Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday #28

So I am a little BLAH today. I  need my work outs, I have said it many times they are just as much for me mentaly as physically. They are my time to forget about what is stressing me or making me angry or sad... to just let go and work for a goal for myself. Since last Thursday when I hurt my knee all I have been able to do is swim ( which by the way does not burn near the calories as running :( ) and core and arms with my medicine ball... I think tonight I am going to venture to the strength training section at the gym and work arms, abs and back, and maybe just maybe be brave enough to hop on the bike w little restistance and ride for 30 min.. I need the calorie burn for sure. BUT if my knee starts hurting I will jump off real quick. I WILL be racing Sunday period end of

So here are wk 28's numbers

Starting weight 273
Today 181.6 (wow TOM and sitting on my butt not getting my daily burn in is killing me)
Total Loss 91.4 Lbs

Mini Goal stats 5.5 wks 8.6 Lbs to go

1 comment:

  1. Wow you're almost at 100 lbs lost - any big plans for the big 100?

    It's awesome that despite your knee, you're finding other ways to work out - good for you!