Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to the Real World

This week we leave our summer time schedule and flexiblity and move back into the real world. The world of school, sports practice and games/meets, homeworks and projects. I will stay focus on my health though I can and will keep the household and family running while also getting my work outs in daily. I've done well keeping my schedule this week. Tues I had pick up duty from XCountry practice so I did my run at the park across from school while she was practing, yesterday we both had dentist apt which caused her to miss practice soooo like a good XCountry or Track mommy, I took her to the track after getting our teeth cleaned and we ran together. So I have proved to myself on days something "pops" up and I cant get to the gym, I CAN AND WILL still get my workouts in, this WONT be used as an excuse.

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