Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Appointment Number One ...Done

Went to see my Primary Care Dr today... Told him I have been to the Lapband seminar and that I have an apt with the Dr next Tue.... He was very supportive and proud of me, said the Dr I had chosen for the surgery was the best in the area. Which makes me feel awesome since my Primary is the best in his field in the area ( as described by others in the health care field) he took lots of notes of everything I would need from him for insurance purposes. We talked about my prescriptions and how soon after surgery he wants me back in for follow ups on them ( 2 wks for the record) He suggested I go on and start low carb, low sugar diet asap. So I will start that today !!
Got an offical start weight today along with height and BMI.... Uggg not good but it will get better here on out!!!!!

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