Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weigh IN Wednesday # 19

This week I had a super exciting weigh in... Can you guess what I broke???
Yep 200.... Finally, and I leap frogged over 199 while I was at it... This mornings weight is 198.4 Lbs for a total loss of 74.6 LBS Woo Hoo! I only have about 48 more to go and for some reason just doesnt seem like that much any more. I guess b/c I've lost more than that at this point so whats another 48..
Below is an update photo, taken Sunday Morning

And on the running front. I signed up for a second half marathon. ( first one is Nov)
Rock n Roll Raleigh is being held 10 days after my 1 yr Band-aversary..... what a great way to celebrate!


  1. That is are doing fantastic...keep it up!!!!

  2. What an inspiration. So excited for you!!! You look great!