Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wishbone Day!

So this post is in no way shape or form weightloss related but on a subject so near and dear to my heart. Today May 6 the is Wishbone Day.
Osteogenesis Imperfecta effects my sister, my brother and 2 of my nephews.
Most people that know about this disorder think of it as brittle bones. In fact it effects so much more than their bones. 
With OI one whole strain of collagen is missing from their body's. Collagen is in everything, their bones , their teeth , skin, blood vessels etc. Outwardly we notice their bones, they break they are casted (a  LOT) they heal and it happens again.
What we don't see it the teeth or the vessels ...the interior stuff. My brothers OI is what lead to his aortic aneurysm.  
So with all that said it's OI awareness day.  Enjoy your day and if u know someone w OI give them a hug, just be gentle... Lol

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