Thursday, March 21, 2013


 I called the surgeons office yesterday to make sure the insurance coordinator sent my ppwk to the insurance co for approval Monday as she said she would .... and GUESS WHAT! She did nt. She said she had "JUST" sent them off that morning..
Probably meaning once she got my voice mail she said OH CRAP, sent them off real fast and called me back. I am going to call the Insurance co today to make sure they DID receive them bc at this point I just don't trust her, which is asham.
So I am still waiting

Mean while I am in the gym every night getting stronger every day which I know will make surgery and post op easier. The wellness center is wonderful. There are no lines for any machines. No muscle men walking around like they own the place, just people of all ages and fitness levels working out at there own pace. I am hoping to be brave enough to join a class next week :) will see!

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