Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Modified Liquids

Since things have been so delayed due to my surgeons office loosing my psych eval, and having to wait for 3+ wks for my psychologist to get back in her office to resend it. I decide to go on and make some big changes in prep for surgery in hopes that when I am approved I can swing a 1 wk preop all Liquid Diet instead of 2 wk. The purpose of the liquid diet pre-op is to drop several LBS quickly to shrink the liver to make it easier for the surgeon to work around. The surgeon described it to me as your liver is very "real" time.... if you are gaining weight it is larger even if you are small, if you are loosing weight it is smaller, even if you are heavier. Also my Dr wants me off Advil and Aspirin for wks prior to surgery so I stopped those 2/21/13.
Starting 2/25/13 I have been eating what I am calling a modified liquid diet, cconsisting of Protein shake for breakfast and lunch, cottage cheese for snack and reasonable dinner with my family... so far I am down 2 LBs, total loose since my first Dr appt 11 :)..woo hoo! Still holding my breath I can have a March surgury date!

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