Friday, March 1, 2013


Thank Goodness its Friday!!!!!
Its been by far one of the worst weeks of work for me ever. To the point Im looking for a new job after 14 years at this one... Makes me a little sad but I think its time for a change. I will be sending off resumes as soon as I am through surgery ( need to get that behind me first though)
BUT today I am taking a half day of vacation, going to watch my daughter play in her first soccer game of the season this afternoon! I am very excited about that.
AND though this week has been horrible here are work my eating has not been ...well has not been as horrible as it could have been lets put it that way. I 've lost just over 2 lbs since Monday ( which I am more than happy with) when I started the modified liquids. BUT hubby has these Easter Reece's at home right now so after my "family dinner" each night I have had 2 of those ea night. I guess it could have been worse I didnt not eat a whole bag ea night :) For some reason I think the holiday Reece's are so much better than the regular ones, I have no problem staying away from the regular ones. Hubby said its bc the Holiday ones have more peanut butter in them...
Anyways on to what I hope will be a much better day and a Great Weekend!


  1. Hey... I saw you on one of the Pre Op post on Looks like you and I will be having surgery around the same time. I enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to follow : )

    1. Thanks for following Kim. Do you have a surgery date yet?

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