Monday, July 8, 2013

July 4th Celebration, Nephew Visit, and Welness Apt

I am back at work today, been off for the last 4, which was very nice.
July 4th is and has always been my favorite holiday. We don't have to travel and there is not much stress, just get to hang out and have fun! So I asked if my nephew ( 3 yrs old) could come spend a couple days with us. And he did and we had SO MUCH fun with him.

                                         ( pic of me, my daughter and nephew)
We picked him up Thursday and took him back Sat and those 2 days where packed FULL of excitement... Thursday we visited with both of my parents. My dad brought over some fireworks at dark and we shot them off. We also tye dyed t-shirts which was super fun for them to do.
                                            (K and W in their Tye Dyed T shirts)
Then Friday after I got back from my wellness appt we went to the farm where we get our chickens from ( they have 400-500 at any given time, makes out 150 look like nothing :) )
and picked up 4 more chickens. And we finished off the day at a Baseball game, after the game was over they shot off fireworks. We all had a great time and are looking forward to the next time he can come spend a couple days with us.

So my sister had a baby a couple months ago and when we dropped Wesley off I got to visit with them and see the baby again. I had not seen him since right after he was born. ( I was 3.5 wks post op. Below is a pic of me with him at the hospital, and me with him Saturday. HUGE DIFFERENCE. So glad I decided to take pics of my journey

                                            ( in hospital w H I was 3.5 post op)
                                        ( Saturday 7/6/13  13.5 wks post op)

I wanted to recap my Wellness Apt too.. I have a Mary Kay girlfriend who just started working at a wellness center in Raleigh during the week, she knows about my WLS b/c she had asked about my WL and I was honest , told her big diet change, LOTS of exercise and LAP BAND! Well for the last month I have been contemplating changing my WL GOAL. When I graduated high school I was 170, I was not FAT, I always had an athletic build in High School ( bulky muscle not lean). So the more I thought about basing my WHOLE goal off the BMI chart which is very one size fits all in my opinion, I wanted more info. Natasha's center has "fancy" equipment that tells you what your body fat % is and how much muscle you currently have , etc. So I went in to see her Friday, for more info on my body... I mean I see the scale, and the mirror, and I re-take my measurements ea month...etc.
So first info she gave me was my body fat % ...probably could have lived forever with out knowing that but any who here it is... was 41% YIKE I would have been scared to see it 60+ Lbs ago.... BUT the good news is I have 119 Lbs of muscle. YAY! I thought that was awesome! She can re-evaluate me at any time so I will probably try to get by there about every other month or so for updates and to track my progress. SO I asked her based on my results and BMI and measurements etc.. what would she set my goal at if it was her. She said more like 150-160 LBs since my muscle weight is so high. So I think 160 is my new goal and once I get there I will re-evaluate and if I feel like I can get to the 145 mark in a healthy way I will shoot for it. I am also going to do some studying about body fat % and maybe have a 2 part goal, LBS and Fat %...

OH and I said a couple weeks ago I was trying to up my protein and water. Let me tell you how that is going... I am averaging about 90 oz of water a day. Sometimes 80 oz sometimes a 100... so 90 is about average.. Still want to get it up to over 100 average...
Protein goal was 90-100 grams, after meeting w Natasha, she suggested 119 grams protein a day ( she says they suggest one gram for every LB of muscle). She also gave me some suggestions on how to achieve that. So right now I will just aim for over 100 once I have that down then 110 then 119. That is still keeping my calories btwn 1100 -1200 as they have been for the last couple weeks. So protein, water, and my running are my July Health goals.


  1. I think I might have said this to you once so disregard this if I have. But I like mixing a full scoop of protein powder with a pre made protein shake. Keeps me full when I'm in need of a fill and It can help you get up there in numbers. If you go with slim fast high protein (kind of hard to find) that has 20 proteins and add a scoop of powder and blend that gives you close to 50 grams of protein just for breakfast!

    1. That is a wonderful idea. I cant believe I had not thought of that :) I got some protein pwdr I that is not my favorite, ( I LOVE CHIKE ICED COFFEE) that I really want to use up so I dont feel like Ive wasted it. So I think I will add some to my Chike Shakes in the morning. Thanks for the Tip :)