Thursday, December 12, 2013

PCP Apt 12/12/13

So I went to see my PCP today.. I SOOO didn't make my goal of being under 170 but that's ok. It was so nice to see his HUGE smile on his face when he walked through the door and saw me. I've not been to his office since June so last time I saw him I was down about 55# today 102#s. We discussed my Rx's that I currently take.. I'm down to only 2 dailys, still have 2 as needed that I normally have to take a couple times a wk for migraines and then the 2 for vertigo that Ive only had to take once since June. But when I started this process I was on 7 dailys OM Goodness! He agrees with me that I still need my BP meds ( my only 2 dailys now) since on my meds its still in the high end of ok.. I have family history of High BP, even the skinny folks, so my BP not dropping does not surprise me. I wanted it to but was not holding my breath.
He put orders in for me to have labs done in Jan so I go back fasting Jan 21. I am eager to see what they say ( cholesterol has been border line high for a couple years now). He will have them go on and do bariatric labs too at the same time to check all my vitamin levels since surgeons office has not done them yet.
I also asked him what my goal weight should be, bc everything I read is different BMI, Ideal BW, etc.. He told me to aim for less that 155. Then he asked what I was thinking  I told him to stay btwn 148-150 constantly.. he said anywhere between 148-155 would be great for my height and build. So yay I was pretty much right on in my goal thinking... not too terribly much further to go but I fear that last 20 or so will take a while. But I will have to wait and see, I start training for my FULL marathon in January so it may not take that long as I will be booking a LOT more miles come Jan.
Tonight I'm off to that dreaded "core" class that kicked my butt 2 wks ago.. I am going to go until it don't
Below are a few motivation pic's I just needed today.

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  1. You rock...and holy moly...did you read what you wrote??? THE LAST 20! I'm just cheering you on from freezing cold Kentucky!!!!