Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weekly Weigh in "TUESDAY" #37

So I am doing my WIW on Tuesday this week. Because in 8 hrs and 18 min I start a much need break. I will be off till Monday , work Mon, Thur and Friday then off again till Jan 2nd so I'm lovin it. This week while I'm off, though I got last minute stuff to get then we have a trip to see my MIL ( 5 hrs one way in the car with hubby and kid and 2 dogs :) ) So that's why I'm doing my weigh in today and not tomorrow. I'm just not sure how much blogging time I will have over the next several days.

Starting weight 273
Current weight 168.9
yep I broke into the 160s this week!
Total loss 104.1

 I have a couple NSV this week.. So when I get to the gym I check in at the front desk they scan my card and a pic of me from MARCH pops up on their screen so they can verify that person on the screen is person in front of them... WELL... last Friday the gentlemen that checked me in commented on my WL told me how different I looked even went as far as to turn the screen so I could see ( like I could forget..lol)
then again last night the lady that checked me in asked me how much I had lost and said I don't even look like the same person anymore. So now even people I see in passing are noticing.
2nd one was also gym related... When you sign up at the gym I go to, a trainer meets with you normally with in a week and does a fitness eval and puts together a general plan for you. Then shows you how to work all the equipment. Well the guy who did mine back in March ( a wk  before  my surgery) is just great, he speaks to me every time I'm in there weather he is in there to work  ( on the clock) or weather he is in there doing his work out( on personal time). Friday night I was there just cycling away on the stationary bike when he came up to me with a girl ( probably early 20s) he said he was so happy I was there, that he had just been telling her all about me in her fitness eval and now I was there so she could meet me. We chatted a bit about my WL and my work outs. But it made me super proud to be an example. So anytime I see her in there I plan on making a point to speak to her, I know how intimidating it can be when you are starting out. PS this is way outside my comfort zone I don't speak to any one I am super shy especially at the gym. I always just come in work out and leave. I hope that forcing myself to speak not only helps her but helps me come out of that shell a bit too.

Anyways I hope you all have a great week. I will chat again soon :)


  1. I have to be honest one of my biggest fears is the gym honestly. I fear everyone watching me as the fat girl. It is a BIG fear I have. I am debating on joining a new gym that is opening up and that's one thing holding me back.

    I have no idea where to even start too. How did you do it??

  2. Hey Lora.. I switched gyms right before surgery. . From one that was full of "fit" people to a wellness center that has an older clientel. Every one is heavy or older than me by a lot or just regular...no crazy looking muscle builders. Finding a gym that you are comfortable in is probably one of the most important things when u start going..i mean if u aren't comfortable u won't be as likely to go right..one of the most motivating things I ever saw when I joined was an elderly man w a portable oxygen tank on the treadmill..from that point on I have told myself I have no excuse to not to do my workouts.. find something u really enjoy and do that. ..you can do it girl. .. i have just started taking a class or two a wk and still stay in the back and I havnt been brave enough to do the weight machines yet but I will get there..baby steps :-)