Friday, October 4, 2013

Do I need Long Johns

I am so cold today at work. I have noticed over the last 4 mnths or so I am colder than normal but today is ridiculous.. and its NOT cold outside yet, today will be about 85.. I am scared to see how cold I'll be in Dec and Jan... I mean I am glad to be thinner but loosing 80% of my insulation makes a HUGE difference.
I have 2 jackets on today I look like the Michelin
I know part of it is the windows in my office, the whole wall behind my desk is windows, and Im on the shaddy side of the building, but still, again its not cold outside. ... Oh well I guess I will have to wear long johns to keep warm, since I already run a space heater at my desk and wear 2 or more layers.

OH WELL!!! Off my rant for the day...



  1. thanks for the well wishes! :)

    As for long johns, i'm wondering the same thing! I have only lost around 70lbs--but i get super cold at night already--and it's been warm here lately (indian summer!). the ELB is dreading the winter when I'm sure to be nothing but an ice cube! :)

    at least they make long johns and thermal layers thinner and more space age now--so they aren't so bulky!

    1. You are in MD right? I cant imagine.. I am in NC not as cold here but still gets cold just not as cold :) LOL I ll take being cold to being overweight tho so I guess I'll live with