Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Journey to Lapband and beyond officially began Jan 17 2013

I have spent quite sometime studding, researching and reading blogs on Lapband.
A Dr first mentioned lapband to me about 3 yrs ago at a yearly exam at the time I was about
245 Lbs and if I was honest I was in shock she thought I was ... well lets just say "fluffy" enough for
for surgery. I always thought about weight loss surgery for people a lot larger than me. Once I got over my shock of being considered just that "fluffy" I did some research but never really followed through.
Fast Forward and Life Happens and though I try diet and exercise is not enough. Hubby deployed to Iraq a couple yrs ago so my family Dr put me on meds for anxiety, which added 30 lbs to my weight real fast...
I have high Blood Pressure, my knee aches all the time as does my back... I AM 32, this should not be what I am dealing with. I need to get the weight off. So back to researching and studding about Lapband. This time I signed up for and attended a Lapband seminar held in Raleigh at Rex by Dr Enoch (Surgeon). Hubby attended with me. And we decided I would have the surgery.
I already have an apt with my family Dr to discuss the surgery and what I will need.( Appt set for Wed jan 23) and I have my first Pre Op Appt with Dr Enoch set for Jan 29, at that time I will meet with him, my case mgr and the financial coordinator. After that I will have an appt for chest xrays, blood work, upper GI, gallbladder ultrasound,ekg, meet with Phyk Dr and Dietitian. After those 2 appt all will be submitted to Insurance Co and once Dr gets approval back one last pre op will be scheduled and surgery will be scheduled... Due to my insurance its a pretty fast process. other  insurance co take a bit longer.
Now in preparation I have already made some changes I am a SOUTHERN BELL, I live on Sweet Tea so I have stopped drinking it. Also since after surgery I will be required to chew ea bite of food 20-30 xs I have started counting how many times i am chewing..... do it some time 20 to 30 chews per bite is a lot, try it.. Anyways That is how I started More to come as I will be journaling my whole journey of weight loss and maintainace

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