Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #27

Happy Hump Day!
This is my 27th Weigh in since surgery.
Starting weight  273 Lbs
Today 181.7 Lbs

So I have 6.5 wks for that mini goal I gave myself ( of 100# by my first half marathon) Only have 8.7 Lbs to go to hit that goal... SO EXCITED!

OK so all I really have to compare this WL to is the last time I lost huge ( more than just 25-30 Lbs) I had joined a weight loss clinic that will remain nameless, and had lost 60 lbs... the lowest I got was about where I am now and was able to HOLD that weight for oh about 2 GO ME HUH! But looking back the program was very un healthy. So few calories they advised AGAINST exercise... What how does that work?? And the way I was eating was not something I could ever do the rest of my life. It was a temporary  solution, so therefor the results were temporary...

So I have made of list of things that are different this go around. As a way to lay it out and see how I can continue on to goal and through maintenance. BECAUSE IT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME.

* I am determined and focused
* I have more energy bc I am eating enough so I feel 100% better
*I have FULL Family support
* I have a network of WLS Friends on line and locals..
*I have DR support! So important, if something changed he can help tweek what I am doing
*I have found something I LOVE to do.. that makes exercise so much more enjoyable
   I LOVE RUNNING... On my rest days I just want to go out there and run anyways    only thing stopping me is I don't want to injure myself and not be able to run for a couple wks... Rest one day or hurt myself and be dealing with that for 2 wks... umm Ill be good and rest 1 day :)
* I can and do eat w my family no special foods... yes there are things I "CHOOSE" not to eat but nothing that has to be made special for me
* I don't feel deprived of anything
* Last I HAVE HOPE, I know I will hit goal and I know I will succeed in Maintenance..

This journey in my opinion is @ least 50% mental.. You have to be mentally ready for the WLS, for the Life Style Change, for the exercise ( got to move my, for the Plautus and how to fix the Plautus...