Monday, July 15, 2013

First Fill...

I went today for my second "fill" appt. My first fill appt we decided I did not need one. This one however I did. I was getting hungry about ever 2 hours where as last apt it would be 4-5 hours, and that was the big factor. Since I had the plication with my band the Surgeon had told me that he would not give me much if any fill at surgery. So coming in today I knew I probably did not have much. It was interesting to watch the barium go through my band, and boy that first cup went straight through. The PA came in and took what was in there out..... there was nothing in there just some air. Then he added me 2cc's in my band. Watching the second cup of barium go down was MUCH different more what I expected, slower then went on through. So I am on liquids for 2 days, then mushies for 2 days, then back to normal.
While I was there I mentioned to the PA the pain Ive been having around my port. I was kind of guessing it was due to the fact its attached to my abdominal muscle and I work out hard 7 days a wk but I wanted him to just tell me that b/c its been hurting more and more. He looked said it was not swollen or warm to the touch or mis-colored so he was certain I was right about why it was hurting. Which made me feel better.
I saw my trainer at the gym Saturday we had not bumped into ea other in a couple wks so we chatted for a bit. He was supper excited how different I look now compared to when I joined in March. I told him about running group and he told me about a group in my town. I told him I had seen that one but was afraid they'd leave me if I was too slow and wanted to get my speed up before starting with them. He told me they wont that someone would always stay back. SO once the C25K program is over I am going to start running with them at least once a wk. I also told him about my upcoming 5ks and 5 milers and he asked me about half marathons and I admitted I really want to do one in Nov. He was familiar with both that I am looking at and gave me course info on them both. Also suggested Rock n roll Raleigh half marathon next spring. I went home and looked it up and its 10 days after my 1 yr band-anniversary I cant think of a better way to celebrate! They have live bands/music every mile along the way. So I will be signing up for that one also :)
Fellow banders how do you celebrate your milestones?


  1. I have been thinking about the Rock n Roll Raleigh half also!

  2. Is plication where the fold your stomach over in addition to the band? Dr Yoo was doing that right before we had our surgery as a trial or something but he stopped right before we had ours. It's interesting to hear the differences

    1. yep thats what it is. I love my band+plication but with that said have never been banded with out so its hard to know what difference its making. I have to think it helps though since my band was all the way empty and I was fine hungar wise until a couple wks ago