Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why I Weigh Daily

I know there are lots of theory's out there about how often you should weigh..Daily, weekly, monthly...etc...
Here is why I weigh daily. This works for me and I know wont work for everyone.
I weigh daily to monitor by body plain and simple. I do NOT fret over a gain one day as I know my weight fluctuates BUT the following is an example of how weighing daily lets me know something is wrong. Ive made a wrong decision some were, need to take some med...etc..
Sat I weighed in at 200.6, Sunday morning 205. NOW I know a pound is 3500 calories and no way I consumed 4.4 LBS worth of calories as I track ALL food and ALL exercise , I am VERY OCD about it. However I had ate out Saturday so I grabbed MFP ap and checked the sodium content.... My body is very sodium sensitive... not only do I bloat up like no ones business I end up w a killer migraine if I go over 2000 MG a day.... my sodium content for Saturday was 4500 MG  I instantly started drinking water knowing what was coming, and headed to the gym to get my work out in before it hit. By 2 pm I was in bed ,btwn trips to the bathroom to puke, with a migraine (by the way migraines gone but still fighting with a head ache I cant shake). Probably one of the worst ones ever. Since WLS I really have not checked the sodium in stuff, I mean at home we use red. sod items but if  I'm under my calories and hit my protein for the day Ive been ok with the sodium... So this really opened my eyes to when I check the calories and protein of restaurant food to check that sodium too... Honestly there is no reason to use that much ever I don't know why restaurants choose too but know I will check it next time and if I cant find anything low enough I just wont eat.
Today I am just back to 203... still 2.4 above my Sat weight so I thought ok sodium should be flushed out now whats up... Ive not gone "potty "since Saturday... This happens to be a couple times a month. But weighing reminded me I need to take something for that.
I only track my weight on Wednesdays as those are the only days that count to me but I do weigh daily and I don't obsess about it. I use it as just another tool to help me.


  1. That is an interesting way to look at it...I weigh daily but really shouldn't...I beat myself up about it and worry about it all the time...I need to just walk away when the moment hits me...lol!

  2. I really shouldn't weigh myself 6 times a day, but I do.

    1. ha ha...add me to this list. I weigh myself every time I walk upstairs near my scale. its interesting to me see the fluctuation.

      BTW...CFlick...your sodium revelation spurred something in me...I frequently have those giant jumps in weight...I'm going to track my sodium more closely!

    2. Chuckleheads check out your sodium for sure if you see big swings.. if its not that check your food log ea time you see a swing and see if there is something in common. I also know red meat sticks with ME several day.. so I dont eat it more that twice a wk or I see it in the scale...Its crazy what you can figure out if you look at it that way...Let me know if you see any trends :) We are all so differnt!

  3. I think you weigh in for healthy reasons, it is becomes overwhelming or there are emotions attached to it, I would say don't do it. But it can be a tool to become more aware of our bodies and what we eat/do.