Monday, July 22, 2013

Time for a little reflection

Yesterday while I was at at the gym, I jumped on the treadmill and decided to do a 5k there. I have not done one on the treadmill since right before my color vibe run in June ( June 22nd, so about a month ago) I typically stay off the treadmill since I have running group Mon, Wed and Friday. So when I am at the gym I focus on other Bike, Elliptical, Rowing etc.
So as I was there, what was running through my head?? ALL the things that I can do now I could not do a month ago, 4 months ago, 6 months ago....
*The last time I ran a 5K on the treadmill I could run 2 min walk 2 min, run 2 walk 2. Yesterday I ran about 80% of the time and I shaved 5.5 mins off the last time I did it on the treadmill.
*What about sleep... 4 months ago I could "sleep" 10 hours and still not feel rested. Now I can get 7 and I am good to go. The quality of my sleep has even improved.
*How about my self-esteem. I have ALWAYS been lacking here. But there is something about working hard towards a goal and actually SEEING RESULTS that makes me feel more confident. I can walk through the store or a parking lot with my head straight up not staring at the ground hoping no one sees me, much less speaks to me.
*Example... My life is an example to my family, my daughter is not overweight, she has an athletic build but she is seeing my struggles and has realized she wants to change a couple things too.. she has also taken up running... She has been joining my running group w me and is trying out for the cross country team at school next week. ( running is something we will always be able to do together)
                                                Friday 7/19/13 Group Pic There are plenty more ways life is different now vs just a couple months ago but those are the ones that popped in to my head I was chugging along yesterday.
 I still have days where I feel like I am not getting anywhere but that is one of the reasons for this blog so I can look back and see where I have been. See the weigh ins, see the pics, and there are days I feel like I CAN and WILL conquor the world and more and more its the later...


  1. Wow, that is awesome that you can count all of these great accomplishments in just four months! Keep up the awesome work girl!!!