Monday, March 24, 2014

Half Marathon that wasn't but still was

So I was to kick of my racing season Saturday. You know what Ive been training for, for months.
Well Saturdays 13.1 was not supposed to be anything special. Its a free run so no bibs, t-shirts, timing chips, water stations..etc. its just a group of people that gather twice a year and run either a half, a full or a 50k. I ran with this group my first half back in November time was 2:48 ( 2hours 48 min). I was looking forward to Sat bc I really wanted to verify that I will be faster come April 13th when I run Rock N Roll. Per the GPS I was 45 min away from the starting parking lot. So I left an hour and five minutes before time to start. GPS took me to a sidewalk no parking to be seen for miles.... so I went down pulled off the road re-set my GPS bc you know maybe it was just stupid and didn't connect right or something. I mean I don't know how these things work. I did this 3 times each time the GPS brought me back to the same spot in the sidewalk. I went down and found a visitors center to the greeenway and parked there and called one of the people running this race. She said they weren't going to be able to start on time bc a LOT of people were lost not just me. Assured me however though I was only a quarter mile away get out and run it.. OK no big deal. I set my phone app and took off... 2 MILES later I see a parking lot woo hoo now we are getting somewhere... WELP my car was in the parking lot, and I had run a 2 mile scenic loop.... I gave up by this point it was 15 min after the race should have started so I just left. HOWEVER I didn't go home and cry and pitch a hissy fit like I wanted too.. I mean really I was in a mood I really could have done that. I went all the way back to my town and ran my 13.1 there. SO I did run the distance for a half sat just not with the group I wanted to. I also shaved 23 min off my November time so that thrilled me too. It was super beautiful here Sat so I went home loaded my daughter and her BFF up and went to the park. I ended up with a couple more miles ran there. So all in all a great running day. I so loved the warmth and the sunshine Sat.. Now, back to "Wintery Mix" tomorrow...
And an update on last weeks post about my full..
Game plan is to run April 13th Rock N Roll as a HALF. I don't want to risk injury. Thank you all for your kind words re: my last weeks post, it really helped me feel better about my decision. My goal is PR there ( personal record) I don't think this will be a problem since I tend to run faster with others. Will do the Tarheel 10, April 26th.. no biggy there just 10 miles but it is a VERY hilly course so I am libel to be sore when I get done, but that's ok variety is the spice of life Then I am doing my full in Fayetteville May 4th in the All American . I wanted to do this originally seeming we are a military family and this is a big time military event and runs through Ft Bragg. BUT I didn't sign up before for a couple reasons.. 1) My husband will be with his military unit across the state that weekend so no family to cheer me on. Bc You know I am not leaving my kid on the side of the road to cheer for me by herself for 5 hours how dangerous would that be. and 2) it starts at 6:30 in the morning...... THATS EARLY bc Fayettville is a solid hour from my house, then there is parking and getting to the starting line to think about... so we are talking about leaving home about 4:30, 4:45 at the absolute latest. But those reasons aside I am signing up this week. I want to run it and I want to run the full this spring so there. I am doing it. After I made my mind up I called my mother.. By the way my mom is one of my biggest supporters in life. She ties with my hubby..I asked her would she pick up Mikaela and the two of them try to be at the finish line about the time I get done. I mean I can ball park the time. That would keep any one from having to get up and O DARK THIRTY to go down and just stand for HOURS. She was thrilled I asked, she has never seen one of my runs before so she is excited to be there. So that solves the whole no family there issue . And maybe if my step dad rides down with the 2 of them, my mom would be willing afterwards to drive my car back, bc honestly after crazy long miles like that my legs normally cramp up big time on the way home. Although I am hoping with the strength training I am doing, that wont be an issue. So we will see.
I will be posting in another day or two about the ChaLean Extreme weight training. Its great and I am super excited to share all about it.
Anyways thats enough running talk for now :)


  1. Its good to know your limits and respect your bodies needs. It would probably feel really good to know you finished a full marathon, but could potentially hinder your progress moving forward. Proud of you for getting your run in even though things didn't work out as planned. Its easy to give up and move on with your day.

  2. Oh my gosh, girl. Just READING about all that running makes me tired. You are so incredible and I am so proud of you.

    Just knowing that your mom and Mikaela are gonna be at the finish line waiting for you will make all the difference. :)