Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Post Fill - Run

So as you know I had my first fill yesterday. Last night was also running group. And not going, was not an option for me. I dont want to get behind especially at the point where we are in the program now. I just feel like I would not easily be able to catch back up. So after having just a 2 shakes all day. I went to group. There was so much pressure in my chest due to my fill that by time our run was over I was having to strip off my bra in the car ( this did help a little bit, ). The other issue was I was weak as crap( fatigued) having so few calories all day then trying to do that run in 90+ degree heat. BUT I survivied and when I finally made it home last night I made my "dinner" shake and felt much better. So glad I went bc the bad feeling was temporary.
Since I am still on liquids today I brought an extra half shake to drink on the way to the gym. My hopes is drinking a few calories on the way today will help with the fatigue a little bit :)
                       So true, my work outs help me mentally as much as physcally

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