Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday WOOT WOOT!

Happy Wednesday Morning!
Well we are in full swing holiday mode. After a long and fun filled Thanksgiving. We start our Holiday travel season next weekend with visits to both of my grandparents houses, then the following week (mid-week) we take off to see Hubbys side of the family. Christmas Eve with my Mom, Christmas morning at home then off to my Dad ( still got to confirm but that's what we normally do) the day after Christmas will be sending Mikaela off to my sisters for a couple days. With all that running and not being at home with my food I am a little worried about weight loss this month. I mean I will bring my shakes out of town with me and that will help a bit but wont really help at meal times. So I have decided to really focus for the next 2 wks on low carbs and my exercise, I will aim for 50 ( ish) carbs a day, except on my long run days ea weekend, and workout wise I am aiming for 6 days a wk and on Tue and Thur being a double work out ( running at lunch and cross training or classes at night). I hope to see decent results then, I am not going to stress myself over the travel times as long as I don't gain I will be happy. When we are at my MIL's I will have my workout clothes with me and will run daily there, she lives in the mountains so that will be good hill training for me anyways. Jan 1 kicks off my FULL Marathon training which I am super super excited about.

On to my weigh in
Starting Weight 273
Todays Weight 171.7
Total Loss 101.3 ( BIG SMILES TODAY)
So somehow over the last week I was able to loose 1.8 Lbs (over a major holiday) and break the 100 # mark YAY! I am so excited. This is not just MY journey but my family is right in it with me and I am so thankful for them and their patience. They are just the BEST!
I go to see my PCP next Thursday, I haven't seen him since June and he wants to make sure my BP meds is still right now that Ive lost some weight. I would really like to be below the 170 mark. So anything 169 point whatever :) We'll see.

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  1. Check you out! What an awesome milestone to pass!!