Thursday, March 14, 2013

PCP Today

Went to see my PCP today so he could confirm what I already knew... I have Bronchitis...I get it every year so I know as soon as I get it, but as a rule of thumb must attempt OTC med for a wk before  I can get a prescritption to knock it out... BC I have had a busy week its been about 10days on OTC instead of just a wk so I am thrilled to be starting on something that will knock this crude out of my chest.
Even with the chest congestion I have been at the gym daily and on that Elliptical, its my BFF  :) lol.....
I will be touring a new gym ( well new for us) tonight my current gym is just a gym, no classes, no pool. But very affordable. The new one is a wellness center. Its about 5 min closer to my house so nothing to write home about there but has a TON of classes  and scheduled ALL day and night not just during the work day like some of the smaller gyms do. PLUS it has an heated indoor pool and on Fri evening is Family Swim night and my daughter can swim then too... I am excited to go look around and I have a list of questions. WE will most likely be switching this weekend. Right now for myself and my hubby we spend $40 a month on our combined membership, once we change it will go up to $89 combined ( not individual) and it includes so much more... He already takes a wellness/fitness class at the community center that we pay $30 for 6 wks of  and I would like to take a class or 2 so when we thoght about what we would be spending for classes PLUS gym membership it just made since to switch to a gym that cost more but included all the class's and the pool in the long run I think it will end up being cheaper. And I know we will be happier.

And again Nothing Back from Insurance Yet!!!!!!!!!

Thats my Thursday... :)

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