Thursday, May 15, 2014

Morning work outs


I know I talked about this last blogg but I have been in the worse funk ever for about a month now.. like the kind where I am on my own nerves... A lot has changed over the last couple months and my work outs are all out of whack. And as you all know exercise is my anti depressant I believe this with my WHOLE HEART.
OK so a little back ground... My husband came home from Iraq with some injury's and while recovering for the last almost 3 years did not work. This allowed me to be a bit spoiled when it came to when and how I worked out. He was available to pick up our daughter from school EVERY DAY and cook dinner EVERY DAY. And I had the luxury of going running or to the gym for hours after work EVERY DAY.. So he finally went back to work in March, we needed this, mentally he needed this. But boy was I not prepared for how it would effect me, in no way shape or form am I upset he is working I just really had no idea how much would change. A) I have no one to unload my day to in the evenings anymore bc most days I am asleep when he gets home.. B) OM GOODNESS I have to feed I know that sounds silly but the whole time we've been together ( 9 yrs) with the exception of deployment, HE HAS BEEN THE COOK, he enjoys it, he knows a TON of fabulous recipes and why rock that right... C) I take my lunch to pick up Mikaela from school so no lunch runs... @ 5 I go home start dinner and do the animal chores( remember we got about a million chickens ok thats an exaggeration but well over 100) afterwork. By time I get all that done, I am pretty much done for the day. Like I said I was spoiled I haven't had to mess with any of this sort of stuff in years. So I have been horrible about taking care of me and my health needs. OK this pic is perfect of my conversation with a girlfriend at least once a week.
SO I have a new game plan.. I have 2 Beach Body Programs.. CheLean which is weight training and Brazilian Butt Lift which is basically a TON of squats but thats ok I enjoy it. My goal since I cant seem to do the whole get up an whole hour plus early to do a full work out is... To do the 10 min B. Butt video.. its just a short work out but means Id only have to get up 15 min early, I mean there is NO EXCUSE to not get up 15 min early. Once ( hopefully with in just a couple weeks) I get used to the new wake up time I will get up another 10 min earlier to do the 10 min Chaleans ab work out. Even though both are short they are both very effective, um if I actually do them :). I am hoping getting up and getting my blood flowing first thing will help with my absolutely awful outlook recently and hopefully provide more energy to get a full work out done most evenings.
Also I had to fess up to a girlfriend and ask for some cooking tips, How terrible is that 34 years old and cant cook squat... until last night myself and Mikaela hadn't eaten a regular meal (healthy) in about 2 weeks. Which is not good for either of us.
So here's to being honest about what I have going on.. CANT COOK AND LAZY BY NATURE WITH AN AWFUL ATTITUDE and heres to changing that ASAP!


  1. I love this post so much. You made me laugh out loud several times. When John got a day job after being a musician who only worked weekends, it totally rocked my WORLD. Cooking, grocery shopping...all of that.

    Yay for your hubby getting better!!! That is fantastic!! You're gonna adjust and in the meantime...cut ourself some slack. You are one of the most bad-ass chicks I know and if there is anyone who can do ANY's you. Hang in there. XOXO

    1. Thank you Julie, Your words of encouragment always lifts my spirits:) You are such a wonderful friend!

  2. this blog kinda reminds me how spoiled I am during the winters when my boyfriend is not at sea. He does 90% of the cooking (he loves it, and honestly he is a better cook than me) and also does most of the housework so every summer I get a shock when I no longer have him at home, in my dreams I would order in everyday and just buy new clothes instead of washing them hahahahaha

    1. Girl sounds like we are in the same boat :)