Saturday, December 14, 2013

Amazing what your body CAN do

I was at the gym last nite ( like most evey nite) when it hit me.. my body has done what I've asked it to everytime I exercise. Everytime I work out I do a little more... a little more time, or resistance or miles. Last nite I rode the stationary bike for an hr. And as I rode I remembered the first time on it. . I rode 6 miles in 30 min and thought that was good... a few time later I hit 7 miles in that same 30 min.. I came home and was so happy and told hubby all about it.. last night though I set the resistance higher than ever before and I rode further and faster than ever time I hit 60 min I looked down and I had rode 17.35 miles in 60 min. When I got home I followed up w 155 squats w a medicine ball.. Do I feel it today. .yep a little bit, but not terrible.
So here it is almost 730 am and I'm headed back to the gym. 
It can be done start up even if its just going one minute further the next time.

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