Saturday, March 30, 2013

H2O Fitness

OK so as you know I have joined the wellness center and the reason to leave my gym and join the wellness center was bc I wanted the classes and the pool.. So far I have been to scared to try a class ( can I keep up, I am very uncoordinated...yada yada yada)   just trying to get used to the new cardio machines and observe everything going on. But today I went in and did my 50 min on the Elliptical and 25 min on the stationary bike then went down stairs and took the H2O Fitness class...
Here is their description of the class" A great class for aerobic training and body toning since water offers 12 times the resistance of the air! All levels are welcome. Your intensity level can be determined by your effort but the impact level in the water is always minimal.
This class was the best WHOLE body workout Ive ever had and so much fun . It was harder than I expected, I have to admit. But I was able to keep up no problem. I plan to add this to my weekly gym schedule at least twice a wk, maybe 3 times!
Anyone that has the option of taking this kind of class I very much recommend it.

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