Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wow a little taken back ...

Ok so today I am working on scheduling my psch eval's.. the dr gave me a recommended list of providors but only one took my insurance and she is an hour and a half away so we pulled up our insurance web page and looked there and started calling.  I found one about 35-40 min away so I called her to see if she would see me. She informed me her views of overweight people.  ... here we go: overweight people are weak minded individuals and surgery will not correct this ... if u are not a weak minded person you should not be fat. Period no reason to ever be over weight not reason for surgury... well I politely said thank you for your time I will call someone else. I did nt even bother going any further down the list. Just went to the drs prefered providers and called the one an hour and a half a way.. she is very nice and even though she has no openings is going to stay late Friday for my first apt and come in Monday on her day off for my second..
There are many reasons we may be heavy. I am not making excuses for myself but I am ready for and committed to a change and the lapband is a tool that can help... just like a treadmill is a tool that can help w/ exercise...

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  1. Yuck...what a jerk! Sorry you had to deal with that, it must have been disheartening at the time :(