Monday, October 14, 2013

Depressing Weekend

So I have been real careful not to run back to back days so that I would not injure myself. But it seems like that is just what Ive done. For the last couple weeks Ive had real sharp pain behind my knee ( and not the one that always gives me problems) I kind of just chucked it up to my muscles being tired. I would eat a banana for the potassium after a run and move on. Well Friday I woke up with pain from back around outside and in front of this knee. It was suggested I should "rest" it for a solid week, that it sounds like I have meniscus issues, maybe not torn YET but defiantly aggravated. OM GOODNESS I have a 5 mile race one week from yesterday. So Saturday I was in bed all day knee propped up alternating btwn ice and heat... I was so depressed and I could feel it taking control of me.
I was( still am) so sad that Ive worked so hard to regain my health and "resting" for a week I really felt would set back my progress. Being my" TOM" did not help my emotions at all.
Sunday I got up and went to get in the pool ( bc that is my only option at the moment if I am supposed to be "resting" it) I swam laps for 45 min in the peace and quite, just me and the water. Big Thanks to my mom who lent me her swim suit. I only had a size 14 which was too big, she had a 8/10 which fit great. It felt good to get out of the house and work out a bit even if my Sunday work outs are normally 2+ hours and I only got 45 min of laps in, it was still something. Plus when I got home I did some core work with my medicine ball. This week I will continue to work with the medicine ball and hit the pool about every other day. Saturday I will attempt Zumba and Sunday I will do my race. I have been looking forward to this race for months now. I just pray my knee is better by then so I don't injure it worse.
Oh well gonna keep my chin up this week and see how much healing gets done. It could have been a lot worse.

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  1. Oh no! I'm sorry your leg is so ouchy. Be really careful about the zumba...its a bad exercise for knees...I'd hate for that to knock you out before your race. Fingers crossed you heal quickly!