Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #36 and a little Reflection

Good Wednesday Morning. Happy Hump Day.
Weigh in Stats
Starting Wt 273
Current Wt 171.1
Total Loss 101.9

The closer and closer I get to goal the slower and slower the weight is coming off.
This was to be expected and has not caught me by surprise. So I am choosing to reflect on who I am right now vs who I was back when this journey started.
*I am stronger physically, mentally and emotionally
* I am healthier and more fit than I have been in years..
* I am off 3 of my daily Rx's  ( still have BP meds)
* I am more focused on everything ( I think the exercise helps clear my mind so this can be possible)
* I am a RUNNER and LOVE IT.
* I wear a size 8 vs 20
* I am happier in general ( I believe its easier to be happy when you feel good about yourself and what you are doing)

what about some visual black and white numbers
Well measurements... I took my first set the week I went to the WLS Seminar, this was in January ( surgery date was 4/3/13)

                                    Jan ( all in inches)                   11/28/13 ( all in inches)
Chest                            52                                              38.5
Waist                            47                                              35.5
Hips                              55.25                                         40.75
Thighs                           28                                              22
Calf's                             20.75                                         16.75
Biceps                          16.5                                            12
Forearm                         12                                               9.5
Wrist                            7                                                 6.5
Neck                            17                                               13.75
 OM Goodness that is nearly 50 inches gone never to be found again, 49.75 to be exact!

So even though the last 20 lbs will most likely crawl by, I have come so far and wont let myself be discouraged over the zero or half pound loss weeks. I will get there. This has been a great journey so far, Ive learned so much about myself and health and fitness. I am a better wife and mother for this journey.

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  1. Keep up the great work! You're doing great and look great! Such an inspiration!!!