Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weight in Wednesday #49

OK so I got my scales back after being "on Strike" with them. LOL
Today 162
Starting 273
Total loss 111
Dr ,well PA , as I said yesterday said I am at goal and shouldn't try to go any lower due to my training. So I just want to stay at or below where I am now at least till something changes with my training and competing. Which I love so I hope nothing ever changes, lol. At every race there is at least one old lady running and I want that to be me on day. I will tell you though I totally feel like an old lady now though after that fall I took yesterday. My daughter said this morning don't worry mom your not old we are just both clumsy.. I love her so much she always tells me how it is!

I will leave you with this pic.. this is so what is running through my mind every time I am outside running.


  1. Love this. I want to be the old lady out on the dance floor someday! We totally will be! :)

  2. i love the runner thoughts--i want those to be my every day thoughts when I'm 70. yesterday, the ELB and I saw an old (like in their 80's old) married couple in the parking lot at the store toddling around, yelling and arguing (yelling b/c they were both deaf apparently--arguing b/c neither could hear the other one yelling at them), and the ELB grabs my hand and says 'I want to be them when we're old'. that made my day--on top of the other good things that happened! :) hope you're having a great day--and that you aren't too sore from your fall!