I said of course I would , she called the marketing lady who came right in to speak with me about  it. This honestly BLOWS MY MIND, seriously I was almost like WHAT?? But I tried to keep cool even though inside I was so doing a happy dance :)Once it gets done I will make sure to post a link
Well I better go start my day. Happy Hump Day!

Friday, May 30, 2014


Good Friday Morning

I felt the urge to just get it out there that whatever your goal is, whatever your starting point. If you stick with it and stay the course you will get there.
Weather that is a weight loss goal, a fitness goal, a career or financial goal. Stick with it and you wont be sorry. With that said let me share my running perseverance and this is no different than anything else. Up until last May I never ran a day in my life. Even when I was "fit" in High School I played team sports and I cycled ( pretty long distance w my dad) but never ran. I can remember leaving the house saying I am GOING to run, and not even making it to the end of the road. As a grown up  I am a studier if I decide I want to do something I read and research like a crazy person before I even start. So last spring when I had a light bulb moment and decided I would be a runner, I quickly learned that running does not come natural to most. There is more to it than making sure you have your tennis shoes on and leaving the house.. LIKE.. did you realize there are different shoes for different people depending on how  your foot hits the ground. Or that you have to train yourself how to breath when you run. Or that certain foods can cause distress when you run even if they don't normally in your everyday life.. and I can go on and on. I quickly understood OHHH I had not thought of any of this stuff the couple times in HS I attempted to make it around the block. And I became certain that there are probably a lot of people that feel like they cant run bc they tried and could not but that they didn't realize all of the above, just like I hadn't. So last June  I ran my first 5K, well it was more like a run/walk there was some running but there was more walking. IT took me about 43 min and I was THRILLED. 3 miles 43 min and I loved every min. I then signed up for my second in Aug and went on a signed up for a 5 miler for OCT which at the time I didn't know what I was thinking but I am glad I did. After that second my time had gone down by about 5 mins and I actually ran the whole thing this time.. averaging just a little over 12 1/2 min a mile. I remember thinking wow how crazy would it be if one day I can run my long distance runs and HOLD a 12 min mile pace the WHOLE time. In Oct when I ran my 5 miler I did so in 55 min flat ( thats a 11 min mile the whole time) Never in my wildest dreams 6 mnths prior if asked if that was possible would I have said yes. I probably would have laughed when asked. Now with 3 half marathons under me and another on the books for fall along with a 33 mile charity run in November I am realize I can train my body to do whatever as long as I stick with it.. and for the record sometimes that is hard. In April I ran a hard race and most of my issues where self induced like the fact I had eaten about half of what I needed to the day before so I didn't have the energy strength going in to the run to run the way I tried which made recovery absolutely awful or that I had only gotten just over an hour of sleep the night before. I felt so discouraged and I DIDNT RUN FOR 2 WEEKS following this event I sulked and did other work out things when I could and I walked a couple times but I felt defeated. When I finally got the nerve to lace up my shoes I then wanted to kick myself bc the defeat and poor self feelings were all CHRISTY made and they all fell away as soon as I was back on track. ( so much of my journey is mental for me)
Last night I took my daughter out to the greenway, we ran ( she rode her bike) a section I had never run before from the car the greenway was UP HILL for 2.5 miles, I am not sure where it leveled off bc 2.5 is where we did our turn around. I kept telling her don't worry you can do it, it will all be down hill once we turn around. When I checked my GPS when I got back to the car the 5 miles we ran I kept a 9 min 51 sec per mile pace.  CRAZINESS!!!
So whatever your goals are stick with it. If you are someone that finds it hard to stayed focus on a goal, find an accountability partner.I have one and she is the one that called me out and forced me back in my running shoes. She said look how far you have come, really you are going to let a bad race, a bad mood and scheduling conflicts undo it all. I think not. Sometimes in life I think we all need someone to call us out when we are having issues and she had let me sulk 2 wks ( she had given me time to work through it on my own) and said she wasn't letting me sulk anymore.
I dont share any of this to say look at what I have done. Not in anyway! But to hopefuly encourage someone that may be struggling with this. Our journeys are all differnt and most have no end date ( I know mine will never be over) we just have to keep at it.

Happy Friday All!


Thursday, May 22, 2014


So here is a TBT pic. First was June 22 2013 after my first 5k. Second was April 13 2014 before my 3rd half marathon. Persistence and dedication does pay off:)
Happy Thursday All!

Monday, May 19, 2014


OK FOR REAL .. I did it. I got my sleepy tail out of bed and did my short work out this morning. I am planning a good run after work( 6-8 miles) too so I am one happy momma.
I was able to work in 3 runs last week.  Mondays was REALLY short, like pitiful short. It is amazing how much you loose just taking a couple weeks off. But by Thursday I was able to get a decent 4 miles in and then Saturday it was absolutely fabulous weather here and I got 8.25 miles on the Greenway. I have also got my hands/head around our dinner meal plan for the next 2 weeks so that makes me feel better about that aspect too . Mikaela is down to 3 wks left of school and that includes a day off next week for Memorial Day. So things are just chugging right along.
I hope you all are having a WONDERFUL Monday!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Morning work outs


I know I talked about this last blogg but I have been in the worse funk ever for about a month now.. like the kind where I am on my own nerves... A lot has changed over the last couple months and my work outs are all out of whack. And as you all know exercise is my anti depressant I believe this with my WHOLE HEART.
OK so a little back ground... My husband came home from Iraq with some injury's and while recovering for the last almost 3 years did not work. This allowed me to be a bit spoiled when it came to when and how I worked out. He was available to pick up our daughter from school EVERY DAY and cook dinner EVERY DAY. And I had the luxury of going running or to the gym for hours after work EVERY DAY.. So he finally went back to work in March, we needed this, mentally he needed this. But boy was I not prepared for how it would effect me, in no way shape or form am I upset he is working I just really had no idea how much would change. A) I have no one to unload my day to in the evenings anymore bc most days I am asleep when he gets home.. B) OM GOODNESS I have to feed myself..lol I know that sounds silly but the whole time we've been together ( 9 yrs) with the exception of deployment, HE HAS BEEN THE COOK, he enjoys it, he knows a TON of fabulous recipes and why rock that right... C) I take my lunch to pick up Mikaela from school so no lunch runs... @ 5 I go home start dinner and do the animal chores( remember we got about a million chickens ok thats an exaggeration but well over 100) afterwork. By time I get all that done, I am pretty much done for the day. Like I said I was spoiled I haven't had to mess with any of this sort of stuff in years. So I have been horrible about taking care of me and my health needs. OK this pic is perfect of my conversation with a girlfriend at least once a week.
SO I have a new game plan.. I have 2 Beach Body Programs.. CheLean which is weight training and Brazilian Butt Lift which is basically a TON of squats but thats ok I enjoy it. My goal since I cant seem to do the whole get up an whole hour plus early to do a full work out is... To do the 10 min B. Butt video.. its just a short work out but means Id only have to get up 15 min early, I mean there is NO EXCUSE to not get up 15 min early. Once ( hopefully with in just a couple weeks) I get used to the new wake up time I will get up another 10 min earlier to do the 10 min Chaleans ab work out. Even though both are short they are both very effective, um if I actually do them :). I am hoping getting up and getting my blood flowing first thing will help with my absolutely awful outlook recently and hopefully provide more energy to get a full work out done most evenings.
Also I had to fess up to a girlfriend and ask for some cooking tips, How terrible is that 34 years old and cant cook squat... until last night myself and Mikaela hadn't eaten a regular meal (healthy) in about 2 weeks. Which is not good for either of us.
So here's to being honest about what I have going on.. CANT COOK AND LAZY BY NATURE WITH AN AWFUL ATTITUDE and heres to changing that ASAP!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Thats right it is HOT now.. and up untill last night I forgot how much it sucks to run in the heat and NC humidity. But I did it. Not as many miles as I had wanted to but I got out there and ran. I think in the heat I will have to build my miles back up so I dont hurt myself.
         Post Run it was HOT HOT HOT out there yesterday
While we are on the subject of working out. Does anyone out there get up early to do your work outs?? IF SO... How the heck do you make yourself get out of bed.. I would love to run in the morning but I swear I just cant do the whole 5:30 am thing and I dont stay up late so that is really not a valid excuse. I say constantly ok tomorrow I will get up early drive to the park and do my run... NEVER HAPPENS... Especially this time of year when its hot, I think it would be a better idea to do a moring run if I can just get up to do it.
This week is an exciting week! My Brother and his family finally make the move back home. YAY! I am so excited to get to have them close again.

OK lastly  do any of you do the whole "Clean Eating" thing?? If so can you leave me your email ?? I got some questions..LOL


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wishbone Day!

So this post is in no way shape or form weightloss related but on a subject so near and dear to my heart. Today May 6 the is Wishbone Day.
Osteogenesis Imperfecta effects my sister, my brother and 2 of my nephews.
Most people that know about this disorder think of it as brittle bones. In fact it effects so much more than their bones. 
With OI one whole strain of collagen is missing from their body's. Collagen is in everything, their bones , their teeth , skin, blood vessels etc. Outwardly we notice their bones, they break they are casted (a  LOT) they heal and it happens again.
What we don't see it the teeth or the vessels ...the interior stuff. My brothers OI is what lead to his aortic aneurysm.  
So with all that said it's OI awareness day.  Enjoy your day and if u know someone w OI give them a hug, just be gentle... Lol

Monday, May 5, 2014

Been MIA but I'm back!

Oh my goodness what a crazy 3-4 wks it's been. I am still hanging out between 160 and 162. 
I was able to go visit my brother over spring break for a whole week. He was still doing pretty ruff at the time so I was very glad I could be there to help out.
     This is my nephew (brothers son)
He is such a sweet boy, wide open all the time but sweet boy. While I was there they made the final decision to move back to NC, they will be living w my mom while they get back on their feet. And I am super excited to have him close again. They will be all moved in 2 wks.

I also ran the Rock n Roll Raleigh half marathon. It was my best time yet, 13.1 miles in 2 hrs 14 min 8 sec.  ( my goal was 2 hr 15 min)
            Day prior to race at packet pick up

              Day of race (pre- race)
Then 2 wks after I ran that I ran the Tarheel 10 miler. This one was a struggle I didn't have near enough calories the day before as well as only about an hour sleep so I was dragging big time. 10 miles 1 hr 46 min.. 
          Me and my new running buddy prior to race.
I am trying to maintain my running until June 6th when Mikaela gets out of school for the summer then I will start a pretty intense training plan in prep for the Fall racing session.

This past week my brother was in town, looking for a local surgeon and storage  etc so I got to see him and his son a couple more times which was such a nice treat.
       My bro and he looks so much better now:)
      My daughter and my nephew!

And last but not least I think I am starting the 5 day pouch test tomorrow, I am not having any issues but I need a reset too much stress, and too much travel over the last mnth I need to get back to basics.
Sorry for the radio silence over the last month, and I am glad to be back at my blog!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I so cant believe its been a year since I was banded( +plication). OH MY How things have changed. I am so much more healthy than I ever could have imagined being before. My knees don't ache ALL the time ( yea once and a while I'll come down on one wrong but that's it). I am not tired all the time. I can go play outside with Mikaela and not be out of breath, wanting to take a break 5 min  later. I have run 1/2 marathons. I am off all my daily meds except my BP med ( which Dr told me is a family thing so probably will always have that issue) As a family we eat healthier. I can buy clothes in regular stores, heck I can pull clothes out of my kids closet :). And wearing  sizes I didn't even wear in high school. I am doing a decent job maintaining so far even though its only been a couple weeks since I started in to maintenance. I am so incredible thankful for the opportunity to have this wonderful tool to assist me on my "Odyssey" Julie that's for you girl :) I am also so THANKFUL FOR YOU ALL your love and support means so much to me! The Blogger community is the best.!

Left Pic March(ish) 2013                                Rt Pic Last week March 2014
A few things I've learned over the last year.
* If you have a bad meal or snack MOVE ON don't make it a bad DAY, WEEK, ETC
* take measurements often, scales often lie.
*embrace the sweat, my exercise time regardless if I am strength training, running,swimming etc. is my time to focus on me, my health and my MENTAL wellness. No lie when I work out I always feel better physically and MENTALLY. When we are stronger in these areas it is easier to care for our loved ones.
* Family will follow my lead when it comes to healthier versions of food or creative workouts/ play,  with out too terribly much nagging from me :)
* Water is a girls best friend...water, water, water
* Eat slow or you will regret it. EVERYTIME! In life most of us need to slow down a bit anyways so meal time is my "practice" time for slowing down :) LOL
* SOME people will think you cheated by having WLS these people never had WLS so they have NO IDEA the work put it to it. The band is just a TOOL.. with that said imo its not worth getting upset over these people, bc 9 out of 10 times they don't care to listen to you defend your choice or explain the work involved. They more times than not are just overly opinionated, hard headed, un-educated on the subject  people so just move past them .
*I wish I had started strength training earlier. I love cardio, dislike weights but I wish I had found a happy in between last summer instead of just recently.
* and last but not least ( and I am sure this list could go on and on) I have complete control over the choices I make, its me 100% I choose to eat right or eat wrong. I choose to pack my lunches/snacks, I choose to work out or skip. Our life is all about choices.

Monday, March 31, 2014

BIG BDAY and Family Medical Crisis

SO this is going to be a chocked full blogg the last week has been so crazy and BIG TIME emotional.

FOR starters. Today my BABY turns 13! Thats a big time Birthday right? I love her so much and I am so proud of the lady she is becoming. Friday she got out of school at 11:15 so I picked up her and 2 of her girlfriends for a sleep over. I got the biggest kick out of sitting in the house with the windows opened listening to them giggle and play like little kids... They went into the woods w a tarp and built a fort then put on the muck boots and went to the river and splashed around. all the while playing with these walkie talkies she had wanted. It was so cute for me to know she is 13 but can still play like a little kid. I think play is so important even as we grown into adulthood. After they wore themselves out I took them to the movies. In the town one town over from us there is this refurbished OLD theater. They play movies that are no longer in the theaters and getting ready for DVD release. and I enjoy going there bc you get the movie theater experience with out having to pay movie theater prices... So a win win. The rest of her celebrations with the family pretty much got canceled this weekend due to the rest of the blogg... she completely understood, just was a little bummed..

That was Friday into Sat. go back a little further, Thursday I was sitting here at work. and I receive a call from my mom, she is obviously upset. Once I got her to take a breath and tell me what was going on she tells me my brother ( lives in TN we are in NC) was at the hospital they found an Aortic Aneurysm and are medi-vacing him to University on Knoxville Med Center for emergency surgery. She was walking out the door of her office with the clothes on her back to get there as my sister in law and nephew( scott is only 6) were both at the hospital. He was in surgery for 10 hours Thursday night, the aneurysm DID rupture and he ended up in cardiac arrest on the OR table. Dr said they were able to get him out of it fast enough they aren't expecting any additional damage bc of that. But we wont know for sure till sometime this week hopefully. Everyone Dr, nurses, etc. Have said it is a miracle he is still with us. He is now doing as well as can be expected. He is still in ICU. His vision is about back to normal and he is regaining the use of his right arm which up till today he hadn't been able to use. His BP remains a BIG TIME concern. One minute they thinks its stable the next its elevated too high for a regular person much less someone in his condition. So prayers are needed regarding his BP. They wont release him from ICU till they can get that under control. My nephew is now in AL with his other grandma for the week, headed home next week, when my SILs sister comes to help out for a week. Then I will be going out for a week, the week of Mikaelas spring break. My brother is only 31... This is due to the bone disorder both him, my sister and 2 of my sisters children were born with. Back when we were growing up there was no Internet and all we knew was what the Drs told us.. they have brittle bones dues to the OI and that they are going to break, be casted /heal and re break it was part of life.. Now we know the OI effects much more that just bones. It is a collagen deficiency, so it effects, bones, teeth, causes cardiac issues and much more. My sister has an appt with her ortho this week to discus getting her heart scanned too to check for issues.

Now with all that said and b/c this is a WL blogg. How does stress effect me... NOT SO GOOD!
I dont think I have had decent quality food since Thursday. But yesterday was by far the worst. I was litterally physically exhuasted. I have been the go between from my mom and the rest of our world really, family, friends, FB contacts ect. which is great I love that but it means I was up late and up early Thursday and Friday due to people all over the world being in differnt time zones wanting updates. Friday even on my run I was taking phone calls and running which for the record is a bit challanging. I started ea call with, hello, please excuse my huffing but Im running and if you are ok with the huffing I am ok to talk :) I really couldnt stop though bc it was so cold outside if I slowed down my sweaty clothes got entirly too cold. But thats ok no one minding my huffing. By Sunday though I was really on the downward slope of just being way TO TIRED. Really my whole family was, all due to differnt reasons, Mikaela partied too late Friday night. Matt had been out of town with Army for 2 wks and doesnt sleep well at all when he is gone and me, well you get it. All 3 of us stayed in bed the WHOLE day yesterday. We got up to eat, let the dogs in and out, wash dishes and that was about it. I slept more yesterday than I think I have in years, I believe this was because I needed it bc I am SO NOT A SLEEPER. I am the first one up at my house everyweeked. Laying in bed is just not my thing. But you see I said we need get up for food, ok so to be honest this is what my food looked like bfast- Chips yummy that was healthy huh. Snack Cupcake.... another winner. lunch more chips.. dinner a frozen burrito.. I really dont think any of this even qualifies aas food in the real world but that is how I ate all day yesterday. So I am back on track today got my shakes and my chili with me at work. I confesse this so you know that even though I am down my weight I still struggle and probably always will with food choices.
I hope you all have a great week.. BTW my one year band-iversary is Thursday!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Half Marathon that wasn't but still was

So I was to kick of my racing season Saturday. You know what Ive been training for, for months.
Well Saturdays 13.1 was not supposed to be anything special. Its a free run so no bibs, t-shirts, timing chips, water stations..etc. its just a group of people that gather twice a year and run either a half, a full or a 50k. I ran with this group my first half back in November time was 2:48 ( 2hours 48 min). I was looking forward to Sat bc I really wanted to verify that I will be faster come April 13th when I run Rock N Roll. Per the GPS I was 45 min away from the starting parking lot. So I left an hour and five minutes before time to start. GPS took me to a sidewalk no parking to be seen for miles.... so I went down pulled off the road re-set my GPS bc you know maybe it was just stupid and didn't connect right or something. I mean I don't know how these things work. I did this 3 times each time the GPS brought me back to the same spot in the sidewalk. I went down and found a visitors center to the greeenway and parked there and called one of the people running this race. She said they weren't going to be able to start on time bc a LOT of people were lost ...so not just me. Assured me however though I was only a quarter mile away get out and run it.. OK no big deal. I set my phone app and took off... 2 MILES later I see a parking lot woo hoo now we are getting somewhere... WELP my car was in the parking lot, and I had run a 2 mile scenic loop.... I gave up by this point it was 15 min after the race should have started so I just left. HOWEVER I didn't go home and cry and pitch a hissy fit like I wanted too.. I mean really I was in a mood I really could have done that. I went all the way back to my town and ran my 13.1 there. SO I did run the distance for a half sat just not with the group I wanted to. I also shaved 23 min off my November time so that thrilled me too. It was super beautiful here Sat so I went home loaded my daughter and her BFF up and went to the park. I ended up with a couple more miles ran there. So all in all a great running day. I so loved the warmth and the sunshine Sat.. Now, back to "Wintery Mix" tomorrow...
And an update on last weeks post about my full..
Game plan is to run April 13th Rock N Roll as a HALF. I don't want to risk injury. Thank you all for your kind words re: my last weeks post, it really helped me feel better about my decision. My goal is PR there ( personal record) I don't think this will be a problem since I tend to run faster with others. Will do the Tarheel 10, April 26th.. no biggy there just 10 miles but it is a VERY hilly course so I am libel to be sore when I get done, but that's ok variety is the spice of life right...lol. Then I am doing my full in Fayetteville May 4th in the All American . I wanted to do this originally seeming we are a military family and this is a big time military event and runs through Ft Bragg. BUT I didn't sign up before for a couple reasons.. 1) My husband will be with his military unit across the state that weekend so no family to cheer me on. Bc You know I am not leaving my kid on the side of the road to cheer for me by herself for 5 hours how dangerous would that be. and 2) it starts at 6:30 in the morning...... THATS EARLY bc Fayettville is a solid hour from my house, then there is parking and getting to the starting line to think about... so we are talking about leaving home about 4:30, 4:45 at the absolute latest. But those reasons aside I am signing up this week. I want to run it and I want to run the full this spring so there. I am doing it. After I made my mind up I called my mother.. By the way my mom is one of my biggest supporters in life. She ties with my hubby..I asked her would she pick up Mikaela and the two of them try to be at the finish line about the time I get done. I mean I can ball park the time. That would keep any one from having to get up and O DARK THIRTY to go down and just stand for HOURS. She was thrilled I asked, she has never seen one of my runs before so she is excited to be there. So that solves the whole no family there issue . And maybe if my step dad rides down with the 2 of them, my mom would be willing afterwards to drive my car back, bc honestly after crazy long miles like that my legs normally cramp up big time on the way home. Although I am hoping with the strength training I am doing, that wont be an issue. So we will see.
I will be posting in another day or two about the ChaLean Extreme weight training. Its great and I am super excited to share all about it.
Anyways thats enough running talk for now :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Weight Training Work Out

Well last night I did my first weight training session with my new program. We are going into busy season for Matts National Guard unit so he will be away more and more now through the summer, and while he is gone it is a lot harder for me to get to the gym. I am pretty much to the point I only do weights and classes at the gym anyways. Sticking to running outside for pretty much 100% of my cardio. So I am canceling my gym membership at least for a while... save some money, and time seeming my gym is 20 min on the other side of my house from my work. I love my gym, the people, the facility, and I gladly drive past a half dozen others just to go to it. But with our schedules coming up and the beautiful weather that I am telling myself is right around the corner, I think its time for a little break from that seen. SO I purchased the ChaLean Extreme weight training set. Its produced by Beach Body the same co that does p90X and all those lines. Her concept is lift heavy and slowly for only a few reps to really develop your muscles and we all know what they say...muscle burns fat right, and I need to tone up this year. There is a total of 90 days worth of training in the package and all I needed to have on hand was my free weights which I already had. It also came w 2 cardio and 3 Ab sessions. Last night after dinner I closed myself off in the bed room and went to work on the first session and also the shortest ab session. I really enjoyed this, and I could feel that I was working the different muscle groups which is great ( PS in 45 min I was done and at home, to do 45 min at gym I am actually gone 1 hr 20 min btwn drive time there and back). So for the time being I am going to stick with this and the running. I am horrible with the strength training to date so I think having a program to keep me on track will help. Doing it on my own and just kind of winging what days I do it is not working for me. I need the structure that is in the program . I will keep you updated on my progress with this. My daughter is helping me tonight with the before the program pics. Will also take @ 30 days, 60 days and 90 days so later on I will be posting comparison pics.

Pic of the ChaLean program 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekly Weigh In Wednesday #50

Gotta love #50 nice round number.
Starting weight 273
Current weight 161.8
pretty close to same as last week. So hows that for maintance

I have my first race of the season this weekend. Half Marathon Saturday Morning( will be my second half..only goal just do better time wise..lol). I am ready for it.
However I am scared about the next one. Its a full (26.2 miles) in 3 weeks and I just dont feel like I am there yet. I had several set backs in February and early March, injury issues I had to let completly heal which got my whole training schedule out of wack. I am really debating doing that April full as a half and scheduling another race as a full. I feel a bit of a failure doing that but at the same time I could really injure myself pushing a 26.2 race when I am not fully ready. I have till the day before to make that call so I am going to take every bit of that time to deside. I am just so very torn over it. Will see how the next 2 weekends long runs go and and go from there I guess.

PS I really want this cold ikky weather to be gone. It depresses me after a while and its been going on for months.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weight in Wednesday #49

OK so I got my scales back after being "on Strike" with them. LOL
Today 162
Starting 273
Total loss 111
Dr ,well PA , as I said yesterday said I am at goal and shouldn't try to go any lower due to my training. So I just want to stay at or below where I am now at least till something changes with my training and competing. Which I love so I hope nothing ever changes, lol. At every race there is at least one old lady running and I want that to be me on day. I will tell you though I totally feel like an old lady now though after that fall I took yesterday. My daughter said this morning don't worry mom your not old we are just both clumsy.. I love her so much she always tells me how it is!

I will leave you with this pic.. this is so what is running through my mind every time I am outside running.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Visit with the Surgeon ( well his PA) and stuff.. Warning very random post

So much has been going on in the last week or so since I posted. I was rather sick last week. Come to find out self induced sick. I hate that I stress to the point I physically am sick but that is something I am working on. Hubby's transmission went out on his vehicle about 5 days before he had to drive across the state to work with the military for a week. So we had to make a decision and one pretty fast. I honestly had told myself we would keep his car forever. It has always been my favorite car. A) its paid off, I mean what is better than that. B) we run a small farm and you can haul about anything in it, trust me we have. IT was an 97 Ford Explorer Sport( sport being the 2 door Explorer) but it ran well for a vehicle its age, yea it didn't have ac/heat, and yea the ceiling was falling down. But it was old enough that Matt could pretty much fix anything that broke on it. You know before cars started running on computers. A transmission though that's a big deal and since it wasn't like just a back up we drove when one of ours in down we kind of needed him in something that ran fast. Since I work and Mikaela is in school and track he cant just take off in my car leaving me car less for a week, weekend yes, 5 days not so much. We sat down and discussed thing and the fact that my car which is 100% more difficult to make repairs on was in need of a good $1,000 worth of repairs, decided that the best course of action was to attempt to find 2 cars and hopefully end up with a lower payment than I was currently paying, I know right crazy... BUT After a ton of praying we got the explorer to the scrap yard ( still not sure how it made it) and stumbled upon a car lot with a Truck for Matt that we got for cash so no payment still on his vehicle and got me out of the car and back into a SUV which we've been needing for quite sometime bc of the amounts of trips to Matt's moms that we make. AND Lowered my payment by $130 a month AND they connected me with a Insurance broker that lowered my car ins by $164 a month. Praise the Lord !  WE are on one income still ( with the exception of Matt's guard work) and any money we can save is SO NEEDED. It was such an answer to prayer. And the crazy thing was pulling out of the car lot I had no migraine no nausea, it was all gone, thus self induced by stressing. I have only once before bought a car where I didn't feel like someone was trying to trick me or pull something over on me but this time I left happy and so in peace.

So that was my last week drama. This week I went back to the surgeons office and saw his PA for my fill appt./  check in. Per their scale I was down 2#s since my January appt. I told her that, that was stressing me or I guess frustrating me would me a better description. She asked me why? I told her that my PCP had given me a goal of under 155 and that to be 7#s above that and struggling was frustrating. I did tell her that he was strictly going my the BMI chart though. She told me I am currently at goal and that she did not think loosing to be under 155 is a good idea given the training I am doing. She did say start going by my clothes rather than looking at the scale I wear a size 6 right now and medium in tops, I honestly never thought Id be an 8 much less a 6, and no intentions of going any lower. So I am comfortable where I am now regardless of that fact I will still be listed as "overweight" by the charts. I personally think they need to come up with a better way to measure that anyways than the stupid BMI chart that doesn't take into fact muscles at all. We did not do a fill either bc she says I need to focus on maintaining where I am at right now and she bumped my next appt back till June, so three months this time. I have to tell you I am a little relieved but scared at the same time. That may not make any sense but Ive never been successful at maintaining so we will see how it goes. Nothing else is changing I still run and am working on the weight training, my diet is up a couple hundreds calories a day to support the longer runs. And that has really helped with the post-long run fatigue.

To end you with a giggle... I am now laughing about this a couple hours ago was in tears but its ok you can all laugh at me too.. after my appt with the PA I stopped at the store to pick up supplies for our offices, We have 2 offices and 2 warehouses I shop for so a big trip. Me in all my grace fell out of my car. Like laid out on the asphalt the only part of me that didn't hit the ground was my head. Hand scrapped up, back scrapped up, of course now my back that I just spent the last 2 weeks trying to baby and get back to 100 % is hurting again, leg scrapped up. Purse fell off my arm dumping everything into the parking lot and all I could think was oh crap who is out here that just saw that... I honestly think I was the only one in the parking lot at the time, so that was a relief but boy did it hurt my pride. I am for the record one of the least coordinated people ever. I am ok with this its not new and if I was honest with myself should have seen it coming.  I was a little dizzy at the Drs office this morning which is not uncommon for me. IT was not vertigo dizzy so I kind of just brushed it off, but I guess I should have slowed down and been more careful knowing I was a bit off today. Oh well like I said I am laughing about it now. I have sat here trying to figure out exactly what I did so I can be careful not to do it again but I just have no idea. So hopefully I will just be more careful

Monday, March 3, 2014

Loose Skin

I think this is a topic we are all concerned, or maybe curious about. So I am down about 111 pounds and up until about 15 pounds ago the loose skin really was not bothering me. I mean I noticed it on the back of my arms but it wasn't terrible and after consciously trying to work on that area at the gym I am now ok with it bc its pretty much firmed back up. With that said. My lower tummy and inner thighs are now ridiculous. Don't get me wrong I'm thrilled w my loss and would take loose skin to being over weight and in poor health ANY DAY. Its just a fact of life now.
OK so a little history on me. I have always been self conscious of my legs I have thick legs, always have, always will.. Now they are VERY muscular now BUT BIG Muscles, not a lean muscle on this girl, so I always keep them covered, even back in high school. No dress's or shorts for me. So last summer when I really dived in to running I decided I really wanted to be comfortable in running shorts. I don't need to wear shorts any other time, I never have but I really wanted to wear running shorts this summer. So yesterday I had a pair on in the house they were just an old pair of hami downs so they didn't really fit me about 2 sizes to big but I didn't care, I was in bed with a very messed up back anyways. At one point I did get up and I was in the same room as my daughter and I asked her. Can mommy pull shorts off yet? Let me tell you before I tell you what she said. My daughter is VERY HONEST, we have had to work on how to be honest and still be nice at the same time. And I am proud of her for this, I mean most people sugar coat stuff or tell you what you want to hear then you leave the house looking like a hot mess. Ok maybe that only happens to me but it has happened, Ive seen a picture and been like really ya'll assured me I looked ok in this and this picture screams GO BACK HOME AND TRY AGAIN. So I deliberately don't ask Mikaela certain questions unless I am prepared for her answer, you know what Im talking about those days when the wrong answer will send you into tears or a bowl of ice cream.
OK So her answer.. UM NO that skin on your legs shakes when you walk. Well that answers that, maybe next year for the running shorts lol. I giggled all day over that I mean I knew that was one of my loose skin issue areas but I didn't think it was that obvious to others. Guess I was wrong. Oh well I would still do it all over again bc I can hid my loose, flappy skin.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blood Work Results

So the scale, my clothes, my fitness level, etc is not all that is changing. I had my blood work run last week and the results just came back in. Vitamin levels are all in the good range, Ive been low in D for several years now but its ok now. My Cholesterol which has been high for a couple years now, but the Dr kept wanting me to "fix" it with diet.. dropped 70 points in the last year.. its still 4 points to high but that is amazing to me.. I really felt it was going to still be high, I mean my whole family has high cholesterol even the thin ones. I just got to see what I can do about those 4 pesky points.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finding Balance and Happiness

Over the last year I have spent a LOT of time on physical activity, mainly the gym. And where this has been great for my weight loss goals, I miss my family time. Now that Ive switched from loosing weight( well mostly) to training for big runs, I have better learned how to make the most of my work outs. Gone are the days where I leave work and go to the gym to climb on the elliptical for 60-90 min followed by 15-20 on the row machine or 30 on the bike, there was literally months that I spent an hour and half to 2 hours at the gym in the evening. I have learned how to get the best bang for my buck ( or in this instance TIME) I am diligently adding strength and weight training into my week. Before I had none. I now do 3 days a week ( Monday before spin class and Wed and Friday at my home). I will be so honest with you here on the strength training aspect. I was scared of this for so many reasons. Like I said before I didn't want to be in the weightlifting section at the gym, I am still so insecure and most likely always will be ... I didn't want to gain #s even though I knew they said it would be muscle gain which after the gain would in turn burn more calories resting than the fat it replaced so therefore speed up weight loss afterwards. And really getting on the cardio by myself and not really having to move from that section till I was done was appealing. I mean I didn't have to talk to anyone, re-set anything, gather supplies ( weights yoga mats, yoga balls etc). I just had to plop down my stuff and get to it. It was easy and lets face it I like easy. I've also added a couple classes, Spin on Monday night and Core on Thursday( being in a class atmospere is in an of itself a struggle for me this goes back to my insucuritys BUT I do it and truth be known I feel great afterwards). Monday ends up being a late night still bc Spin does not get over till 7:25 but Thursday I am done at 6 and I don't stick around and do cardio after like I would have a couple months ago. I am comfortable enough with my weekly work outs I don't feel the need to put in anymore time on Thursday night. Also I no longer even go to the gym on Wed or Friday. They are my days to come home do my weight circuit and spend the rest of the evening with the family. Tues I typically, unless its bad weather run at the park by my work .. Still I am home by 630. So much nicer than leaving the gym at 7 or 730, 5 nights a wk. I finally feel like I have gotten some sort of balance. I know Ive said it before I am very much an all or nothing type of person. This has always scared me a little bit during this Odyssey ( who was it said on their blog we need to call it that, I like it :) ) Ive always been so scared to miss a work out bc in the past missed one, turns into missed a wk, turns into do I still have that membership to the gym months later. Same with meals I have tried the whole cheat meal or cheat day idea, for me I just cant do it. NOW does that mean if I am at my sisters house celebrating birthdays with my nephews I wont have a piece of cake... NO If I want a pc I will have a pc. But I am not going to schedule my cheat days or meals... a pc of birthday cake in my opinion is life not a cheat anyways.
So I guess what I am saying is that if you are struggling to find a happy balance between, family, work, meal planning, workouts, etc. Hang in there it is possible, the happy balance is different for everyone but you will find the balance.

PS  this is me when my cheat meal goes horribly wrong... LOL isn't he so cute :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beautiful Weather finally

Well we here in NC are scheduled to have beautiful weather then next several days. I am so excited. I have an after work run on the books for tonight to celebrate 60 degrees and no rain ( at least today).
Last night I hit the gym and I hit it hard. I skipped out all week last week bc of the weather. The gym is about 20 miles from my house and well I am not the best driver, so for everyone involved I choose not to drive more than I have to in ugly weather.. I mean I don't want to end up in one of the pictures like I posted last week :)
So last nights work out consisted of my weight training circuit, 10 min of rowing and then 80 min of spin class and the instructor brought her A game. I left there whipped for sure.
If anyone is interested in what my weight training circuit consist of I will list it all below. It is all things that can be done at home. If I have no distractions I can do it all in about 15 min.. if I am having to shoe the dogs away more like 20 so not too much time tied up in it. I do think its effective and I feel myself getting strong. I do the circuit 2-3 times a week. He will be changing the circuit up for me in another couple weeks to keep my muscles guessing..

*Squats with weights 12 Reps ( I started at 10 lbs I'm up to 15 now.. nothing special here you just hold weights in ea hand to your side and squats. The weights never move)
* Chest press on yoga ball.. 12 Reps. So with this you lay on the yoga ball with the ball under your upper back and neck, weights start at shoulders and you press up.
* Squat Thrust ( I think this is the name) 12 Reps. Weight are at your shoulders squat down and as you come back up you lift the weights straight up in the air above your head. As you squat back down they come back to your shoulders
* Row  12 reps.. One leg forward and bent at the knee, chest leaning forward. weights in both hands and row them up towards your chest
* 10 Push Up ( OK I HATE THESE)
* 10 Crunches
* 10 Bicycle Crunches

Then you repeat for a total of 4 sets.
I jumped from 10 lbs to 15 Lbs weights, but before I could go buy the 15 lbs for home but I knew I needed them I increased from 12 to 15 reps on it all and even added a 5th set.
Ive also added to the Crunches and the Bicycles Crunches.Up to 15 on those too.. But as I said I HATE PUSH UPS so those are still at 10. ****If 10# is too heavy for you to start at, move down to 8#s or even 5.. you can always increase later but you dont want to pull something or injure yourself by using weights that are too heavy.***

If you deside to try it out let me know and keep in touch and let me know how you progress. I will post new circuits as he gives them to me. I wish I had started with the weights before now. And if I knew I could do it in 20 min and at home I would have. I just pictured me having to go to the weight lifting section at the gym with all the boys and well that was just tooo intimidating for me. Even on days I do it at the gym I dont have to do it in their section I do it over in the back and in the corner .
PS...I am on IG, and Facebook so if anyone wants to connect outside of the blogg let me know. Social Media is such a great tool to conect and support each other :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Days

So here in NC its rare we get snow days, but for some reason Mother Nature has decided that this year we needed several. We were all snowed in again the last 2 days. I have to tell you bad weather is really effecting my mood. I mean I work out to relieve stress weather its a run at lunch or a class or 2 at the gym after work. Its my outlet. Well the gyms been closed, roads been bad, and running on this ice, which is a lot of what we had this week is  not an option. I cant afford to slip and get injured and not be able to train for a couple weeks, it would just put me WAY far behind. So Wednesday I got home from work about noon bc of the weather I went on an did my weight training circuit. The trainer was so great and gave me a program I could do at the gym OR at home which is awesome for the days when I just cant get there. It wasn't a HUGE calorie burner but it was a work out and I got sweaty. Yesterday I did the circuit again but added about 20 min of core exercises that we normally do in our Thursday evening core class. It helped to mix it up and I felt better about moving both snow days. The other thing I struggle with especially on snow days. Is mindless eating out of boredom. And though I didn't do as good with my food as I do during the week when I am at work. I didn't do horrible. I still got my 120-150 oz of water in and my protein was were it needed to be too.

I will leave you with a picture taken about 20 miles from where I live ( was taken Wednesday when storm started) OK you northerners... prepare to laugh. I just dont ever thing snow in this area will be a good thing.

Monday, February 10, 2014

I couldnt do what I do with out ____________

I couldn't do what I do with out___________. We all have this, I believe. May be its a person or a gadget or a favorite food or supplement. The further out I get from when I had surgery, as we all know the WL slows and I have to tweek stuff to still see a loss.. maybe its what/how I eat maybe its the type of exercise etc. I rather just be able to do the same thing every day and always get the same results but unfortunately that is just not the case, at least for me. I have several people I lean on for support. Some fellow bloggers, my Hubby, my Mom. And then there is a girlfriend named Ellie. Back in Nov we started being accountable to ea other. In areas we are struggling ( we have different life styles and different goals, but that's ok accountability is accountability) weather its certain nutrition goal, water goals, exercise and fitness goals. We txt every day through out the day and at the end of the day we txt ea other our results. So right now I am sending my water count, what exercise I did. My calories, carb and protein ( am working on getting all of those up a little further with out gaining). This is normal for us, we've been doing it now for months. But Saturday she went above and beyond. I had a 16 mile training run to do. And if I am completely honest I WAY over did it Friday, cramming 2 work outs in when I knew I was going to be running long the next day. That was very stupid. But whats done is done. So Saturday already sore I headed out for my run. At mile 9 I txted her...9 of 16.. So not feeling this today. At mile 10 I txtd.. 10 really not sure how many more I have left in me... That's when this huge wave of support came in. About every 1/2 mile I was getting a txt from her.... I know you can do it.. Only ___ more..... Almost there... home stretch now.. I will tell you I finished because she was right there cheering me on. Not physically of course she lives about 45 min away but virtually she was right there with me, and I am so greatful. If you are struggling with any aspect of your journey try finding an accountability buddy. In todays day and age you dont have to live close by or even have the same goals. Just be supportive and encouraging. It makes the journey so much more enjoyable :)


Friday, February 7, 2014

Mental Update

OK so for my mental health I have asked my husband to hid the scale from me. He just took out the battery and hid that but close enough. I wont be able to weigh until March 11th . That's when I asked him to make it re-appear. That give my body about 5 wks to adjust to the weight training and diet change without me obsessing and fretting over the scale. I will however be taking my measurements more often to at least ensure I am not going in the wrong direction , but I really think this is best for me right now. Its so super scary on one hand but kind of liberating on the other..

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday #44

I am all over the board today with my feelings/emotions.
As you know I am training for my first marathon ( Full). As of Jan 1 my training was kicked up by a pretty big notch. I am in 3 different cross training classes a wk(spin, core, and sports conditioning). My long runs are getting considerably longer and Ive added weight training. The last 2 weekends after my long runs Ive just all around felt like crap. I had a feeling I was not eating enough for my body to perform at the level I was demanding and that my carbs may also be to low for the hours of running I am doing. So I reached out to a sports nutritionist for some guidance. Told her how I'm eating, how I'm training and that I feel horrible for a day or two after my runs. I said I have a feeling I need to be eating more but I don't know how to go about doing that with out a gain. She confirmed I was not eating nearly enough and gave me some tips that I started implementing yesterday so I am hoping by this Saturdays run I will notice a difference. This Sat is a 16.5 mile run, so I need the fuel to get it done.
I also started weight training almost 3 wks ago now and when I started my trainer warned me I would most likely see a gain, but that the gain would be temporary. WELLL Today I am seeing that. My scale is up 2.6 lbs from last Wednesday (I really wish I had thought to ask HOW temporary that gain would be)  and I know I didn't eat 2+ pounds . I track everything and I know it was not food chooses. So in my head I KNOW this is the muscle being built from the weight training but my heart is not believing my head at the moment.
Starting weight 273
Current 164
Total loss 109
Oh well heres to a better weigh in next week.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday #43 ( on Thursday)

Honestly I weighed yesterday but I was in a funk so I didn't post. I dont really enjoy snow days. I mean it was nice to not be at work. But I don't like feeling stuck at home. And I HATE THE COLD. Add to the fact me and hubby both had a touch of something yesterday not sure what, tummy aches and headaches. It just made for a not so happy Christy. But I am ok today. Well tummy is still not happy, but I am back at work trying to get into my normal routine. We got 5 in of snow and yesterday it never broke freezing. Last night we got down to 5 degrees, but today's high is supposed to be a balmy 35 degrees..lol. I so  am ready for it to be flip flop weather!
Well weigh in 43 Wow that sounds like such a BIG number!

Starting weight 273 current weight 161.4 not a huge change but a change none the less so I am happy.

I hope you all have a great Thursday and stay warm!

Monday, January 27, 2014

What a week

Wow I don't know where to begin. Last Tuesday afternoon I received the call that my dear grandfather had passed away. I love my grandparents so much and though he had Parkinson's this was not expected.
My work gave me Thur and Friday off to go to the services. Thursday we didn't have to leave town till late in the afternoon so I had time to run. I started my run like I do all my runs, in prayer. I begged the Lord for peace and to comfort myself and my family. I was determined to run till I could run with out crying. I hyperventilated 3 times ( its hard to control your breathing run and cry all at the same time) but I was able to calm my breathing and run though the pain. By mile 7 I realized I had made it a whole mile with out tears. All in all I ran 10.6 miles in temps that never broke 20 degrees. When I got back to the car I had ice on my face and in my eye lashes, but I felt better. I felt at peace. I know he is in a better place , but I will still miss him terribly.
Bc of all the stress I ended up with a migraine. For me to get rid of a migraine I must take med and sleep it off. Last week I kept taking med but was never able to get the sleep it off aspect done. By Sat I had a migraine and vertigo. I was finally able to get some sleep Saturday night though and to the tune of 14 hours of sleep. I finally felt better Sunday. Got up went to church and came home and slept some more.
My eating has been horrible for the last few days. In and out of town 2 days and sick. I haven't gotten in enough protein and too many carbs but I am back on track today. I know poor food choices did not help with my migraine at all.
Pic from my run Thursday 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday #42

Its 2:45 am here but I cant sleep so I will go on and post my weigh in Wednesday blog. Tuesday my Papa passed away. I am so broken hearted. My head hurts from all the tears. And like many timed I ate my sorrows last nite for about an hour before I got a grip on that and stopped. PS eating didnt make me feel better just ticked me off that I still turn to food so mindlessly in times of emotion.
So on to weigh in
Starting weight 273
Today's weight 162
Total loss 111
Less than 5#s to go before that BMI chart will deem me as a "healthy"weight. Thats a little exciting.

Bad Weather Tuesday

So here in NC winter weather. IS anything that falls from the sky when its cold outside. So in my area we are due to get 1-2 inches of winter mix. OK I know you all that get bad weather regularly might think that's cute but I am so not looking forward to it. No one here knows how to drive in winter weather and the DOT is not ever prepared to deal with the roads and it makes for a HUGE mess. Several years ago we got a 1/4 in of  ice..yes  you read that right ONE QUARTER OF AN INCH. People ended up sleeping at work, buses couldn't get kids home and they were taken back to school to sleep. How does these sort of things happen. So the thought that our "bad" weather is going to start about an hour before everyone gets off work has me a bit frazzled. I only live 12 min drive from work so I am hoping all is well on my way home and I don't get near any crazies. Tomorrows high is supposed to be 29 so what ever we gets not going anywhere tomorrow either. I honestly sat here and thought... Can I run to work in the am... PS the answer I came up with is no.. that's too cold and Id be terrified one of those bad drivers would hit ice and end up hitting me on the side of the road. So no I wont run to work either. But my boss is always one to say we have to come in regardless so I may walk to the end of my road and make him pick me up ( he lives about 2 miles from me) I mean I pay for my car but he has a company car.. I think that's fair don't you.
I am also sitting here trying to will myself into my running clothes so I get one last outside run in before the storm hits... I have to tell you my motivation is not here today. Its cold and I'm sore from last nights weight training session. But I will do it. I am not going to let my excuses ruin what I have worked hard for. I'm an all or nothing person, if I skip a work out Ill skip two then a week..its an ugly cycle but I acknowledge that about myself.
I hope you all that is expecting ugly weather in your areas stay safe :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Today I ran for Meg

I mentioned a couple days ago I was running in honor of Meg today, a fellow runner killed by a drunk driver this past Monday.  Last time I checked there were over 70,000 runners world wide running today for Meg. I cant explain how amazing it feels to be part of something like that.  Total run distance 13.7 miles

Friday, January 17, 2014

Enjoying the "SORE"

One of my goals for the year was to attend at least 2 classes at the gym a week this year. This week I got three in. Spin on Monday night then on Thursday I did Core and then a Boot Camp style class called Sports Conditioning. I loved spin, I left exhausted, but good exhausted. Ive been attending Core since Nov and really enjoy it. Boot Camp made me question my sanity.. It was such an incredibly hard class. I mean I know I am not "in shape" but I have a fairly decent fitness level. But it so kicked my butt.
Regardless I plan to attend the same 3 classes next week. Once I can wake up on Friday am with out being in incredible pain I am going to try to add  a 5:30 am Spin Class on Fridays. I just could not do that this morning. My legs were cramping so bad and I have a 14 mile run tomorrow, just could not risk an injury. I plan on a short run or at least a walk at lunch to try to stretch them out.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday #41

Good Wednesday Morning.
Well I think my double work out days helped budge the scale a little bit. And a little bit a week is all I am really expecting at this point in my journey anyways so I will take it.
Starting weight 273
Current weight 163.4
Total Loss 109.6

I got to run at the new park last night. Sun set was scheduled for 5:23 pm so I knew I didn't have long. I ended up getting a full 4 miles in before it got all the way dark though. AND that was at my fastest pace ever for multiple miles. I was super pumped.

In the sad side of Runners News though. A mother, wife and runner was killed yesterday morning by a drunk driver. I will be running for Meg on Saturday. My miles in honor of her. My goal is 14 miles. If you wanna look up info about her and the virtual run, you can do so on facebook just look for Meg's Miles Supporters.

Well I am off to start my day. Have a great one!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Possible Platue and NEW Training

I am thinking I am in the midst of a platue. I have been bouncing around the same 1 lb for the last 4 wks.  I knew it was going to happen eventually.
So its a new year and I have a new set of training for some pretty big events this year, so I desided to step up my work outs a bit. Yesterday I went for a run at lunch, then after work hit the gym, spent 30 min on the elliptical, then attended my first ever spin class. I clocked 2.5 hours of cardio yesterday. I WILL NOT be doing this every day but hoping if I can manage HUGE workouts a  couple days a week I will start noticing a difference both in my running speed and in my measurements.
Right now its raining but if it clears my goal is to try out a new park here by work ( closer drive = more run time). IF I can manage that I will skip the gym tonight to spend some time with my family since I didnt make it home last night till about 7:45.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Review

I hate the feeling of boy I'm glad that weekend is over and I can go back to work Monday. And I rarely ever feel that way BUT today happens to be one of those. Saturdays weather was depressing to me and I ended up being a slug most of the day. This always makes me feel like CRAP about myself. But Sunday I got up and was going to have a much better day. My daughter had her first ever Track Meet  about 2.5 hours from home and it was going to be just us. So we set off to the facility. It was an indoor track and we had done some homework before we left home. Like we knew where to park and that we had to be signed in an hour before her start time and bathrooms down stair were for everyone but upstairs were just for athletes..etc. I mean I dont like to stand out as the one that doesnt know whats going on, I like to be prepared.
Well when I signed Mikaela in the lady at the counter rolled her eyes and huffed at me.. OK that was a little rude but everyone has a bad day and not worth me saying anything about. Then when it was time for K to do the shot put, I walked her across to the field area. WELL evidently I was not allowed to be there. There was no signs posted and it was not listed anywhere online. These 2 officials came up to me and started screaming at me.. No hey you aren't supposed to be here or even hey dumb A$$ get back over there.. IN MY FACE ON THEIR TOES LEANING INTO IT SCREAMING.. both at the same time I could not understand why they were yelling, what I had done, or how to correct.. I asked one man to please calm down and he threatened to call security and kick our team out... what in the world.. They did the same thing to our coach. Again he could not understand a word they were saying. SOMEHOW. I kept my calm I have no idea how bc once I got back in the right area I got pissed and wanted to go punch them in the face I mean how do you keep a job treating other people ( PEOPLE THAT PAY TO USE THE FACILITY) that way. I am still very upset about the whole ordeal I mean I am going to email the owner of the complex but I know he wont give a shit bc obviously this is an attitudes that come from the top down for so many employees to behave in such a manor. And that pisses me off more. ( please excuse the not nice words)
She has one more track meet there but I am really considering telling the athletic director at the school we wont be able to attend it.
I am NOT a thin skinned female. I work with all men all day long and on top of that collect money for a living. I could care less if people like me or not, its just my personality and it makes me good at my job. I am never rude to people regardless of far they are behind or how much money they owe us. Rude doesn't get you anywhere. So I just cant imagine why a business would think it is ok to treat people the way we were treated yesterday. I mean I could total understand why someone that is a hot head would loose their shit on someone if they had told them over and over they were in the wrong area. But the first time and with NO Signs posted. I am really just at a loss.
Oh well I will be moving on now. On to a more positive day.

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year and New Excitment

Well one of my many 2014 goals was to take at least 2 gym classes a week. I made that this week. I took Zumba Wednesday night and took Core Class last night.
Also as I was leaving Wednesday Night I ran in to one of the girls from the running group I was in back in the summer. It was awesome to catch up. She just joined my gym Wed and was SUPER EXCITED. I invited her to Core and she showed up and loved it. After Core class the same instructor teaches an hour long class called sports conditioning. It has always scared me(but honestly all classes scare me) but we stood in the hall and watched and said we would both do core and stay for sports conditioning afterwards next week. So next Friday I may not be able to walk. Just some of what I watched them do last night, jump rope, burpees, push ups, free weights, squats, run the stairs ( like real stairs, I take the elevator..lol) mountain climbers and tons more. We are also going to take spin on Monday night( for those counting that is 3 on the books for nxt week not 2:) ). So I am hoping btwn the 3 class I will get some balance to my cross training and get a better all over workout.
So excited to see where I go this year with my fitness.

PS I so bad want to do the Disney Doopy challange, not this year ( bc its this weekend) but maybe next. It looks like a BLAST.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday #40 and Fill Update

Good Wednesday Morning!
Finally the scale moved a little this morning.
Starting weight 273
Current weight 164.2
Total Loss  108.8

Yesterday I saw yet another PA at my surgeons office ( this makes the third) I like her. She sat down and talked with me. Wanted to know all about my running and how I learned and when my marathon was. We discussed my hunger every two hours and the fact I need to still be loose enough I can down a bottle of water to re-hydrate. We settled on a teeny fill, one basically/hopefully to take the edge off the hunger so its not hitting me in every 2 hours. She is one of those that doesn't like to share the fill amount so I don't know how teeny it was, but that's ok. She also told me as an athlete I was probably about there with my WL. Said I need to go by size not scale anymore. I told her the PCP wants be below 155, but she pushed on my thigh and said yea but this is all muscle, what size pants do you have on. I told her 6 , and that normally I'm in 6-8 right now. PS no ones called me an athlete since High School..lol
So right now I am sticking with my current goal, I can see areas that I still can afford to loose in. But will keep her advise in the back of my mind. I know this last 10-15 may be hard and slower to come off but that's still my aim. I am happy regardless though.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Member Spotlight and Fill Apt today

My gym choose me to be featured in their member spotlight. How cool is that? I am so honored they choose me. And its great motivation to keep at it.

On another note, I go back to the surgeons office today. I am torn at weather to ask for another fill or not. I am hungry and loosing is taking EXTREME focus and concentration on my part right now. But b/c I am more or less focused  I am for the most part still loosing, well not for the last couple weeks. Plus I am only 9 Lbs above my PCP goal for me 15-20 above my goal. AND as I train for my full marathon then start training for an Ultra, I need to be able to hydrate well and eat literally on the run. Right now I am able to eat  protein bar as I run with out having to stop to make sure I can swallow it ( I still don't take stupid huge bites or anything and I eat it over the course of about 2 miles) and I can guzzle a bottle of water or Gatorade in about 3 min when I get back to the car from a run, no sipping here. I feel for my training I am at a good spot but for WL I am struggling to keep focus. I mean when I go and burn 1000 calories I am literally starving and feel the need to eat the side of the house by time I get home. Hubby is trying to make sure dinner is ready when I walk through the door to help with this, but if not it tends to be ugly, decent choices but still ugly.
Maybe I will ask for a small fill like.2- .5 cc.. the last 2 were BIG, 2cc and 2.5cc, and I know I dont want anything that big. Just enough to take the edge off and feel like I have a little more control. That is the point of having the band right?
I am hoping if I explain my feelings to the PA maybe she can help with the dession some. The origial PA I saw several times right after surgury was great and I felt like was listening to me when I talked. This new one, I have not gotten that feeling from but Ive only seen her once so maybe she was just having an off day. We all have those.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year & 2014 Goals

I hope everyone had a great holiday. New Years Eve was low key and I loved it. We travel so much over the holidays its nice to have one that we just don't do much. Mikaela had some girl friends over which is always nice for her, they are now at the age they don't need to much from me at a sleep over. Me and Hubby just watched TV and hung out. New Years day I had a run. First race of the season. WOW is all I can say about it. It was a fun run style, so a bunch of people show up and we get the course written out on paper and take off, no streets closed or anything. So there was a 3 mile , a 4 mile and 2 5 mile courses. I choose the 5 mile greenway path , for ONE reason. I am not familiar with Raleigh and I wanted the path with the LEAST turns. For directionally challenged individuals like myself, simple is better... I did fine the first 2 miles then I turned the wrong way and I didn't figure out I was going the wrong way for another 2 miles... at that point I just turned around and ran back the way I came. Ended up with a 8 mile run instead of 5. Oh well I prefer 8-10 mile runs anyway. But still feeling as if I was lost in a town I am not comfortable in was a little nerve racking.

I have spent some time over the last week coming  up with a list of goals for 2014. Some are for the family, personal grown,and  financial. But I have a set that are WL, Diet, and Exercise related and I wanted to share those.

1. I will (  no wants, I will) hit my goal weight this year. Goal on high end is 153#, low end is 145#. Anywhere in between I will be happy. My Dr will be happy anything under 155#.
2. I will learn to maintain once I get to goal. I am terrified of maintenance as this is were I've always had problems in the past. So I will learn balance once I get there.
3. I will stay with the high protein/low carb lifestyle as it works best for me and my body. I tried carb cycling back in the fall and it was not a good fit for me.. allowing myself  2 days a wk for high carbs was a slipper sloop for me, I am too much a all or nothing kind of gal.
 4. Running goal -  run 1,200 or more miles in 2014.
5. Also Running related.. Run a full marathon 4/13/14 ( 10 days after my band-a-versary my way of celebrating) and I want to run it in under 4 hours 50 min... ( I ran my half in 2 hr 45 min so that would be picking up my pace a bit)
6. Add and be consistent with gym classes Yoga ( would be new for me) Core ( started just a few weeks ago) etc. Attend at least 2 classes a week.
7. Start training for a Ultra Marathon ( to be run Nov 2014)

So those are some of my goals. I am excited to start this year. And thinking back to last year this time. I have hope that I CAN meet my goals.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years WIW #39

Good Morning. I hope you all had a fabulous New Years Eve. I did. It was low key but fun. Our almost teenager wanted to have a party, so she had a couple friends over and they spent the night.  There was lots of giggling, some just dance Wii dancing, a bon fire sad bon fire bc all the wood was wet but a fire none the less and even smores! Its 9 am and I'm the only I one up.  I will be headed out the door in about 30 min to my first race of the year. In my book a great way to kick off the new year!
Weigh in didn't change this week...TOM and the holidays held my lose still.
Start 273
Today 165.3
I will blogging in the next day or so with my 2014 goals! I am super excited about the up coming year.