Thursday, July 11, 2013

C25K Running Group Update

Last night was week 3 day 2 of my C25K training program with running group. I have to tell you I LOVE this running group. I have 3 ( planning on a fourth) upcoming runs on the books.
*August I have a 5k to raise money for SIDS
*Sept I have a 5K to raise money for Ovarian Cancer research
*OCT I have a 10 K ... I am super excited about this one, will be stuff for the whole family to do!
I have personal goals for each one... THEN I am planing on doing a Half 
Marathon in NOV. I know crazy huh, but I am really enjoying it so I thought well I should keep upping the challenges. After my C25K running group is over, I go straight into a program training for a full marathon and by the time the  half marathon shows up, I will be past half marathon distance in my marathon training.... I am not sure I will ever run a marathon, we will see. I just want to be trained for one so that I can. I think it will make running the other distances easier.
                                       Last Nights Running Group Pic 7/10/13

                                                This pic cracks me up.... When I have to do my run on the treadmill I have to pretend in my head somethings chasing me or I slow thus the point of driving 40 min one way just to run w a group of people.... much harder to slower down when  you are with peers :)


  1. yay you! Saw your link posted on LapBandGal and came visiting. I'm also doing the C25K...and have a "virtual" group of ladies I'm running it with. I'm just starting week 3 this next week. Awesome job!

  2. Howdy, found you by accident but I am glad I did.

    I had my lap band done a year ago in June....

    Come check me out :) Amy in South Dakota