Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #26

Good Wednesday morning! Today is my 6 month band-a-versary!!! Yay!
Weigh in today 183.4 (same as last wk)
Total loss 89.6 lbs
Mini goal 7.5 wks left and 10.4 lbs to go...
I re-took my measurements last night. I love seeing my measurements, its a great way to see how far I've come.
So here we go.. All are inches
Chest 39.5 beginning was 52
Waist 37.5 beginning was 47
Hips 41.5 beginning was 55.25
Neck 14.25 beginning was 17
Thigh 23.5 beginning was 28
Calf 17.5 beginning was 20.75
Biceps 11.5 beginning was 16.5
Forarm 9.5 beginning was 12
Wrist 6.25 beginning was 7
Ring finger 2 3/8 beginning was 2.5
new body fat % is 31% (average healthy female is btwn 20&30 )
New BMI 29..just overweight no longer OBESE!
I am also off two of my RXs..
My BP is running about 115/70.. once and a while I am bust out a 140/88 like the old days but normally when I'm not feeling well or under more than normal stress. Resting heart rate is running btwn 55-59 which is super!
I have to say I am so pleased w the results thus far.  Its hard work but I am staying focused and I am now about 35 lbs from my goal..which sounds like nothing compared to what I started out needing to loose.
I created a photo collage pics twds top are oldest twds bottom are most recent.


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    1. Thanks Girl! Its a happy happy day for me :)

  2. Happy 6 month bandiversary! Congrats!

  3. YAYAY!!!! You are such an inspiration! I love the 6 month recap...and yes you got the band...but girl....! This was hard work and ALL YOU!!!