Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Visit with the Surgeon ( well his PA) and stuff.. Warning very random post

So much has been going on in the last week or so since I posted. I was rather sick last week. Come to find out self induced sick. I hate that I stress to the point I physically am sick but that is something I am working on. Hubby's transmission went out on his vehicle about 5 days before he had to drive across the state to work with the military for a week. So we had to make a decision and one pretty fast. I honestly had told myself we would keep his car forever. It has always been my favorite car. A) its paid off, I mean what is better than that. B) we run a small farm and you can haul about anything in it, trust me we have. IT was an 97 Ford Explorer Sport( sport being the 2 door Explorer) but it ran well for a vehicle its age, yea it didn't have ac/heat, and yea the ceiling was falling down. But it was old enough that Matt could pretty much fix anything that broke on it. You know before cars started running on computers. A transmission though that's a big deal and since it wasn't like just a back up we drove when one of ours in down we kind of needed him in something that ran fast. Since I work and Mikaela is in school and track he cant just take off in my car leaving me car less for a week, weekend yes, 5 days not so much. We sat down and discussed thing and the fact that my car which is 100% more difficult to make repairs on was in need of a good $1,000 worth of repairs, decided that the best course of action was to attempt to find 2 cars and hopefully end up with a lower payment than I was currently paying, I know right crazy... BUT After a ton of praying we got the explorer to the scrap yard ( still not sure how it made it) and stumbled upon a car lot with a Truck for Matt that we got for cash so no payment still on his vehicle and got me out of the car and back into a SUV which we've been needing for quite sometime bc of the amounts of trips to Matt's moms that we make. AND Lowered my payment by $130 a month AND they connected me with a Insurance broker that lowered my car ins by $164 a month. Praise the Lord !  WE are on one income still ( with the exception of Matt's guard work) and any money we can save is SO NEEDED. It was such an answer to prayer. And the crazy thing was pulling out of the car lot I had no migraine no nausea, it was all gone, thus self induced by stressing. I have only once before bought a car where I didn't feel like someone was trying to trick me or pull something over on me but this time I left happy and so in peace.

So that was my last week drama. This week I went back to the surgeons office and saw his PA for my fill appt./  check in. Per their scale I was down 2#s since my January appt. I told her that, that was stressing me or I guess frustrating me would me a better description. She asked me why? I told her that my PCP had given me a goal of under 155 and that to be 7#s above that and struggling was frustrating. I did tell her that he was strictly going my the BMI chart though. She told me I am currently at goal and that she did not think loosing to be under 155 is a good idea given the training I am doing. She did say start going by my clothes rather than looking at the scale I wear a size 6 right now and medium in tops, I honestly never thought Id be an 8 much less a 6, and no intentions of going any lower. So I am comfortable where I am now regardless of that fact I will still be listed as "overweight" by the charts. I personally think they need to come up with a better way to measure that anyways than the stupid BMI chart that doesn't take into fact muscles at all. We did not do a fill either bc she says I need to focus on maintaining where I am at right now and she bumped my next appt back till June, so three months this time. I have to tell you I am a little relieved but scared at the same time. That may not make any sense but Ive never been successful at maintaining so we will see how it goes. Nothing else is changing I still run and am working on the weight training, my diet is up a couple hundreds calories a day to support the longer runs. And that has really helped with the post-long run fatigue.

To end you with a giggle... I am now laughing about this a couple hours ago was in tears but its ok you can all laugh at me too.. after my appt with the PA I stopped at the store to pick up supplies for our offices, We have 2 offices and 2 warehouses I shop for so a big trip. Me in all my grace fell out of my car. Like laid out on the asphalt the only part of me that didn't hit the ground was my head. Hand scrapped up, back scrapped up, of course now my back that I just spent the last 2 weeks trying to baby and get back to 100 % is hurting again, leg scrapped up. Purse fell off my arm dumping everything into the parking lot and all I could think was oh crap who is out here that just saw that... I honestly think I was the only one in the parking lot at the time, so that was a relief but boy did it hurt my pride. I am for the record one of the least coordinated people ever. I am ok with this its not new and if I was honest with myself should have seen it coming.  I was a little dizzy at the Drs office this morning which is not uncommon for me. IT was not vertigo dizzy so I kind of just brushed it off, but I guess I should have slowed down and been more careful knowing I was a bit off today. Oh well like I said I am laughing about it now. I have sat here trying to figure out exactly what I did so I can be careful not to do it again but I just have no idea. So hopefully I will just be more careful


  1. Keep on truckin' girl. You are an inspiration, and I love reading about your journey. Hope next week is better for ya :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm glad you are okay! Last time I fell I was flat on the ground before I EVER knew what happened. And then I immediately looked around to see who had seen it. Oh...just about 75 jr. high kids. :(

    I am WITH you on the whole BMI thing. I firmly believe it isn't accurate for athletes like yourself. You've got too much muscle mass for it to be an accurate scale. With the size clothes you are wearing? Shoot...i say you are ALREADY at goal. You are just amazing.

  3. YES please believe the PA!! I was in this position a long time ago (more than 10 years) and kick myself now for not appreciating the body I had when I had it. One of my best friends is very critical this way, too. She is a spin teacher, and very small, but always beats herself up due to a scale number, despite size evidence and what anyone else would say. The BMI or weight charts are not right when you are very athletic! But when you've struggled with weight loss I think you get really scared and bothered not to "hit that goal". It feels like you are justifying a failure or copping out. But it is so sad if you rob yourself of enjoying your SUCCESS and really likely (as the PA told you!) would be UNHEALTHY to try to go lower!

    Huge congratulations to you on the tremendous WL and your amazing athleticism, and I hope you can enjoy your success, and the process now of navigating maintenance!