Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday update and visit w my nephew

We had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday this year. We started Thursday at the Turkey Trot race. . It was 25 degrees and the cource was 5.1 miles. I ran faster than ever before for that distance and was so thrilled. It was our first thanksgiving home for the holiday (literally first in my whole life) and we so enjoyed making our own memorys. My husband was in charge of the Turkey and half the sides.. me and our daughter handled the desserts and the other half the sides. Then my nephew also spent the weekend w us. We went to the park, made reindeer ornaments, made cupcakes, watches movies, played w legos.. all in all just had fun( cause that's what visits to aunties are for right). Food choices definitely could have been better for me I won't hide that (not horrible but not wonderful). I have an accountability buddy for my workouts and this morning I asked if I can send her my carb totals for the days when I send her workouts daily, we struggle the same way so I think that will help. I know I have not been on point bc today I woke up for third day in a row w headache, my body is so sensitive to foods and I pay for it w a headache if I make poor decisions. So I am committed to doing better to survive the Christmas holiday. I mean who wants to spend the holiday feeling like crap , right?
Well I will leave you with some pics from the weekend.


  1. You didn't lose that 100 pounds in 1 day, you wont gain it back in 1 day either. You're doing great, so I'm sure you'll do better for Christmas. The headache part sucks though! I'm sorry :(