Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wants VS Needs

I am sitting at my desk SO wanting food ( WANTING I soooo dont NEED it not hungry at ALL) ... it is seriously all I can think about. Maybe its because I have not had real solid food since Sunday at lunch due to my fill ( tomorrow I can go back to normal food yay) but really, Tuesday night I even dreamed about food. Then this past Saturday it was rainy and I don't mean it sprinkled a little it down poured all day long.. honestly it has rained, up until Sunday of this week about every day for the past 6 wks.... we are 8 " above average in rain for the year crazy huh..ANYWAYS on to the subject, ( chasing bunny's again) after I got home from the gym ( ok I did do 2 hours cardio but still) all I wanted to do was sit on my, now thinner but still rather plump BUTT and watch TV and EAT!!! I thought I had moved past this point in my life, this point where my brain controlled such things... I say all this to keep myself  honest... 4.4LB loss wk or not I still struggle and I think I probably always will. I just have to stay focused on my goals and  life's bigger picture..

                                          ABSA-FREAKIN-LULY!!!! LOL
A Promis to myself!!!!

Reminder to myself!


  1. I HATE HATE HATE head hunger...It is a MAJOR downfall of mine. I still haven't mastered it yet...but I am working on it....GOOD LUCK!

    1. thanks girl.. thank goodnesss I knew/know whats going on and have not given in BUT its crazy how strong those urges are . Literaly having to fight myself...crazy :)
      Good Luck to you too!