Saturday, September 28, 2013

Last Couple Days

So this week we've completed here at work our year end inventory process. We wholesale lumber and keep$7-8 Mil on the ground and it all has to be counted pc by pc.. ITs tedious to say the least but we are about done. Ive been here 63 hrs so far this week and I got at least 5 to go today. So I am really wore out.
But that's ok because Ive had some great NSV all involving the guys that work with us but don't work HERE w me.. some of these guys in town this week haven't seen me since Feb the others haven't seen me since last Sept.... here's some of the things Ive heard and I got to tell you it all feels good...

* I know its not politically correct but... you look good girl what are you doing...
* Christy when you walked outside I didn't realize it was you till C called your name...
* I didnt want to say anything yesterday BUT you look completely different, your face is a different shape , and I think you look more like 18.. ( OK THIS ONE MADE ME LAUGH)
* whos the new girl... sits back in Christys old office... ( uh you mean me??)

So I know they are all sales people and have to kiss butt for a living so some if this is just them doing what they do but I had a big smile on for the last couple days...

ON a different note I HAVE to learn how to control my stress... I had one of the worst migraines Ive ever had here at work yesterday... I took everything I could get my hands on, called hubby made him bring me something stronger... took about a 15 m I had been here in nap mid day... and nothing even touched it.. I finally had to leave at 8pm (btw leaving at 8 I had already been here 13 hrs, and  9 of that w a migraine, puking and it all) I was a odd greenish color and still puking when I got home... Sleep last night helped a little bit no migraine today but my head already hurts so if I'm not careful I know I will be back in the same boat. I was really hoping as I lost weight I could get rid of the migraines but I get them for SO many reason( damage done to my neck in an accident, stress, used to be food) . YES Ive controlled my food induced migraines. But I just don't know how to fix the ones caused by stressed. I see a massage therapist twice a month. ( honestly 2 of my favorite times of the month, it does me good mentally and physically) bc I work my neck and lower head in to a huge knot that pinched down on the nerve that leads into the back of my skull. Before I started seeing her the Dr had given me 3 rounds of steroid shots into the back of my head/neck to relax the knot... those did nothing. Sharita on the other hand has done wonders so I am not having migraines 3+ times a wk only maybe 3  times a month. So Ive made progress but durn I wish I could be migraine free... I guess its just not meant to be.
Anyways I better get started on what I came in to do.
I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. So sorry about your migraines....I know those are no fun. My daughter gets them and it sometimes seems like nothing helps. Love the NSV's! Stress is such a nasty thing. It's like a 4 letter word. I find myself still turning to food in times of stress. I need to turn to the treadmill or something like that instead.

  2. Nice NSV's! Even though they're sales people, I'm sure you must look noticably different if they took the time to compliment you. Congrats :)

  3. I love the comments! Totally deserved too! If I was there I'd throw a line at you like, Are you a space girl...cuz you are looking out of this world. lol....

    Never had a migraine so I'm totally zero help with that...but I do hope they get better... :(