Sunday, June 29, 2014

Productive day

My best weeks in this journey come when I prepare a plan and work it.. Today I got up (w a headache which seems to be a regular thing again these days)  walked w my daughter and our new puppy. Came home and started cooking my lunch for the work week. Dinner for tomorrow night, muffins for hubby and daughter for breakfast this week. Also got about half the yard mowed all in all a great day so far.
Let me go back to the food . If I don't prepare lunches for the week on Sunday then I end up rushing trying to figure out something, in the morning,so normally end up w just a shake bc of poor planning. This leaves me very hungry when I get off work.  After work is my hardest time of day, if I am hungry when I get home I have no chance in ended the day on a good note food wise. So I went on and made tomorrow nights dinner also. This allows us I be able to eat shortly after I get home so I don't snack first then eat dinner... Cooking does not come easy to me so a couple weeks ago I started preparing dinner the day before all we have to do is reheat. Once dinner is done I start preparing dinner for next night... This works for me. I am a planner my brain works best that way. I know planning so far out (I have meals, 3 a day, planned out for the next 2 1/2 wks) doesn't work for everyone or every family but for me I need the structure.
On a running note today was the first 2 miles since a foot injury 2 wks ago and boy am I glad to be back out there, I just feel so much better when I can run.
That's Mikaela and our newest fur babie!

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