Monday, March 31, 2014

BIG BDAY and Family Medical Crisis

SO this is going to be a chocked full blogg the last week has been so crazy and BIG TIME emotional.

FOR starters. Today my BABY turns 13! Thats a big time Birthday right? I love her so much and I am so proud of the lady she is becoming. Friday she got out of school at 11:15 so I picked up her and 2 of her girlfriends for a sleep over. I got the biggest kick out of sitting in the house with the windows opened listening to them giggle and play like little kids... They went into the woods w a tarp and built a fort then put on the muck boots and went to the river and splashed around. all the while playing with these walkie talkies she had wanted. It was so cute for me to know she is 13 but can still play like a little kid. I think play is so important even as we grown into adulthood. After they wore themselves out I took them to the movies. In the town one town over from us there is this refurbished OLD theater. They play movies that are no longer in the theaters and getting ready for DVD release. and I enjoy going there bc you get the movie theater experience with out having to pay movie theater prices... So a win win. The rest of her celebrations with the family pretty much got canceled this weekend due to the rest of the blogg... she completely understood, just was a little bummed..

That was Friday into Sat. go back a little further, Thursday I was sitting here at work. and I receive a call from my mom, she is obviously upset. Once I got her to take a breath and tell me what was going on she tells me my brother ( lives in TN we are in NC) was at the hospital they found an Aortic Aneurysm and are medi-vacing him to University on Knoxville Med Center for emergency surgery. She was walking out the door of her office with the clothes on her back to get there as my sister in law and nephew( scott is only 6) were both at the hospital. He was in surgery for 10 hours Thursday night, the aneurysm DID rupture and he ended up in cardiac arrest on the OR table. Dr said they were able to get him out of it fast enough they aren't expecting any additional damage bc of that. But we wont know for sure till sometime this week hopefully. Everyone Dr, nurses, etc. Have said it is a miracle he is still with us. He is now doing as well as can be expected. He is still in ICU. His vision is about back to normal and he is regaining the use of his right arm which up till today he hadn't been able to use. His BP remains a BIG TIME concern. One minute they thinks its stable the next its elevated too high for a regular person much less someone in his condition. So prayers are needed regarding his BP. They wont release him from ICU till they can get that under control. My nephew is now in AL with his other grandma for the week, headed home next week, when my SILs sister comes to help out for a week. Then I will be going out for a week, the week of Mikaelas spring break. My brother is only 31... This is due to the bone disorder both him, my sister and 2 of my sisters children were born with. Back when we were growing up there was no Internet and all we knew was what the Drs told us.. they have brittle bones dues to the OI and that they are going to break, be casted /heal and re break it was part of life.. Now we know the OI effects much more that just bones. It is a collagen deficiency, so it effects, bones, teeth, causes cardiac issues and much more. My sister has an appt with her ortho this week to discus getting her heart scanned too to check for issues.

Now with all that said and b/c this is a WL blogg. How does stress effect me... NOT SO GOOD!
I dont think I have had decent quality food since Thursday. But yesterday was by far the worst. I was litterally physically exhuasted. I have been the go between from my mom and the rest of our world really, family, friends, FB contacts ect. which is great I love that but it means I was up late and up early Thursday and Friday due to people all over the world being in differnt time zones wanting updates. Friday even on my run I was taking phone calls and running which for the record is a bit challanging. I started ea call with, hello, please excuse my huffing but Im running and if you are ok with the huffing I am ok to talk :) I really couldnt stop though bc it was so cold outside if I slowed down my sweaty clothes got entirly too cold. But thats ok no one minding my huffing. By Sunday though I was really on the downward slope of just being way TO TIRED. Really my whole family was, all due to differnt reasons, Mikaela partied too late Friday night. Matt had been out of town with Army for 2 wks and doesnt sleep well at all when he is gone and me, well you get it. All 3 of us stayed in bed the WHOLE day yesterday. We got up to eat, let the dogs in and out, wash dishes and that was about it. I slept more yesterday than I think I have in years, I believe this was because I needed it bc I am SO NOT A SLEEPER. I am the first one up at my house everyweeked. Laying in bed is just not my thing. But you see I said we need get up for food, ok so to be honest this is what my food looked like bfast- Chips yummy that was healthy huh. Snack Cupcake.... another winner. lunch more chips.. dinner a frozen burrito.. I really dont think any of this even qualifies aas food in the real world but that is how I ate all day yesterday. So I am back on track today got my shakes and my chili with me at work. I confesse this so you know that even though I am down my weight I still struggle and probably always will with food choices.
I hope you all have a great week.. BTW my one year band-iversary is Thursday!


  1. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

  2. Wow....I'm so sorry about your brother. It sounds like you are handling it really well, and you may have eaten a lot of junk, but I am so impressed at you with your running - I was smiling imagining you taking the calls out of breath. :-) I'm glad despite it all, you are able to also enjoy the really special milestone of your daughter's 13th birthday. I agree that we all need to play and enjoy the little things. My son was wanting to splash in puddles the other day, and part of me wanted to stop him, part of me thought I should totally let him. :-)

  3. You poor thing! I'm so sorry to hear about your brother's illness. What a scary situation for all of you. I think handled things pretty well. Stress makes me depressed and want to sit on my butt doing the fact that you ran is impressive. Also - the food stuff is understandable IMO. You do what you can and then you move on...I'm making chili today for dinner so your reference just made my tummy hungry. :) And happy birthday to your teenager! Eeek! So exciting!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your brother! Eek! Please keep us all posted on him!

  5. I am so sorry and will be thinking about all of you in the coming days. I have the very same reactions when things get scary like this.

    Happy birthday to sweet Miss M! That is the age that I teach. They are so funny, goofy...just so loveable.

    Hang in there, girl. Hugs.

  6. Thanks everyone! One day at a time right? That phrase applies to so much in life.