Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review

How do I summarize a year in one blogg post.
This year has been a crazy, exciting year. Full of personal growth and change.
I desided a year ago I would have WLS, attended the seminar in Jan, went through all the testing and had my band w plication placed April 3rd 2013.  As I started my journey I decided this would be a lifestyle change not another diet. I would not do anything I could not stick w forever. I started excerising and found great relief in it. Relief from stress, relief from my own head (sometimes I think I am and my mind is my own worst enemy), after a while relief from chronic body pains and aches. I have lost a total of 107# , have ran a half marathon,  and am training for a full. What I am most proud of though is setting a healthier example for my family. I love them so much and want us all to be healthy for a long time. Lead by example, I firmly believe that's the best way.  I am far from perfect in this journey but I look for my faults and work to correct them regularly .Hears to a healthier 2014!

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