Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Great long holiday weekend

I had a great weekend. Got to see a LOT of family. Grandparents, a couple aunts, my sister and her family, my mom.
Then Sunday I ran. Sundays are my long run day. Im not focused on speed as much as distance ( I have other days during the week I work on speed) So I got 7 miles in, and it felt great!
Then Monday I did some shopping. I had not had to buy to terribly much bc I was super blessed with A TON of hami downs. So I am just now getting to a point I am smaller than what was given to me and in need to go buy some stuff. I got a pair of black pants for work and a pair of jean capris ( both size 10 :) ) and a pair of kaki capris ( size 8, snug now but I can get them on.. should be good to go in a month of so)
Here is a group shot from my grandparents house.

                                 myself and my daugher, sis and her boys and my grandparents


  1. Good grief! Size 10! I'm dreaming of the day. Nice job on the 7 miles. I did 2.2 miles on sunday and thought I was going to die. Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...right?