Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weigh In Wedneday #34

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
I woke up thinking it was Friday... I mean it kind of it. Today is my last work day of the week. But instead of having 2 days off,  I get 4. Cant get much more awesome than that!
We have never ever been at home for a Thanksgiving. This year however we are starting our own thing and staying home. Just me, hubby and K and that is suiting us just fine. We have family spread out everywhere, and we always seem to be the one doing the traveling which is all fine and good but sometimes you just need a break. I will be starting the baking tonight. I have a Turkey Trot 8K run tomorrow morning first thing. Then once we get home Hubby will throw the  turkey in, ( there is just 3 of us so I just got a breast) and myself and K will start on the side.. I cant wait.
Then later tomorrow evening my nephew will get to town, he is staying with us till Sat, and we are super excited. I have some goodies to make with him and some Christmas tree crafts. Then we are meeting some others at the park for a couple hours to play.. A good time to be had by all I'm sure.
Anyways on to weigh in. No change since Sunday (mini goal deadline) That last 1/2 pound just taunts me. But that's ok Ill get there.

Starting Weight 273
Current 173.5
Total Loss 99.5

So on the work out front... I spoke with my boss last Friday. He is in to fitness and asked him what he uses for muscle recover. What I was using was not cutting it after that Core Class last week. He gave me the name of something and Saturday morning I headed to GNC. OK I could not find what he suggested anywhere and the guy working at the store was useless. So I wandered through the store reading bottles, getting on google on my phone to check reviews ( HELLO WHAT DID WE DO BEFORE SMART PHONES..LOL) I ended up with AMP Recovery PM. Its a powder you mix with 8 oz of water and drink right before you go to sleep. I swear I think this stuff really works. I mean I've never been able to work out the day after one of my long runs.. its like my body calls a time out or something... BUT I started drinking it Saturday night to help with some of the pain I was still in from the class and have taken it every night since.  SO Monday... day after 13.20 mile run in the freezing cold on Sunday, I was able to feel good about going to the gym that night. And not just going and putting in half effort to say it was done. I cycled 16 miles in 60 min and at a higher resistance than ever before... before my miles had never broke 15 in an hour. And I was back in there last night on the stair climber for an hour.. Honestly I could go back tonight but I'm forcing myself to stick with my squats and some calisthenics to rest up for my run tomorrow. I want a new personal record tomorrow, so my legs need to be rested.
I Hope you all have a great Holiday and I wlll leave you with a list of some of the things I am thankfull for.
* My Husband
*My Daughter
* My Family
* Our Home
* The fact I have a job
* My Band ( love my Lap Band)
* The fact our daily needs are met
*Support Buddys ( band buddys and workout buddys)
* My Church
* some time off :)
Just to name a few!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Greenway Gobbler Half-Marathon

What a morning ..high today was supposed to be 39 it never got over 30 w  strong wind the whole run... But I made it.. and in less time than my original goal.. 13.20 miles (finish line wasn't quite lined up at the 13.1 mark) in 2 hrs 48 min. Weigh in for my mini goal was 173.5.. so I missed the goal by half a pound but I'm still proud of myself. I did learn a few things today. . 30 is cold.. I need warmer clothes if I'm going to run outside this winter.. gloves, tabogon and running pants and an absolute must.. I normally run in running capris.. bc of the temps I ran in performance yoga good..I need something that's snug all the way down not that flares. I also use this ear muff band for my ear...not good enough need something that covers my whole head. My jacket has the thumb holes so they cover a bit of my hands but my fingers got entirely too cold.. but I now know these things so next time should be better. Now its time to rehydrate and stretch good so I don't get too sore.. thank you all for your encouragement it means so much.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Count down to race day!

Ok its 6 am a Saturday and I'm up and had my shower. I did nt sleep well at all last nite, I'm still so sore from the Thursday night core class. I spoke w my boss late yesterday since he is a workout buff and asked what he would suggest for recovery and he gave me the name of what he uses, so I will be at GNC this morning to pick that up. I also feel like I need to get a workout in today too. In order the stretch out all that hurts. Yesterday I ran at lunch, I'm not sure it helped but I know it didn't make it worse. Then 9 am tomorrow morning ready or not will be my big day. Btw this morning weigh in 173.9...come on 173....only .9 lbs to go :-)

Friday, November 22, 2013

So Sore

Last night I talked myself into taking a core class at the gym. It was only 30 min and the trainer that has worked with me in the past was the one teaching it so I thought, Ok lets do this.
Let me start by saying I much rather work out alone and just on cardio. My brain is still full of all my "Fluffy Girl" fears and insecurity's. When it comes to classes these are some of the things you would hear if you were in my brain. Will I be able to keep up, Am I coordinated enough to do what the instructor is saying, What if there is something I just cant do... What will people think... and it goes on and on... When I started running I told myself everyone starts somewhere and its normally not as a marathon runner, it takes dedication and practice and a lot of sweat. For some reason this line of thoughts never crossed my mind when it came to the rest of my work outs.. mainly classes.
I have been noticing a lot lately that I need to add other things into my work out schedule. For many reason, such as I have no butt any more.... it looks odd and I'm unhappy with it. I know I need to strengthen my core ( Im rolly and I have to make sure I have my clothes laid just right or you can really tell) and my legs, and that by doing this it will help my running speed and endurance. The fact of the matter though is running, getting on the elliptical, rowing or doing the stationary bike make me happy. They make me sweat and leave me feeling like Ive done something. And when I think of strength training UUUGGG I just hate the thought, I mean you have to count reps and move from machine to machine adjusting stuff... Really I want to get on One Machine turn Netflix on, on the Nook and go for 60-90 min.
So that should all give some back ground to my where I am at mentally with work outs...
So as I said last night, 30 min core class. I had warned the trainer I was coming so he was ready to explain EVERY move to me and I really didn't get lost with anything we were doing.. and honestly I rocked the first 15 min.. But then those last 15 min absolutely kicked my tail. We did so many sit ups and crunches and planks with and with out weights and medicine balls that I lost count. By the last five min I literally could not do what he was telling us to I kind of just sat there in this odd position, pretending and hoping no one would notice. BUT ITS ALL GOOD B/C next week I will be going back and planning to stay for the next class that starts right after core, its called sports conditioning. So yay me.
Now today OMG everything hurts all my abs, upper legs, arms, all of it. I just hope I'm done hurting by Sunday .. I think I should be, if I don't do anything stupid the next two days..
Ive also started a squat challenge with one of my girlfriends, starts today and will run us through the weekend right before Christmas. We also started being exercise accountability partners. We don't live to close ea other and have different family situations so we cant really work out together but every day when we are done with our workouts we txt the other to let them know. I think it helps to know someone is waiting on that txt.
SO this post has rambled all over the place. But I'm done for now I hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #33

So I am down to the wire on my mini goal... only 4 more days till I run my first half. I am not sure I will make my goal but at least I will be close.

Starting weight 273 Lbs
Today 174.4 Lbs
Total Loss 98.6 Lbs

That leaves another 1.4 Lbs by Sunday. At this point in my journey I dont know how practical it is to think I can loss another 1.4 Lbs in a matter of 4 days.. But I m not giving up. At least I hope to be closer. And I am so happy with my progress I wont let it bother me. I mean a year ago I was nearly a hundred pounds heavier, never in my wildest dreams could think I could run, much less run 13+ miles. I am amazed everyday by what my body proves it can do.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #32

Pretty good week. I mean I was not expecting much of a loss this week since I showed a HUGE one last week.
Starting weight 273
Today's weight 175.5 ( .2 loss since last week)

Mini Goal Stats
1.5 wks left 2.5 Lbs left. To hit this goal I need to stay very focused for the nxt couple weeks. But I think I can do it :)

I am currently about 25 lbs from goal and can tell its coming off much slower than it used to. I am still carb cycling, I enjoy it and my body feels well on this eating plan so I will probably stick with it.
On the running front... I enjoying running outside MUCH more than running inside on the treadmill but now that its dark when I get off I thought I was going to be stuck inside with the exception of my long weekend runs. Well I've run on my lunch break twice now and I really enjoy it. B/c I can only be out there for 40 min it is the perfect time for me to work on my speed work. Yesterday I got my 5K time down to 32min 18sec which is super for me (remember I am not a fast runner :) ).. I really want that time under 30 eventually but when I start to think where I started, I am just at awe. I really believe you don't know just what your body is capable of until you get out there and push it.
Anyways off to work. Happy Hump Day!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Monday

Good  Monday Morning,
Well Saturday was my last "Long" run prior to my half in 2 weeks. I did another 12 miles but this time was 28 min faster than the week before... So I feel much better about it. I also think I have hydration and energy supplements figured out for the longer runs now too. So that makes me happy, I hit a wall about 7 miles in if I don't have anything. Gatorade and a Think Thin protein bar seems to be the perfect combo for me.
Anyways off to start another week. Have fun to anyone off on Veterans day, and don't forget to Thank a Vet!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #31

Good Wednesday Morning.
This week has been a busy week, so today will be short and sweet

Starting 273
Today 175.7 ( that's 4.2 Lbs since last Weds)
Total loss 97.3 Lbs

Only 2.5 Wks left towards my Mini Goal
and I just got 2.7 Lbs left to hit that Mini Goal !

I am loving this Carb Cylcing, for me its a perfect combo and something I can easily live with forever. Its simple and makes sense for my body. I am a carb queen but they don't love me the way I love them. So keeping them in check is a good thing.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Long Run - Saturday

I went out for my long run Saturday.. made it 12 miles... So I am deeming myself ready for my half in 3 wks. When I first signed up for it I told myself  I'd be happy with myself if I could run half and walk half, and all around just finish it. But as I've trained I have really told myself I wanted to run it all even if its a slow run.. I have had several set backs over the month of Oct.. hurting my knee had me down a wk.. this stupid upper resp crap that Ive been fighting for now 2 WEEKS GGGRRRR! any ways I ran the first 9 miles  Saturday then had to walk to last 3.. I was super bummed with myself. I mean in my head I know I shouldn't be, when I started running in May I could go 1.80 miles in 30 min and that was me going as fast as I I know really bad and out of shape. Now even walking that last 3 and a break where I literally sat down and called hubby to tell me I COULD make it the last mile to the car... yep that was me. I did 12 miles in less than 3 hrs... I just am too hard on myself and really want to be able to do that 13.1 in less than 2 hr 45 min... I know its possible its not even a fast pace at all. Any ways I will be proud of myself whatever time I make. Bc this is my first, 13.1 is a haul, and everyone has to start somewhere. Sat was also the first time I have taken out a water bottle. I typically don't run w water I just down a bottle when I get back to the car. But my last super long run ( 10 miles) I felt like I hit a wall at about 6-7 miles in so I got a bottle with a hand strap so I don't really have to hold it, but it will definitely take some getting used to, that is extra weight and the strap rubs. I also had done some research on energy supplements for long runs. I wanted something that would not melt ( at least would not be messy if it did) and that I could easily chew up and swallow while running. I chose gummy bears as several had mentioned they were good for energy ( sugar) just didn't not have any other Nut Value. I measured out one serving BUT that sugar only helped about 20 min, so for me as someone who is counting everything not worth it if it did nt help very long. I picked up some Think Thin protein bars Sunday and will try those next weekend but will have to make sure I run on a hi carb day since they have a ton of carbs in them, but with the carbs they pack 20 GRAMS OF PROTEIN so I am hoping this will be perfect.
My plan is to run long again this coming up weekend then tapper of for the 2 wks right at the half. Giving my muscles plenty of time to fully recover prior to.
Just kind of a funny... You know that moment on a long run when  you see another runner approaching and you think "oh CRAP" they are going to speak or wave at me and I know it is not physically possible for me, to continue breathing, stay up right and either say hey or wave.... yep that was me towards the end Saturday, at least I can say I gave it my all...

Friday, November 1, 2013

New Month

Happy November!!!! I am exciting to be starting a new month with lots of new goals and with a new weigh... I went on and started carb cycling Wednesday since I had deemed Friday and Sat to be my hi carb days for this program, and really didn't want to start out with 2 hi carb days. Rather get a couple low carb days under my belt first... Today my scales said 175.2 ( yes I double cked) this is a 4.7 Lb loss since my Wednesday Weigh in... Of course this does not count in my book since I only track my Wednesday weights but it was super nice to see and encouraged me I am on the right track. Then last night I was up all night unable to sleep so I was going back over the last 6+ mnths and I remembered my first visit with the PA post surgery and he had asked me what I was averaging a day carb wise. I had told him I was not sure the DR and Nut. had told me to count my proteins and everything else would line up. The PA suggested I aim for half as many carbs a day and I was hitting in protein... or at least close to that.. in other words if its a 90 gram Protein day that would be 45 in carbs etc. I did this to the T for the following month and had awesome loss appt to appt.. Then somewhere along the way I think I got sloppy. I was looking back through MFP app and lately Ive been averaging about even protein and carbs.. SAY WHAT..
There are many carb cycle programs out there. The one I chose looks like this.
5 Low Carb Days and 2 HI Carb days a week.. They noted to set your calories for what is best for your own low carb days I've settled for about 1100 ( so far its been more like 950-1000) and 0-50 Carbs, I am getting the full 50 carbs lol... The Hi Carb days can be any 2 days of the wk, can be done back to back but does not have to, I will aim for 1200-1500 Calories and up to 243 Carbs... for me this will be more like 100 tops I don't know how I would get in 243 unless I ate bread or pasta but I don't eat those items anymore so I think 100 is better for me to aim for. 100 will allow a little more flexibility with out going crazy.
I am exciting to see what is to come, based on this mornings weigh in I am only 2.2 Lbs from the 100 lb mark and this makes to so happy I want to burst!