Monday, September 9, 2013

Great Weekend

Hubby was away with the Military this weekend. So this weekend myself and my daughter got to spend the whole weekend being girlie and enjoying ea other.. We don't always get to do "special" things when he is way but this weekend I splurged and took care of us a bit. It started Friday afternoon after her cross country practice. I picked her up and took her to the NIKE outlet and got us a couple T's... They say neverseenagirlrun??? across the front, super cute and we both needed some non tank top, tops to wear once it cools down on our runs. I will get a pic of us wearing them at some point and post them.
Then Sat I got up and headed to the gym early to get my long run in... I was doing set days for running Tue, Wed, Friday and Sunday so that'd Id get 4 days a wk in but I am thinking about changing it up and doing every other day.. so that's be 3 days one wk 4 the next . So back to my Saturday run... I ran 7.5 mile in an hour 30 flat...I looked to see  time wise where I was when I hit 5 miles ( because my next run is a 5 miler in 5 wks, so I got the 5 mile mark in 55 min, for me that is awesome. About a 11 min mile. My goal is to be about 10 min mile by the time race day comes around so we will see !
Anyways the trainer at the gym comes up and talks to me every time he sees me running. I wonder if it ever dawned on him how hard it is to chit chat, run,  NOT FALL and breath ..etc.. all at the same time :) That's fine though he is really helpful. He wants to to work in a "cycle"class( their version of spin) a couple days a wk, said it would be great corss training. I told him I had wanted to since I joined but was scared I would not be able to keep up.. He assured me I would be fine, so I will probably work up my nerve to try that at some point this wk. I do cycle a couple hours a wk but I think that I am to the point I need the challages of the class.
After I got home from the gym we went out to grab some lunch ( also special, we don't eat out much) then we ran by my dads house to wish him a Happy Birthday! After that we got our toes done. Boy did we both need that. Home pedicures are great but sometimes you just need a real one, ya know :)
Sunday neither one of us felt very well both woke up snotty w sore throats.. so we chilled out, watched some TV, cleaned the house up and ate some yummy chicken I had made the night before in the crock pot ( the only way I know how to cook)

All in all it was a fun weekend, you need one of those once in a while. Now back to work for 3 VERY long work weeks before I can breathe again.


  1. It sounds like you had a really relaxing weekend! We all need a break sometimes :) I'm glad you took time to pamper yourself!

  2. Nice! sounds like a great weekend! And are such an awesome runner!

    1. thanks girl.. I am super competitive and running gives me the chance to compete with myself everytime I get out there weather its outisde on the greenways or inside on the treadmill :)